Flash Player 8.5 Public Beta available for testing existing content testing

Many developers already have downloaded Flash Player 8.5 from Adobe Labs as part of the Flex 2.0 beta, but today we are opening it up as a Public Beta to a wider audience of developers and consumers to test existing content plays back as expected.

This is something we do during our beta period to help us catch compatibility issues before our release. It’s important to us (and essential!) that the content you develop and the sites you frequently visit work correctly with this upcoming release.

*Important note*
The public beta is for testing existing content. If you are working with the Flex 2.0 beta available on Adobe Labs, it is strongly recommended that you use the version of Flash Player 8.5 that is available on Adobe Labs.

7:01pm Just modified the heading to make more sense. Changed it to “existing” content … “legacy” just sounded too … old 😉