Flash Player 9 public beta version updated

We’ve been getting some good bug reports, so thanks to everyone who is testing existing content and taking the time to submit this feedback. We updated the public beta builds yesterday, so there is a newer version for your testing.

Remember, you will need to run the uninstaller to remove any existing version before running the installer for the v9 beta player.

22 Responses to Flash Player 9 public beta version updated

  1. jkozniewski says:

    Hi Emmy.Could you tell a bit moreabout bugs and issues that weresolved in recent player version ?

  2. Weyert de Boer says:

    Emmy, any chance you could share information how you can switch Flash plugins on the Mac?

  3. Limulus says:

    “This release is for Windows® 98 and later and PowerPC-based Mac® OS X 10.1 and later”No Linux version I see…Today I went to transformersmovie.com and was told to get version 8. I’ve noticed recently that more sites are requiring Flash 8, but as we all know, that’s not going to happen in Linux, so here I was hoping I might get a version 9 beta.Now I haven’t been paying too close attention to Flash development until recently, but seriously, why is Linux development on the back burner? (And where is the Shockwave plugin for Linux? Are we ever going to get one?) What sort of desktop market share does Linux need to have before it can sit at the ‘grownup table’? 🙁

  4. Steve A-B says:

    Regarding installing multiple versions of Flash Player for Mac OS X:You can manually move the Flash plugin files of a currently installed version from /Library/Internet Plugins to ~/Library/Internet Plugins. Then set up test users for the old versions you want to work with and reinstall the new version, which will end up in the main /Library/Internet Plugins folder. Move that to your main user ~/Library/Internet Plugins, and your main user will use the current version and the test users will use the old version (or do it the other way around.You may also have to delete the .plist file from ~/Library/Preferences when you change versions so the new version can write its own proper preferences.

  5. emmy says:

    jkozniewski – The list is quite long for fixed bugs in general but most of those are for ActionScript 3.0 and don’t impact the public beta. But, if there are any relevant to the public beta (e.g. related to those files against the beta) that have been fixed I’ll try to get that posted. Will probably do that with the next refresh build.Limulus, please see my previous posts about Linux. The release is expected early 2007, but we will have early releases for beta before then.

  6. Limulus says:

    Thanks for the reply; somehow I managed to miss the Penguin.SWF link before… I will go pester him now 😉

  7. Fox says:

    > Limulus, please see my previous posts about Linux. The release is expected early 2007, but we will have early releases for beta before then.Please stop lying to people. You’ve never been able to get a flash 8 player up and runing, and you’ll never be able to get the 9th version runing any better…

  8. Emmy says:

    Fox – I’m a bit more optimistic than you 😉 As mentioned in previous posts, we never intended to ship a Linux version of Flash Player 8 because of the timing of the Flash Player 9 release (shorter than our typical 18 – 24 months cycle.) With ActionScript 3.0 and the new virtual machine, we wanted to focus on porting the new stuff to Linux. Again, we are hoping to have something to show the community soon.e

  9. bazard says:

    Hello Emmy,Would it be possible to fix this weird bug on Windows Flash Player that still excists:trace(10-9.9) –> 0.0999999999999996Which is, you will agree, quite ridiculous.I hope this calculation bug can be resolved before the last release as it is in my opinion a major bug in creating mathematical application.Thanks

  10. emmy says:

    Hi bazard,Ok, looked in to it. This is not a bug of Flash, so it won’t change with FP9. It is an example of roundoff error, a fundamental issue in floating-point arithmetic.More specific details, and examples of how this impacts other languages, including Perl, VBScript and JavaScript are in this technote: http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_13989best,e

  11. Bazard says:

    Hello Emmy,Thanks for your answer.I also asked about this to Tinic Uro and he also gave me a detailed explanation.Thanks again guys to be so prompt to answer and sorry for double posting.

  12. Fox says:

    Emmy, there should have been a 8.5 flach player for linux, and we’ve never seen it. I guess you’re a windows user, that’s why you’re more optimistic than I…

  13. emmy says:

    Hi fox,If you read the faq on Adobe Labs, or my post from 4/20, you’ll understand that Flash Player 9 *is* Flash Player 8.5. If you would like to follow the progress of the Linux player, please visit one of our Linux engineer’s blogs at blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf.best,e

  14. James Jones says:

    Just out of idle curiosity: how many people are there working on Flash for Windows and Macintosh? (I suspect more than one.)

  15. Leif says:

    Flash Player 9 can’t show flash 6, created with Swish Max! View my site with FP9! it will not work ;-(Greetins from Germany!Leif

  16. sesossa says:

    I am testing web sites and would like to have Adobe Flash version 7, 8 , and 9 installed on the same system. Can I do this and also associate a different browser with each version. So for example IE would have flash 7, firefox would have version 8 and netscape would have version 9. All this would be on the same pc running xp.

  17. paris says:

    Why do they release Flash 9 but not all versions at the same time? Does this mean I have to wait another year to see a lot of websites because our company works on Linux? This is very frustrating news !

  18. israel says:

    hello guys do you know how can I uninstall flash player 9 I tink that my page has some problems, it doesn’t show many pictures, only with flash player 8. So I’m interesting in uninstall the version 9 but How? If somebody could help me I would tank so much

  19. virender says:

    i need flach player

  20. Angelo says:

    Just wanting to test it out

  21. Pete says:

    Hi Emmy,Alpah transparency appears very slow whith this new player (in full screen mode).I use fullscreen mode to show a slideshow of photgraphs. There is a blend effect which redeces alpha of one image and increases alpha on the other. What used to take a split second for a nice transition now takes about a second (and looks horrible).Thanks,Pete

  22. I have found that no matter what I try, getURL with target set to nothing or anything other than _blank will not work. I went back to flash 8 and everything worked properly. This is critical to our hundreds of thousands of ads that we serve! Help!*****Doug – can you file a bug for this issue?http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=fp_beta_feedbackthanks,e*****