Flash Player 8.5 beta to be renamed Flash Player 9

Nothing else has changed, just the version number. The player formerly known as “8.5” will be updated to “Flash Player 9” with the upcoming beta 3 release on Adobe Labs. I have posted an FAQ about this change in the Flash Player Wiki on Adobe Labs.

Personally, I think this is a good change since it signals the importance of the new virtual machine, the ECMAScript 4-based ActionScript 3.0 language, and the effort the Flash Player team has put forth to build these new capabilities into the player.

Can’t stop humming old (artist formerly known as) Prince songs…

———–I’m closing comments on this old entry, because it attracts a lot of spammers for some reason.Flash Player 9 has been out since June 2006, Linux player since Jan 2007, Solaris in July 2007. The source behind the ActionScript virtual machine was donated to the Mozilla open source Tamarin project (www.mozilla.org/projects/tamarin) in November 2006.