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Get your Intel Mac public beta of Flash Player 9 today!

The public beta site is up for the beta version of Flash Player 9 ( for Intel-based Macintosh. It is a universal binary installer.

Thanks to engineering and QE for cranking this one out so quickly after our launch!

Enjoy, log bugs.

A pocket guide to the Flash Player 9 launch (with a mini-sneak about the Intel Mac beta)

Things are quieting down a bit, so here is a more complete list of some interesting new stuff for the player launch with working links.

Stuff you might want to peruse, send to your boss, co-workers or friends:
* Flash Player 9 Press Release
* Updated Flash Player features page, which refers to both the features added in v8 and the new features in v9. Otherwise, the comprehensive list of cool-recently-released features is lost. There is a datasheet on the way as well, and I’ll let you know when that is available and localized into a multitude of languages.
* Logged In: Introducing Flash Player 9 which contains the often sought-after “Flash Player historical adoption curve” graph showing the adoption curves for versions 5 through version 8 current to the April 2006 NPD study. This is an influential graph that can help you explain the consistency of our adoption rates.
* Captivate demo of the Express Install experience, which you can use to help convince your boss or customers that being on the bleeding edge is low-risk and totally worth it. Credit for the idea goes to Peter Hall who wished for a video that he could have shown to his higher-ups.
* Release Notes that list some known issues and provides a link to the Emerging Issues technote (will be live later this morning) where we will put … yep, new issues as we come across them.

FreeBSD users, this one’s for you: We have updated the EULA for this release. The first key change is that it is a combined “player” EULA, so it also refers to terms related to Adobe Reader. Second change – and one that I hope will be welcomed by many of you – is that we did away with the concept of “authorized OS” …but this means you should review the Restrictions listed in Section 3a. These changes mean that IF you as an end-user want to install on a platform that we don’t officially support in the system requirements AND you can get it to work AND you understand that we won’t provide technical support for your efforts — you can freely install the player without being in violation of the EULA. This does not impact the free distribution license, which still lists “authorized OS”.

And now for some FAQs

Q. I just installed Flash Player 9, and this site says I need Flash Player 8. Where do I file a bug?
A. The issue is the site isn’t coded properly to detect Flash Player 9. Oops! Luckily, we have a bunch of resources available about detection on the Dev Center. You could email the site to let them know that they need to check for version 9, or tell us and we’ll contact them.

Q. I found a bug! Where can I submit it?
A. Please submit any issues with the Flash Player 9 release here:

Q. Cool, but I’ve been really focused on this Flash 8 project and just came up for air. So…how do I start creating content for Flash Player 9?
A. If you want to check out Flash Player 9 and ActionScript 3.0, you can download a free Trial version of Flex Builder 2, the free Flex 2 SDK, or the Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 preview available on Adobe Labs. There are also a ton of great resources at the ActionScript Technology Center, including an overview of the language, learning tips, and more.

Q. Wasn’t there supposed to be a simultaneous release of the Linux version of Flash Player 9?
A. Not exactly. We never said it would sim ship. We did say that we were skipping the v8 port to get a start on porting v9 (formerly known as v8.5). We are working on it, and expect to release in early 2007. Which means a beta should be here very soon. For progress and updates, check Mike’s Penguin.SWF blog.

Q. When will I be able to install Flash Player 9 on my Intel-based Mac?
A. We are working on getting a public beta version of a universal binary Flash Player 9 out this week (!!) for testing. It hasn’t been fully optimized yet, but QA says the performance seems pretty good. No promises on the public beta live date, but it’s a goal we’re working towards. Hey, I did say it was a mini-sneak. 😉

Q. When will I be able to install a Windows Vista version of Flash Player 9?
A. We haven’t yet announced any release dates, but this one is in the hopper, too. Also planning to have a public beta before the end of the year.

Q. Seriously, when will we see the Linux public beta?
A. We’re close. See previous question on the topic.

Flash Player 9 is now available!

It’s here! Flash Player 9 ( is now available on the Player Download Center. Flex 2 has officially been announced as well, so time to celebrate.

I’ve got a Logged In article that will appear on the Flash Player Developer Center, and you should check out the ActionScript Technology Center for articles and resources for ActionScript 3.0. (As of right now, we’re still pushing web content live, so no direct links available just yet)

The blogosphere will be buzzing with commentary, so I’m going to use my little space to thank some people. First, my program manager ROCKs. I’m sitting here with her, eating dinner in the office, so that we can make sure everything looks ok on the live site for the launch. Fun 😉 But seriously, getting the download center, product pages, and all the dependencies and such ready to go and pushed live is quite a feat of coordination. Congrats to everyone on the Flash Player and Flex teams for delivering everything. AND, truly special thanks go to our magnificent web team for their amazing abilities and for seeing us through yet another huge launch.

Reminder! Check your website detection!

Ok…back to live QA…I’ll provide better links in a while when things are all set.

Public beta refresh (9r7) and fixed bugs list

The public beta build was refreshed again today. Also, here is a list of fixed public beta bugs related to existing content. It was easier to go back to public beta 1, so here are the valid bugs reported and fixed in this or previous beta builds (13):

(166652) The Mac OS X Installer will not launch on non-English systems.
(173766) Crash on bank site
(163378) Focus and text input breaks for flash movie with Custom component (from Input boxes do not receive focus and blinking cursor does not appear.
(163564) OS X PPC installer should not install on Intel Mac systems
(164091) Playing with scale bars on crashes player in Internet Explorer
(164300) Beta player crashes on Adobe Labs showcase content
(164432) Video preview on crashes when you change the program in previews
(162669) Flash Player crash in Safari when network is dropped
(164697) AttachMovie stops working in
(164698) Movie at resizes itself to 0
(171132) Bringing PC out of hibernate mode takes longer after viewing flash content in Firefox. Also reported to Firefox as
(171970) Installing player on Mac 10.3.9 fails for admin user – insufficient privileges
(174288) crashes player

Also, remember to update your website detection to recognize Flash Player 9. We still get a few of these bug reports every few days.

Adobe Flash Player catalog for Microsoft SMS 2003 R2 available

Microsoft launched Systems Management Server 2003 R2 at their TechEd conference Monday. As part of their launch, we created and released an Adobe Flash Player catalog for use with the new Inventory Tool for Custom Updates feature. This is actually very cool functionality — now 3rd party ISVs can publish software update catalogs for SMS that IT admins can subscribe to for notification of updates. Admins use the import tool to add the update to SMS, which downloads the installer packages, and then the update can be scheduled and pushed to the network. Think of it as the IT admin’s version of the built-in Flash Player update notification feature.

If you’re planning to use SMS 2003 R2, the catalog is available as part of the web player distribution licensing program. If you have already completed the licensing process within the last year (the term is one year so, here’s a mini-reminder to renew if you need to) — just return to your licensed downloads page. There is a new link for “Import SMS Catalog” on the page.

Flash Player 9 public beta version updated

We’ve been getting some good bug reports, so thanks to everyone who is testing existing content and taking the time to submit this feedback. We updated the public beta builds yesterday, so there is a newer version for your testing.

Remember, you will need to run the uninstaller to remove any existing version before running the installer for the v9 beta player.