Flash Player 8 Preview for Intel-based Macs available for download

We released an update to the Flash Player 8 Preview for Intel-based Macs ( to fix some known browser compatibility issues with the initial version that was shipped with the new Macs (

The plugin is available from this technote.

We’ve also posted a related FAQ that covers common questions about Flash Player support for Intel-based Macs.

8 Responses to Flash Player 8 Preview for Intel-based Macs available for download

  1. ericd says:

    WOOT !!!!!Any benchmarks?

  2. John Dowdell says:

    Hi Em — Is there a preferred address for feedback? Lewis Francis had a question in my blog, and I wasn’t sure, so I routed the conversation over here to your place, thanks.jd

  3. John Pattenden says:

    Interestingly enough I show r27 as shipping on my MacBook, but it is not the same one you link to – and is a lot buggier byte count is different too4,706,635 vs. 4,704,423Can you confirm this? and it would be great to know when and if intel macs started shipping with the less buggy r27

  4. emmy says:

    John,That is odd, but I will get in touch with Apple and confirm.thanks!e

  5. vuhoang says:


  6. HELP [please]!I’ve developed a small Flash [8] slideshow, optimized it, published it, and inserted it into a Dreamweaver [8] basic XHTML-compliant page, saved the page and previewed it in a variety of browsers. It works perfectly.[BTW, I’m using Studio 8, a Mac Pro running 10.4.8 and Flash Player 9.0.28.]Then I FTP’d it along with other files and photos for the site.and tested it out on the same browsers: everything EXCEPT the slideshow now works perfectly; there’s not a trace of the ss.To see an example, please go to, where I’ve inserted the Flash 8 slideshow template into a Dreamweaver 8 file. The page is blank in display mode, but if you look at code mode, you’ll see the Flash slideshow code.What am I doing wrong? I’ve retraced all of my steps several times — I even re-FTP’d it — all with the same result. I’ve followed all the steps which have worked for years in the past — see one of my websites at http:/ http://www.enotecatoscanawinebistro.com/photos.htm as an example.Thanks in advance for your good advice. I’m feeling pretty dumb at the moment.DavidP.S. Using a stand-alone PC, I get the same result as above.