Updated Detection Kit (v1.5) released

The Flash Player Detection Kit has been updated, and includes bug fixes for reported issues. It also implements an external JS solution so it works with the IE ActiveX Update.

3 Responses to Updated Detection Kit (v1.5) released

  1. Zac says:

    Now it would be nice if people didn’t assume that everyone even had the capablitly of running Flash 8 on their site and claim that Flash 8 is required to use their site. I have to use this kit to write a custom extention for firefox on linux that tricks these dang scripts to that Flash Player 7 is anough so that we can use the internet. Further proof that a new Linux client is very much needed like yesterday. (Oh, 3 new projects started to write a new open source flash player. The total volume in developers working in this realm continues to grows exponentially as we wait, month after month, year afer year, on a new Linux client). I think that the new GST client that supports SWF is up to Flash 6 and some of 7 now. Better hurry up there before you got alternative clients borking with things.

  2. Alexandre Madurell says:

    Hi Emmy!I checked the list of bug fixes and didn’t see any particular comment on using ExternalInterface with the javascript ActiveContent workaround.I was testing a page using this scenario. It worked like a charm in IE while in Firefox, the swf animation seemed not to respond to the javascript call to its actionscript function.After checking its code, I realized that AC_RunActiveContent.js was adding the name attribute to both object and embed tags, and somehow that made firefox be unable to decide which one was being calledI changed the following lines to read like:for (var i in objAttrs){if (i!=’name’){str += i + ‘=”‘ + objAttrs[i] + ‘” ‘;}}So now the javascript call to the actionscript function works in all browsers.I hope that helps 😉