v8 of Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV) specification is available

The Macromedia Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV) File Format Specification (Version 8) went live on the licensing center today! I know a lot of people have been waiting for it, and we appreciate your patience.

For version 8, we have added FLV to the spec. We also made a change to the PDF to put the license acceptance into the document, and the document does require you view it with Adobe Acrobat or Reader version 6 or above. It’s new, it’s a change, and I’m open to feedback. One known issue – the licensing form will ask you to check “I accept” to proceed and then you will get the same license in the PDF. With our current system, it was hard to change this step without missing this release window and I didn’t want to hold it up for a relatively minor issue. Sorry for the redundancy.

4.1.06 At the request of a friend, and to clarify any potential confusion about the requirements — when we say it requires Acrobat or Reader, this means it will not be viewable by non-Adobe PDF viewers. The license click-through is implemented using the Adobe Javascript feature, which isn’t necessarily supported by other viewers. For example, Apple’s Preview application for PDF (which is the default viewer, but you are able to install Reader) will display the advisory about the Reader requirement but cannot show the license click-through or the full document.

33 Responses to v8 of Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV) specification is available

  1. Danger says:

    Great News!!!

  2. Thanks for the specs, though I found Acrobat Reader 6 requirement quite annoying.Best regards,Burak

  3. Emmy Huang says:

    Hi,Printing this PDF is incorrectly showing the cover for every page after accepting the license. This wasn’t the intended behavior, and I’m looking into it.best,emmy

  4. Hi Emmy,Can you confirm if by agreeing the license you cannot use it in any way to create an application that _reads_ SWF (or FLV) files?Frankly, I agreed to the terms before realizing that part, as our software reads SWF and FLV files. (Luckily this doesn’t affect us much this time – the only new knowledge we gained from the specs was that there’s Screen Video 2 codec).Thanks.Best regards,Burak

  5. Lee Falin says:

    Has the printing problem been fixed yet?

  6. Emmy Huang says:

    Burak – the first restriction is designed to limit the ability to create a player. The purpose is to ensure the format doesn’t split (e.g. when you write a swf, we guarantee it plays back as expected on the browsers/platforms we support). So if you didn’t create a player, it’s probably ok.Lee – Yes, fixed the printing problem, but it isn’t posted yet. I have to make sure everything else is still working as expected before reposting.best,e

  7. Huge thanks for the clarification!Best regards,Burak

  8. [OT] alex says:

    Hi!It seems that you’re involved with Macromedia.Sorry for what I’m saying and if I’m OT but I don’t what else to do.How can I get an answer from those guys?I’m keep writing and replying with their “incident number” but I get no answer.Sorry again for my OT, and for my English too!Thanks.

  9. emmy says:

    Hi,the updated SWF spec, with the printing issue fixed, is live. If you want this version, please return to your download page and re-download the pdf. Sorry for the delay!Thanks to the Acrobat team for helping to correct this issue.best,Emmy

  10. mz says:

    I cannot save a copy of the PDF. It appears that the document is configure to NOT allow saving. Is this intentional? I’d assume so since I see no other complaints, and since I’m assuming that, then I’ll say that pisses me off. I don’t want to print out 282 pages of paper to lug around. I want to save the damned PDF to my laptop so I can search and reference it easily. jeesh, and what the hell is all that stupid certification crap that I had to ok my way through. Certify the shit on your end, and I’ll only get the damn document from you, supposedly your a trusted resource. Who in their right f’ing mind would get specification documents from any other source. 🙂 Good day.

  11. emmy says:

    The file does allow saving. On the download page, you can right-click and save the document locally, or save the file through Adobe Reader as you can with other PDF files.If you provide more details about your OS, browser, and Adobe Reader version, I will look into the issue.thanks,Emmy

  12. I’ve recently updated my Acrobat Reader 7.0.7 and it stil won’t play the FLASH file embeded in my PDF doc.Had this same problem awhile back but it had been working lately. This problem is widespread in our offices and among our clients.Have I missed something or does the new Reader upgrade prevent the playing of FLASH in PDF?

  13. dovic says:

    Hi Emmy,can you advise me how cani intriduce flash in a pdf?

  14. J.P. says:

    Hi Emmy,I use adobe acrobat Pro 7 (updated to 7.07) to produce documents with flash embedded in the documents.IN AA6 pro everything worked fine. Flash showed up.Now in AA7 pro during opening the pdf file (with flash embedded) the buffering bar (bottom left) in adobe 7 stays active or hangs.The flash files are produced with Xclesius from business objects and directly exported to a pdf format.Can you help?J.P.

  15. P.M. says:

    Hi Emmy,Thanks for the information. I was wondering, how does the specification licence impact on open source player projects such as Gnash?If the intention is to restrict these sorts of projects, how does Adobe intend to address the demand for playing SWF files on platforms which are not currently officially supported (such as Nintendo NES or BBC model B :).Thanks,P.M.

  16. Zac says:

    How well this render under Linux client when we get a new version sometime this milliumn?

  17. CodeMonkey says:

    Zac, are you some kind of anti-linux freak devoted to make Linux users look like a bunch of lunatics by submitting off-topic comments in every post on this blog?If so, you’re doing a pretty good job, but you’re a evil: Linux is really a nice OS more people could benefit from.If not, you’re doing poorly at whatever your goal may be.

  18. Ross says:

    I’ve got a question also about the licensing of the formats. I can see your point about not wanting forks of the player, but I currently have issues when trying to use the ActiveX control in a .Net app, in that wmode does not work (due to a flaw in .Net). Possibly the best option is to write a player, but I am specifically blocked from doing that even though the player would be integrated directly into another player.Any suggestions?

  19. Mark McAulay says:

    For those that asked about Flash in PDF, you’re right that it doesn’t work in the 7 series of Reader and Acrobat Pro out of the box. The workaround is to find a copy of the flash.mpp file for Acrobat 6 Professional.For me it’s in the following directory, but you could easily search for it.C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Acrobat\plug_ins\Multimedia\MPPOverwrite this with the Reader and Acrobat Professional versions in their respective directories and it should work for you without a reboot.Emmy it’d be good if you could get rid of the posts with masses of links.Regards,Mark.

  20. alan says:

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  21. zahngold says:

    Thanks for the information. I was wondering, how does the specification licence impact on open source player projects such as Gnash?

  22. No one has answered Gnash – I have similar doubt

  23. bollywood says:

    This one looks cool i,am waiting for update now

  24. briantologist says:

    Is there any way to get embedded swf to play in Reader 7, without my customer having to edit program directories. I have CS2Pro.Used to work, now it doesn’t.That is so lame.

  25. ali shokor says:

    hiMacromedia Flash v5

  26. we appreciate macro media products and services

  27. maliboo says:

    Hi Emmy,any news about SWF9 specs?

  28. emmy huang says:

    maliboo,They’ll be available soon. The documentation part was complete, however we needed to update some of the terms of the license from Macromedia to Adobe-style. I will post something on my blog when it is available.best,e

  29. Will you be releasing other than FLV files?Thank youSohbet OdalarĂ˝ CanlĂ˝

  30. Steve says:

    What is the difference between SWF and FLV format?

  31. Using Macromedia products has always been fun and hoping to see the same kind of excellence going forward.Thanks,

  32. great work , old is cool:)