Flash Player 8.5 beta to be renamed Flash Player 9

Nothing else has changed, just the version number. The player formerly known as “8.5” will be updated to “Flash Player 9” with the upcoming beta 3 release on Adobe Labs. I have posted an FAQ about this change in the Flash Player Wiki on Adobe Labs.

Personally, I think this is a good change since it signals the importance of the new virtual machine, the ECMAScript 4-based ActionScript 3.0 language, and the effort the Flash Player team has put forth to build these new capabilities into the player.

Can’t stop humming old (artist formerly known as) Prince songs…

———–I’m closing comments on this old entry, because it attracts a lot of spammers for some reason.Flash Player 9 has been out since June 2006, Linux player since Jan 2007, Solaris in July 2007. The source behind the ActionScript virtual machine was donated to the Mozilla open source Tamarin project (www.mozilla.org/projects/tamarin) in November 2006.

125 Responses to Flash Player 8.5 beta to be renamed Flash Player 9

  1. seand says:

    Does this mean we can expect to see a linux FP9 beta soon?

  2. George says:

    I knew that when first time Flash 8.5 alpha 1 released, SWF file inside it said Flash 9 format. 😉

  3. TheMatt says:

    seand, glass is all full for you, isn’t it? But don’t worry, around the time 9.5 is in development, you’ll see Linux Player 8 appear. This time with only a 1-second audio delay rather than FP7’s 2-second one.

  4. lorre says:

    so no gpu rendering for player 9?mmmmmm another 2 years of waiting for hardware acceleration….is in program hardware acceleration?

  5. >so no gpu rendering for player 9?Flash Player 8 and above already have some support for hardware acceleration.mike chambers

  6. lorre says:

    yeah but i mean 3D hardware acceleration (opengl or direct3D) like sparkle no assembler optimization.

  7. Stan Hirson says:

    Two questions:1. Is this why Adobe has been so lax about promoting the Flash 8 player?2. Will there be a Flash 9 video codec and a whole new generation of Flash 9 compression software?Stan Hirson

  8. Craig says:

    Will it be available on Linux and 64-bit too?

  9. Rob says:

    I hope you guys will update the Linux Flash player to at least version 8 at some point. I’ll buy Studio 8 when that happens (the upgrade version of course)-and I did buy Flash MX 2004 Professional after the Linux client for version 7 came out. I do all my development via a virtual machine with VMWare 5.5 of course…Thank you!-Rob Hedges

  10. Jon says:

    I really hope Flash Player is updated to 9.Having only Flash v7 available after all this time just sucks.

  11. Jon says:

    I’m referring to the Linux version in my above comment.

  12. macewan says:

    Leaving Linux out with Flash 8 has been rather insulting.

  13. jb says:

    need to support linux

  14. toad3k says:

    Count me as another one in the god-please-release-a-linux version camp. The audio delay alone is so irritating, and now apps are popping up with features that 7 doesn’t support, resulting in all sorts of glitches.

  15. judah says:

    With the new XGL library shouldn’t creating FP9 be easier?watch this demo of xgl in linux. i think it looks better than vista but i’ve only seen short clips of vista. google for xgl-demo1.xvid.avi – first link that works:http://people.freedesktop.org/~davidr/here is some news on how it is getting intermagrated in linux distrobshttp://os.newsforge.com/print.pl?sid=06/03/14/1557211

  16. sanjayjangra says:

    i love jaslen

  17. Hi Emily,For Mac users, what problems should we expect if we do not use the uninstaller before installing the public or developer betas? So far I haven’t run into any problems with manually swapping out the bits in /Library/Internet Plugins but it would help to know where it would be best to use the uninstaller. Thanks.-Lewis

  18. Geoff says:

    Does this change the status of the Universal binary versions of Flash Player?Currently I think the plan was to release a PPC version of Flash 8.5 for OS X, then ‘later’ release the Intel version, but it would be really nice (and i think smart on Adobe’s part) to release these at the same time. Especially now that there is a universal version of Firefox out – it seems that by the time Flash Player 9 is released, many Intel mac users will be using a universal browser, so installing a PPC only plugin may break their Flash Player.

  19. emmy says:

    The only notable change is the version number for the upcoming release. So there is no change to any previous statements that have been made about the Linux or Intel Mac — just replace “8.5” references with “9”.As with our other releases, we do plan to have a beta program for the Linux and Intel Mac players when the time comes. But I don’t have more specific details to share with you on the timing of those releases at this time.best,e

  20. emmy says:

    Hi Lewis,I think life is a little simpler installing/uninstalling on the Mac because there isn’t someting like the registry to contend with (which is when we run into issues on Windows — sometimes things get a little out of whack when you repeatedly install/uninstall). The installer just replaces the plug-in file (and you only have the one), so if you haven’t run into any issues you should be fine. However, if you run into installation issues, you should use the general uninstaller.Hope that helps ;-)best,e

  21. oleole says:

    Emmy, mary me 😀

  22. Steve says:

    See now, this is exciting, when is the predicted time that AS3/FP9 will be released??

  23. queen says:

    Quick Flash Player is a stand-alone flash player that enables Flash Users to quickly browse the SWF files.http://www.yaodownload.com/video-design/videoplayers/quick-flash-player_videoplayers.htm

  24. John says:

    By the time Flash Player 9 for Linux is out Mono 2.0’s .net implementation will be out and miraculously sites built using Microsoft Visual Studio could be working better for the Linux OS than sites built using Adobe tools. With monodevelop coming online and wine only capable of running the old version of Dreamweaver MX it is strangely becoming easier to develop Microsoft technology websites under Linux than it is Adobe websites. Adobe needs to get with the program and start support this emerging OS so it isn’t caught on the wrong side of the fence.

  25. Chris Hubick says:

    Please count me in as one of those people asking for a Linux implementation of Flash Player 9. I can only hope the customer demand shown in these comments counts for something while setting priorities.

  26. Treviño says:

    LINUX, LINUX, LINUX!!!We start having problems with a v7.x player; some sites start not to work.We can’t be considered so much! We’re million of users, why don’t you give us a player?! We don’t ask anything of great…

  27. ArrenLex says:

    Today was the first ever time that I saw a site I couldn’t access because it needed Flash 8 and I run Linux.I’m going to add my voice to the FF9 for Linux chorus.*sings*64-bit really wouldn’t go amiss either.

  28. Tim says:

    I’m another person that uses linux, so every time I run across a site that needs flash 8, I write to the webmaster and let them know they just lost a customer because I can’t use their site. With enough people not able to use sites, web developers will stop using flash – after all, flash’s greatest feature used to be that it was cross-platform.

  29. shaka says:

    I’m really looking forward to having support for the latest version on Linux too. Flash has become one of the main hurdles for Linux web compatibility..

  30. debhead says:


  31. THE Jethro Zappa says:

    So, how’s that new Linux version of Flash Player coming? Please? A beta, anything!

  32. zoghoth the less than boring says:

    linux, linux, linux, linux, linux.macromedia / adobe …. wake up.if linux programmers worked with flash as a fullblown dev tool the results would be staggering.i can’t stand using windows anymore after getting to know SUSE. way to go novell, by the way.not to mention SUN !!! sun is releasing their enterprise ready IDEs and dev tools for FREE, and most of them work on linux out of the box !!!i’m trapped using two machines- x-windows onto a linux box so i can do my server side dev while running XP with adobe products on it for client side. uh what year is this – 2006 ? has adobe heard of this new thing called fire ? it can be used to keep one warm, and to provide light, and to even cook food !!!

  33. arnor says:

    +1 linux support

  34. ege says:

    Even the Google Da Vinci Code Quest requires flash 8 now. Linux version please!!!

  35. Jason says:

    Could you please offer flash 9 beta in linux?

  36. davea0511 says:

    We make Linux-based internet kiosks – PLEASE release a linux version!

  37. CJ says:

    I’m pretty sure that Macromedia is working on getting the Linux version up and running. This is a good five months old, but it should give you an idea of what they’re up against:http://www.kaourantin.net/2005/08/porting-flash-player-to-alternative.htmlIt sounds like a totally non-trivial process.

  38. sad says:

    GNU/Linux, please.C’mon now, this is getting ridiculous.

  39. Thomas says:

    Yet another call for GNU/Linux… I get segmentation faults galore on some flash animations and it’s not nice.

  40. Navin A.Sylvester says:

    We r half-way thru in developin a mini ERP usin AS 2.0…AMFPHP is the hack…we face severe problems with linux flash player 7…we wud be happy if theres a proper response to new linux version of flash player…we need adobe to progress quickly on this aspects…r else the ardent supporters frm the linux community will be let down badly…without proper linux integration…adobe will be the loser…

  41. Clarke Brunsdon says:

    Ha, when I clicked on “comments” I thought I was going to be the only one asking for/when a gnu/linux player is on the way.Nice to see I’m not alone :}

  42. DanielW says:

    Need a linux port for Flash 9Also would love to be able to create flash content with Linux.amd64 support would be a great ++

  43. kangta says:

    Super Flash Player have many other function such as collecting flash from internet, converting flash file to Super Flash Player .exe file, converting flash file to flash screensaver and capturing flash pictures as wallpaper.http://www.yaodownload.com/audio-mp3/playertools/super-flash-player-manager_playertools.htm

  44. Marc says:

    Linux version++Or at least a public beta…

  45. johnny says:

    flash amd64+= MAX_INT

  46. Alex says:

    Flash player 8 Linux support. That is all I ask.

  47. Lee says:

    Come on Adobe!Updated Linux/amd64 Flash Player please. please?…or give us the source ;P

  48. kevin says:

    I’ll add my vote for a flash player for linux. Please!

  49. Dan says:

    A Linux flash 8 player is REALLY needed.

  50. Bill Gates says:

    Its in my best interests to not have a linux version. After all, Adobe are one of my puppets.Yours swimmingly.Billps. I would love linux if I could – but a chair could be thrown at any time.

  51. Igge says:

    One more vote for a Linux version!!And also an authoring tool would be very nice…I remember hearing at some point that Macromedia (before it was bought) was working together with CodeWeavers to create a version of the authoring tool that worked with winelib. What happened to that?

  52. uptimebox says:

    Being web developer, I would gretly apreciate any information about Flash Player 9 for Linux release schedule.

  53. Jørgen Salvesen says:

    And another vote for a linux player…We hear something is being developed, but it would be very much appreciated if a little more than “it is being done” is all we get.Give us some alphas/betas to play with. Tell us how far you’ve come, how long we have to wait.

  54. Lloyd says:

    Keep in mind folks that Adobe is like any company. They concentrate on what makes them money. Linux doesn’t windows does, mac sometimes does. over 30,000 people have been after them to make shockwave for linux since flash for linux has been out. I’ve yet to see an alpha version.If windows based customers put the pressure on them to try to squeeze out linux then they’ll try to squeeze out linux.I’m sure someone will get sick of adobe and just reverse engineer their windows players and then come up with something for linux. Until then, Adobe will continue to s**t on Linux users. After all, they don’t care if linux users can use flash/shockwave or not. It’s no money out of their pockets.

  55. AP says:

    +1 Linux amd64

  56. THE Jethro Zappa says:

    they don’t care if linux users can use flash/shockwave or not. It’s no money out of their pockets.Posted by: Lloyd at May 18, 2006 12:39 PMLloyd, you have about 1/4 of a point there. The fact is that Adobe loses money if the server-side content providers stop using flash. I use Comcast for an ISP. Their webcasts on “The Fan” require flash player 8. I can’t see it, I complain to Comcast, enough other Linux users complain, they use another product. You’re right in a sense-don’t complain to Adobe, complain to the content provider whose stuff you can’t see!p.s. Why the hell are there 2 l’s in Lloyd? I could never figure that out. If I saw Loyd, I’d still say it the same way, wouldn’t you? 🙂

  57. Shae Erisson says:

    Until Adobe releases Linux players on a par with the Windows players, I’ll push SVG & SMIL as a cross-platform way to do everything Flash can do.

  58. profoX says:

    too bad Gnash is no alternative yetLinux ftw!Fix the damn player

  59. Alex says:

    + another for Linux, we are loosing the ability to freely browse the web because of this, and it will only get worse.

  60. EnviroTO says:

    Lloyd, your point is totally untrue with respect to Adobe’s ability to make money on Linux. We purchased ColdFusion and JRun4 for Linux and use paid versions of Dreamweaver MX on Linux under Wine. We would buy a Studio subscription to replace the Devnet one we used to have but none of the clients work on Linux natively or under Wine (i.e. Adobe lost our money) and if we can’t be sure that newer versions of their product work on browsers running in Linux we will not buy upgrades to those server products either. We are contemplating moving development to an open source code editor because Adobe doesn’t provide another option… we aren’t going to abandon Linux on our desktops and servers because Adobe is slow, we are more likely to favour non-Adobe products which are quick to serve Linux (i.e. Real Player and Helix Server versus Flash Player 8 and Flash Media Server). Don’t kid yourself, there is money made and lost by supporting and not supporting Linux.

  61. sw3t says:

    fp9 for linux ….

  62. innodonni says:

    Will “Flash Player 8 for Linux” adequately support Flash files made with Flash 9? If not, will we have to wait until version 10.5 for it?

  63. Brad says:

    Agreed – flash 9 linux amd64 for the win

  64. Martin says:

    Does the current release (beta 3) for OS X support Intel-based Macs? I can’t seem to get it to work on my MacBook Pro…

  65. emmy says:

    Martin — No, Flash Player 9 is not yet available as a universal binary for Intel Macs. There is a preview release of Flash Player 8 (8r27) available on the adobe support center.http://www.adobe.com/go/2dda3d81And the linux updated was posted today, 5/25.best,e

  66. Brian A says:

    Add me to the list of Linux requesters. We’re producing a collaborative whiteboard written in Flash, and I’ve made use of the Flash 8 ActionScript JavaScript integration.We’d *really* like to offer this to our Linux customers.

  67. john says:

    I’m not really fond of flash player 9. It is best if we wait till it comes out fully compatible.

  68. lf says:

    flash for amd64 linux is a urgent matter!

  69. Eric Smith says:

    Please release at the least a beta version of flash player 9 (or 8+) for linux, if you have any usable beta’s ready. Don’t forget to support linux in the future or an angry mob of linux fanatics (like myself) will be after you :). lol.linux… world domination… or bust…

  70. Jon says:

    Adobe/Macromedia should start getting their acts together. Make the versions equal on all platforms. This is the only reason I would develop in Flash. I haven’t even upgraded yet, because it is hard for others out there that can use my website without having such problems. The only reason why I promote Flash in the first place is its cross-platform capability. I hate when companies continue to push out versions, and not concentrate on having a continuous user base for one version. I am not a hardcore linux user, but I would certainly be frustrated if there wasn’t a Windows control.

  71. bhavz says:


  72. Fred says:

    AMD64 Flash is really becoming a priority need…I hope that Macromedia is quickly up to the task, and if not ready to invite the open source community to participate in development.Thanks in advance for your support in this matter.

  73. ahmed says:

    انا عايز برنامج فلاش بلير8و9

  74. cvfoss says:

    As a web developer, I dream about running Dreamweaver and Photoshop full speed without Rosetta, but it’s issues FP that are killing support for Adobe products. When my clients complain about their sites not working, that is a much bigger deal for me.I think Adobe really needs to get their act together about supporting alternate platforms. I could list literally hundreds of open-source applications that work on Windows/Mac/Linux at the same time with the same release.

  75. techzilla says:

    linux version updated??? a new 64-bit player….foir my debian amd64 machine?ya know what…screw adobe (i liked macromedia, thats why we had a linux release in the first place)i just compiled Gnash (it rocks, no firefox crashin yet!!!!) when this projct is odne we wont need to beg anymore.

  76. techzilla says:

    linux version updated??? a new 64-bit player….foir my debian amd64 machine?ya know what…screw adobe (i liked macromedia, thats why we had a linux release in the first place)i just compiled Gnash (it rocks, no firefox crashin yet!!!!) when this projct is odne we wont need to beg anymore.

  77. patti says:

    i need flash 8 player

  78. Emmy, I saw a picture of u on Adobes site, next to your FP 9 article.I just wanna say youre the nicest looking gal I ever seen…Keep wellThomas / Flashdeveloper Copenhagen/Malmoe

  79. i have used it, reall good, but there still other excellent toolshttp://www.yaodownload.com/video_t/videoplayer/quickflashplayer/

  80. another linux request says:

    amd64 GNU/Linux, please!

  81. LINUX says:

    Need FP9 on Linux ASAP. Hire some real linux programmers!

  82. Bill says:


  83. Erik says:

    Another vote for an updated Linux version, as well as AMD64 support. C’mon, folks.. it isn’t that freaking difficult. This is 2006, not 1996. Denying the strides Linux has made or simply ignoring them is not a smart business decision. If anything, the lack of attention given the issue thus far displays a remarkable lack of foresight.You’ve lost two customers in my household alone. Care to keep wagering that there aren’t enough people like us?

  84. Jay says:

    LINUX LINUX LINUX LINUX LINUX LINUX!!!Developpers, boycott the companies that show contempt to the people’s OS!

  85. zelson says:

    quero o programa adobe

  86. synkr0n says:

    Linux support PLEASE! And 64bit too!

  87. jrami says:

    Come on adobe! Give us a break… By not providing us Linux users a Flash player v9 or v8 for that matter… Adobe is just going to force the Linux community/users to look for other options, especially for future development.PS: Linux OS should always be developed first hence is free source.

  88. edward mann says:

    I put in another vote for Flash on Linux.

  89. fsdf says:

    how long do we have to wait for amd64 support ?

  90. Tom says:

    One more for a Linux Flash8/9, please!Oh and by the way, Lloyd is spelled with two Ls because it’s Welsh – the double-L is pretty common in that language, and it makes a slightly different noise.All non-Welsh people just pronounce it as if the second L wasn’t there.

  91. Andrés Castillo says:

    Another vote for the Linux version

  92. Rick Caron says:

    There have been many examples of the open source community rising to the occasion to come up with alternatives to closed source technologies that have replaced them in terms of popularity. A deliberate release gap like this between Microsoft and Linux versions to curry favour with Microsoft may prove to be a strategic error for Adobe.From necessity breeds invention. The Linux community is very resourceful.

  93. Antony Jones says:

    Flash Player 9 for Linux! Please!!There are more Linux desktop users than Mac desktop users, and yet you still ignore us like second rate citizens.C’mon, play the game.

  94. david says:

    ok, macromedia, get with the program and update flash for linux please.

  95. sipncoke tilitsgone says:

    Been keeping up with the developers blog over here:http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/I appreciate the effort being put into this and looking forward to the results with great anticipation.Thanks much!!

  96. MaWo says:

    amd64 version please

  97. adobe sucks says:

    Enough is enough! What is the holdup? Put the damn version up already.

  98. adobe sucks says:

    Is there any other way to view flash 8 content? Unfortunitely I have school work that I need to view in flash. So please point me in another direction or something.

  99. Michael says:

    Another vote for a AMD 64 version for Linux!

  100. sreeram says:

    plz.. i want to flash player latest version

  101. Bill Whiting says:

    Everyday I find it easier to do without flash.A linux version for 64bit would be nice.//Bill

  102. czarodziej says:

    As should be rather obvious from the overwhelming response from the Adobe person here “And the linux updated was posted today, 5/25.”, they refuse to acknowledge a segment of the population that is requesting quite fervently for a workable player. As can always be said about a conversation in person – “body language can tell you more than what the words are expressing” – written responses can also show where respect is lacking. Poor grammar, incomplete sentence (is it even a phrase?), and lack of common capitalization for proper names speaks volumes… note how careful, in the same post, that Intel and Mac and their own product is properly captialized (this proves the fact that a) ‘Shift’ key works; b) operator knows how to use it in the proper context). Any talking head of a company, as being a marketing agent, is trained to follow those little details to show professionalism and respect to prospective clients and even competitors…Draw your own conclusion…My conclusion – “don’t expect anything real anytime soon.”

  103. czarodziej says:

    One of the drawbacks of posting anything, is that the moment that you proceed to the ‘Post’ key, more information is available that renders part of your posting to be taggable as ‘loony material’.http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/However, there is still the issue of waiting… and seeing the product perform…

  104. total retard says:

    linux + amd64 PLEASE!

  105. Ralf E. says:

    You can add my company to the list of Linux requesters.We’re developing different applications in Flash, and were using the Flash 8 ActionScript JavaScript integration.We’d like to offer this to a greater amount of our Linux customers.

  106. jefferydrakes says:

    Another vote for flash support for all us amd64 linux users 🙂

  107. Lunigma says:

    I want to voice my opinion as well. Please support release a new version of flash for Unix-like systems. Flash plays horribly on FreeBSD through Linux-Firefox.

  108. jess says:

    i dont no how to down load this

  109. axobeauvi says:

    I don’t think people really think about the real problem that not having flash9 released on all platforms at once causes.I see alot of people who talk about how they don’t make money from non-win OSs and in any other case I would agree ,but when I can’t see an add or a website then the customer (being the advertiser) is loosing my sale

  110. Segolas says:

    we NEED a linux amd64 version!!!

  111. mscrasher says:

    20 boxen wait for amd64 fp9

  112. rich says:

    I installed the flash 9 for linux plugin and it is a massive cpu hog.I remember reading a blog from one of the adobe developers going on about how gcc wouldn’t compile flash.I am so utterly sick of flash.It is just a bit of a fluke that it became popular .Nothing it does is other than making your computer run slow is amazing.Wow a web page with an embedded video!mplayer pluginDoes anybody want web sites to play music ?What else can flash do ? urm trivial games.Its just like windows, it sucks and theres no need to use it.I say its about time the linux community figured out how to make a flash removing proxy something that could interpret flash websites and rewrite them in good old fashion html.

  113. minik peri says:

    we NEED a linux amd64 version!!!

  114. adam smith says:

    I don’t think people really think about the real problem that not having flash9 released on all platforms at once causes.I see alot of people who talk about how they don’t make money from non-win OSs and in any other case I would agree ,but when I can’t see an add or a website then the customer (being the advertiser) is loosing my sale.info

  115. linux + amd64 PLEASE!

  116. sohbet says:

    need to support linux save me. thnx

  117. sohbet says:

    we NEED a linux amd64 version!!!

  118. Proxy says:

    Please support release a new version of flash for Unix-like systems.

  119. Bruce Wagner says:

    WHEN will the version for AMD64 (for Ubuntu, Firefox, running on an HP a1744x computer)… be available??????????This is a BRAND NEW COMPUTER we just bought two days ago?How could Adobe not be supporting it???????

  120. sohbet says:

    Yes Please support release a new version of flash for Unix-like systems.

  121. Seks says:

    My BIG question is when will the program be available for the million others that use an older o/s like Win98 or Win ME?

  122. sohbet says:

    I want to voice my opinion as well. Please support release a new version of flash for Unix-like systems. Flash plays horribly on FreeBSD through Linux-Firefox.