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v8 of Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV) specification is available

The Macromedia Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV) File Format Specification (Version 8) went live on the licensing center today! I know a lot of people have been waiting for it, and we appreciate your patience.

For version 8, we have added FLV to the spec. We also made a change to the PDF to put the license acceptance into the document, and the document does require you view it with Adobe Acrobat or Reader version 6 or above. It’s new, it’s a change, and I’m open to feedback. One known issue – the licensing form will ask you to check “I accept” to proceed and then you will get the same license in the PDF. With our current system, it was hard to change this step without missing this release window and I didn’t want to hold it up for a relatively minor issue. Sorry for the redundancy.

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Do you need to modify your website? Microsoft delays mandatory IE ActiveX update to June

If you haven’t started thinking about how the Microsoft IE ActiveX changes impact your content, now is the time. According to the Microsoft Security Response Center blog, Microsoft is going to give ISVs and enterprises a little more time before making the Active Content change to Internet Explorer a mandatory update for Windows users. This will give developers additional time to modify their code to load interactive controls externally which removes the user activation requirement.

Adobe released an Active Content Developer Center in February, with an FAQ and links to resources and information about this change. If you haven’t seen the updated browser yet, there is a demo that shows what the new behavior is for controls in the updated browser.

We are working on an update to this site to provide some additional resources to help our customers with this change. I also know a lot of Flash developers are using Geoff Stearn’s FlashObject as a solution to the new click-to-activate requirement.

This is REALLY IMPORTANT for content developers and websites that are using Flash and Shockwave content (and anything using OBJECT, EMBED, APPLET tags) to pay attention to, and now you have slightly bigger window in which to address this for your site.

Flash Player 8.5 Public Beta available for testing existing content testing

Many developers already have downloaded Flash Player 8.5 from Adobe Labs as part of the Flex 2.0 beta, but today we are opening it up as a Public Beta to a wider audience of developers and consumers to test existing content plays back as expected.

This is something we do during our beta period to help us catch compatibility issues before our release. It’s important to us (and essential!) that the content you develop and the sites you frequently visit work correctly with this upcoming release.

*Important note*
The public beta is for testing existing content. If you are working with the Flex 2.0 beta available on Adobe Labs, it is strongly recommended that you use the version of Flash Player 8.5 that is available on Adobe Labs.

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Flash Player 8 Preview for Intel-based Macs available for download

We released an update to the Flash Player 8 Preview for Intel-based Macs ( to fix some known browser compatibility issues with the initial version that was shipped with the new Macs (

The plugin is available from this technote.

We’ve also posted a related FAQ that covers common questions about Flash Player support for Intel-based Macs.