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Updated Detection Kit (v1.5) released

The Flash Player Detection Kit has been updated, and includes bug fixes for reported issues. It also implements an external JS solution so it works with the IE ActiveX Update.

Yes, Virginia, there will be a Flash Player 9 for Linux

It has been a while since the last update about Linux, so here we go…

Yes, Adobe is actively working on the Linux version of Flash Player 9. We expect to make a pre-release version available on Adobe Labs for early feedback and testing before the end of the year, with the full release expected in early 2007*. As delivering consistency across platforms is a core value of Flash Player, performance is one of the main goals of the Linux release.

I’m also happy to introduce a new Adobe blogger to you — Mike M. is an engineer on the Flash Player team working on the Linux player. He just started up his blog, Penguin.SWF, and is excited to begin interacting with the community as we work towards this release. Not that I don’t love the passionate comments from the community on all my posts. 😉

* legal sez: this is the expected release timing and dates may change if Adobe finds it necessary.

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April 2006 Penetration Stats available — Flash Player 8 at 69.3%

Updated NPD results are up, and Flash Player tested at 69.3% penetration for the April 2006 study.

The study tests the percent of people that can view of SWF of a specific version. So, if you want to know what the penetration of a specific version, it is the delta between two columns.

For example: the percent of people who can view (up to) v8 content is 69.3%, which is the same as saying they have Flash Player 8 installed. The percent of people who can view up to v7 content is 94.8%, which is the same as saying (94.8% – 69.3% =) 25.5% have Flash Player 7 installed. And so on.

Unfortunately, due to some data collection issues the Shockwave Player data is not available for this quarter. We will resume the stats with next quarter’s study.

Flash Player 9 Beta 3 available

The Flex 2/Flash Player 9 Beta 3 builds are now available at The public beta for testing existing content has also been refreshed. It’s Beta 3, so please please please log any bugs for legacy content that is not working as expected in Flash Player 9 so we can fix backwards compatibility issues prior to release.

Although the builds are the same for this release, if you are working with the Flex 2 beta you should only install the version of Flash Player that is available with Flex 2 on Adobe Labs to ensure compatibility with the framework during development.