Flash Player 9 is now available!

It’s here! Flash Player 9 ( is now available on the Player Download Center. Flex 2 has officially been announced as well, so time to celebrate.

I’ve got a Logged In article that will appear on the Flash Player Developer Center, and you should check out the ActionScript Technology Center for articles and resources for ActionScript 3.0. (As of right now, we’re still pushing web content live, so no direct links available just yet)

The blogosphere will be buzzing with commentary, so I’m going to use my little space to thank some people. First, my program manager ROCKs. I’m sitting here with her, eating dinner in the office, so that we can make sure everything looks ok on the live site for the launch. Fun 😉 But seriously, getting the download center, product pages, and all the dependencies and such ready to go and pushed live is quite a feat of coordination. Congrats to everyone on the Flash Player and Flex teams for delivering everything. AND, truly special thanks go to our magnificent web team for their amazing abilities and for seeing us through yet another huge launch.

Reminder! Check your website detection!

Ok…back to live QA…I’ll provide better links in a while when things are all set.

111 Responses to Flash Player 9 is now available!

  1. vinod says:

    Team,Thanks for release of flash 9 player. is there any reason for not releasing the player for Internet explorer

  2. drummer says:

    Yay! Flash player 9 is released….For Windows :(When do I get to upgrade my Flash 7?

  3. John Lin says:


  4. M says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a simultaneous release of the Linux version of Flash 9?

  5. Panther_1 says:

    Where ist the Flash 9 for Linux??? Still waiting ..

  6. Doc Affo says:


  7. Joc says:

    An intel mac version would be nice too, I thought it was supposed to just require a re-compile from PPC to x86?I tried the instructions at adobe regarding running safari and firefox under rosetta but the installer still complains and quits.Well done for all the work so far tho’

  8. Jim says:

    Is there an E.T.A for the Linux version 9? How about Intel Mac???

  9. ja says:

    We’ve moved our company over to XP 64-bit during a rollout of AMD Athlon 64-bit laptops.Initially there was considerable end-user outrage at not seeing any Flash content in 64-bit IE. And asking them to run 32-bit IE to view Flash-enabled pages was a non-starter.But with the new generation of ads increasingly being done in Flash, not having to see them has turned out quite nicely. Now, my end-users don’t care that Flash is missing and they go about their work as usual.When you don’t have something for a while, you start to see that you didn’t really need it after all.

  10. John Dyer says:

    Read the post on Flash9 for Linux. It’s not due until 2007. Just in time for Vista!

  11. Richard Johnson says:

    Apparently, is a security fix for arbitrary code execution problems in and previous.Where is the security announcement about this? I can’t seem to find it.The alternative to having my admins subscribe to the (perhaps mythical) adobe security announcement list is to have them remove adobe products from their machines. I’d rather avoid the whining that would result.Also, why is there not a security fix for without requiring all the extra features and changes that come with, the same questions apply to Acrobat releases in general.Just where is the adobe security announce list?

  12. emmy says:

    Hi Richard,Adobe is aware of the latest potential vulnerabilities affecting previous versions of the Flash Player. As part of our Product Security Incident Response Process, we are working with the individuals who found the issue. These potential vulnerabilities are not present in Flash Player 9, which can be downloaded at http://www.adobe.com .While we do encourage all users to update to this latest version of the Flash Player, we are working on incorporating a modification into earlier versions of Flash Player for customers who cannot upgrade to Flash Player 9. Details will be provided on http://www.adobe.com/support/security and through Adobe’s security notification service as soon as a solution is available. You can sign up for the RSS notification service on the security website.best,e

  13. emmy says:

    Oops! I meant email notification of security updates. We’re still working on bringing RSS onlinee

  14. Andrew Mason says:

    Hi is there a possibility you could also release a Linux PPC version ? Is it much more effort than a recompile on a PPC linux box ?while i’m at it, what about freeBSD ? or is that pushing it ?

  15. Bal Bahi says:

    Dear Emmy HuangI’ve been searching google for different ways to download the Flash 9 Upgrade, but no matter what I do, I always end up with a ‘time out’ warning, and I’ve been doing this for what seems weeks now.I cannot upgrade! And am finding it frustrating.I’m not computer illiterate, even turned off all my firewalls and anti-virus stuff, am using Firefox but even tried downloading from Internet Explorer, but NOTHING seems to allow me to connect.In the first few days, I just thought it was a world -wide-rush that prevented me, but now I’m not so sure.Thank you for your time if you get a chance to reply.Bal B.

  16. jago pearce says:

    Oh no, they’ve started putting linux last.Guess we’ll see how this effects the view of the company

  17. emmy says:

    Bal,We were experiencing some issues with our servers, but that should be resolved now. Please try again and let us know if it still is not working for you.regards,e

  18. Rolf Keller says:

    > Adobe is aware of the latest potential> vulnerabilities affecting previous versions of> the Flash PlayerEh? Security?? Why isn’t it possible to download the Player and install it later in a SAFE & STANDARD manner, then? Why do I have to log on as an Administrator while my internet connection is on? Are the developers freaks or are they pros? 🙁

  19. jim lapre says:

    I am having troubles with flash player 9.0.16 it will not download with IE I am using the correct download and its seems I am not only having this problem uninstalling and re-downloading will not work. whats up, it is really screwing up my computer.

  20. sirK says:

    hi emmy,is there a timeline for a version that will work on xp64.for many people it may be a nice way for not bothering their hard working colleagues with ads,but for my system at home, i want my preferred web-radio wich runs under flash.so: when will we see a version for windos 64?in great anticipationgreetz sk

  21. Where is the newest Flash linux version. I am disappointed with Adobe’s progress with the linux flash player. My kids can’t play the games on several kids sites now. I can’t view content on several sites, in which I have chosen not to visit anymore. I am getting unhappier with flashplayer by the month!!! Put some gas in the car and Crank the version 9 player out for linux, PLEASE!Opensource developers, don’t use flash!

  22. Iasen Kostov says:

    What about a FreeBSD ? I think that if the FreeBSD guys can run i with linux emulator/wrapper (free project) so Adobe/Macromedia with all its highly paid develpers could atleast recompile the player form FreeBSD. I as developer thing that it’s not a big problem. Forget about support I need the da*n thing working.

  23. Where’s the version for Ubuntu Linux PPC?Adobe’s losing some serious geek cred for spacing on Linux users…

  24. earl says:

    I hope it works!

  25. Niall says:

    Perhaps I’m just echoing a concern…but I cannot seem to get Flash Player installed on IE7. I go to the download page, it says click to download, i do, then it plays the movie saying it’s successfully installed. But it’s not.When I return to the webpage I’m at, the content still does not play and it tells me that Flash isn’t installed. HOWEVER, when I use my Firefox browser and repeat the same steps…it works! My content plays.But what about IE? Am I not doing something right?

  26. Thomas Camarda says:

    Too bad Adobe isn’t responding to the myriad complaints on their forum that flash player 9 installs but is not detected, hence places like Youtube, for example, won’t play videos on my machine and keeps saying I need to install Flash Player 9. Well Acrobat Adobe says it IS installed.

  27. It looks like flash player 9 works for FreeBSD but with stability issues. Maybe we all can help making it more stable somehow? For example check http://www.jail.se/Adobe_Flash_Player_9_FreeBSD_Linux.html

  28. Amy says:

    I have downloaded Flash player 9 but its doesnt seem to work 🙁 i have tried so many times and i have an XP computer and its just not working

  29. Iasen Kostov says:

    It “works” on FreeBSD but only with firefox compiled for linux (with linux emulation)… not for the FreeBSD compiled one. Flash 7.x on with FreeBSD firefox by using linuxpluginwrapper but its not the perfect way to do it and its not very stable.

  30. eti says:

    Did any of you seen an answer from adobe developers or from other adobe/macromedia related persons about a native version of the player for freebsd ?

  31. KP says:

    Had the same problem with Flash installed but would not run (in my case, after a IE7 upgrade). Here was my fix: go here http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_14157 and download the Flash uninstaller. Follow the instructions for uninstalling. Then reinstall Flash from the Adobe home page.”When all else fails, read the instructions”

  32. manphiz says:

    Any chance for freebsd to use the same approach for flash 9 as flash 7 for native firefox? Or, if Adobe/Macromedia were willing to revise their license to make a freebsd native build legitimate, it would be a long-term solution.

  33. Bobbiejo says:

    Keep it real out there!!!!!

  34. Planner says:

    now i really want Flash 9 on my FreeBSD, and on my OpenBSD at work, too. Again no luck, eh?…Too bad closed-source projects are almost always like that… They just didn’t work on OS if that os is not winBlows and not MacOSX (read: on non-auntie-aubrey puters) :-[

  35. kevin says:

    I’d love to install it but I cannot get the web based installation to work on Opera or or IE7. I got a nice new Vista machine and cannot view Flash content. Great. Fix you file servers please. Or is this part of the master plan because it’s incompatible with my new machine….HHHHMMMM.

  36. emmy says:

    Hi Kevin,Adobe offers free email support for Flash Player installation related issues.http://www.adobe.com/support/programs/flashplayer/?tab:contact=1best,Emmy

  37. Dan says:

    Add me on to the FreeBSD bandwagon. Good work on finally getting a Linux one out, though. If you hadn’t already pissed everyone off you might have gotten some more respect for that.

  38. FST777 says:

    Funny how installation questions and security troubles are readily answered, while Linux and FreeBSD questions are silently ignored.Maybe, just maybe, we’re NOT spamming, but trying to get a point through. I’m happy there is a build for Linux x86 though. I hope the guys working on linuxpluginwrapper will do the job you Adobe guys failed to do.I’m willing to make a bet: release the source (GPL’ed or whatever) and we’ll see the whole tiny thing ported to x86 FreeBSD in less than two weeks. Tell me your wages 🙂

  39. emmy says:

    Hi FST777,FreeBSD users can install the player, the EULA doesn’t prevent that. We have not announced plans to “officially support” FreeBSD. (which means nothing native, we aren’t certifying against that specific os, but you can still use it if you want).best,e

  40. kerstin says:

    Yup another -probably also unanswered question – what to do when you need to have flash installed but you are running 64bit? Some workaround, third party tool what shall i use i need the flash player running. very poor guys very poor….

  41. Richard Wiggins says:

    I really need flash player 9 because all the videos over the internet rely on it I’ve downloaded it says its downloaded. Then every time i go to play a video it claims it isnt downloaded. I keep on trying and the flashy thing keeps on spining but it doent seem to work anywhere else please could you email me the answer to my problems.thank you very muchR,wiggins

  42. ghoti says:

    I just have to add ANOTHER vote for native FreeBSD support. The long standing support of other unices (Solaris, HP-UX) tells me the background exists for this, and the existence of both Linux and OS X versions tells me it shouldn’t be nearly as much of a stretch to get a player compiled natively.If Adobe isn’t willing to do this itself, would it be willing to allow a volunteer community to work on it, (naturally through an NDA)?I *like* flash, and it really irks me to have to recommend against it all the time due to its lack of support for the operating system my company uses.

  43. Roberta says:

    I can’t get flash player to download either. It will attempt to download if I say install with the google toolbar and then says i must be the account administrator and I am. I even made myself the only one and it still won’t install. If i decline the the toolbar it says it is installed and then go to a web page and it says I need to install it. It works on another account on this computer. I need help desperately because I am ready to scream. I have even tried to download the stand alone version which someone suggested and no go. HELP ME HELP ME> the adobe help pages are of no use. HELP ME

  44. amal says:

    I’m not using FBSD at the moment but a comment that might help others here:Installed flash 9 with no problem using it so far in firefox 2.x & linux. HOWEVER, with opera, even though Flash is installed and works on the adobe test site, some websites I visit (that work in firefox) fail to detect flash in opera (even when opera is told to identify as mozilla).If you’re having trouble and using Opera, try it out in firefox, to verify if it’s a browser specify issue.

  45. Adriano says:

    One more vote for native FreeBSD player. What a shame. It would be so easy to keep track of FreeBSD/*BSD players, even more due to its “standardized” environment.

  46. Roberta says:

    Oh boy I am in trouble because I have no idea what you are talking about amal. I Don’t know how to use or what Opera is or firefox. Guess I will have to ask my 14 year old son. I just want my flashplayer to work. Windows xp is the operating system with IE. Thanks though I appreciate it. If you can explain what you are talking about I would appreciate it.Thanks. Roberta

  47. james says:

    Native flash player for FreeBSD.

  48. Rob A. says:

    Hi Emmy, I have an Intel MacMini 1.66 Dual Core, OS 10.4.8. I have been unable to install the Flash 9 UB version. Since trying to install the Flash 9 plug-in. all browsers are unable to detect the flash plug-in when browsing to a webpage needing flash.The install procedure seems to complete. But it always sends me to the flash web page and I get a browser message saying I dont have the correct MIME type installed.Any suggestions? I have tried everything on the Adobe support page for Flash install issues.Is there a system req. That I am not matching?Many thanks, Rob

  49. emmy says:

    Hi Rob,You shouldn’t have any issues installing the plugin. That said, something may have happened on your system that is causing the install to fail or maybe the installer didn’t complete properly.Have you tried going into the Library>Internet Plugins folder and deleting the Flash Player plugin and xpt files? Or running the uninstaller from Adobe.com?If you really can’t seem to get it to install properly after uninstalling/reinstalling, please contact our support team. Adobe provides free email support for installation issues. You can also file a bug (www.adobe.com/go/wish)– the bug form will collect the information we need to reproduce the problem.best,Emmy

  50. randall says:

    while we’re voting anyway i might just join in.i’m managing 3 FreeBSD based freenxservers providing a desktop experience for about 40 users.its a flexible, stable and fast system, but the only thing my users lack and are asking for is flash9.i simply will not install it in the state it is currently in since it is a buggy piece of software (at least on FreeBSD), so my users complain and simply don’t understand, what is the reason anyway? to be honest i dont get it either.

  51. GrogDog says:

    I use PC-BSD, and I really wish I could get Flash 9 to run on it. sigh

  52. Matias says:

    Hi Emmy,I run IbookG4 os x 10.3.9, recently updated to flash 9 sucesfully (as adobe page said when finished).Safari fails to use the upgrade so websites claim that I need to upgrade.But, Camino and Firefox (brohters) can get to flash 9 without any trouble.Can you help me?Someone posted something similar previously, but there seems to be no answer.Thanks !!

  53. man says:

    whent throught the whole process and the little video plays saying it has been downloaded.. then i go on to many differnet websites and they all sayi dont not have it installedhave windows xp

  54. Native FreeBSD support. Make it happen!

  55. uchman says:

    Will there be a release for FreeBSD?

  56. Kenny says:

    Freebsd support would be awesomely cool.

  57. blake says:

    I really need flash player 9 because all the videos over the internet rely on it I’ve downloaded it says its downloaded. Then every time i go to play a video it claims it isnt downloaded. I keep on trying and the flashy thing keeps on spining but it doent seem to work anywhere else please could you email me the answer to my problems.thank you very much.

  58. Charle says:

    Please, please bring Flash 9 to FreeBSD. I beg you!

  59. luke says:

    flash player 9 will not download! i had to uninstall it and i went to reinstall it and now the window asking me if i want to download it does not appear when i press “download now” since the window does not appera i cannot download it!!!

  60. feagai says:

    heyive been trying to download flash 9 for ages and everytime i click on the download button…the next window says its already downloaded but everytime i go onto a page where it has the flash 9 it says i need to install it…im so confused…what do i do?

  61. Kyra says:

    Ok so i think you guys can help me. Well i has wondering, How can i get flash player 7? Cause i really really really need it badly.. so can you guys email me how and were to get it? My email is dogzilla@sasktel.netThanks,-kyra

  62. jim says:

    what about a freebsd release?

  63. Rick says:

    Is there going to be a Flash Player plugin for Opera on “native” FreeBSD. ?

  64. vandommelen says:

    i have been trying for weeks to get flash’ download to work. The spinning icon says i have successfully downloaded, however every time i try to do something in need of flash, it says i need to “download flash first”. do i need to move the file it is installed in -off the desktop- or something simple?

  65. Sami M says:

    Please, give us some kind of feedback on the native FreeBSD player. I’m currently running an BSD only enviroment, and i must tell you. The flash player with linux compability is almost unusable. For me the linux compability is not an option. I don’t feel like installing a linux system ontop of my FreeBSD just for one application! please just give us some feed back. You will just make profit off of it on the end. Can’t you see that?

  66. Spandar says:

    I have internet explorer 7 and running windows vista 32 bit ultimate. Since most video on the internet requires Flash player, I have tried multiple times to install the player. Eventhough it says it’s installed ( I see the flipping animation icon), everytime I go to a site that requires it, I am told that I don’t have it. What’s going on? Why are there so many people complaining about the same issue. Is Adobe working on a fix?

  67. emmy says:

    Hi Spandar,I just posted about the resources available to end-users who have issues installing Flash Player in the most recent post: http://weblogs.macromedia.com/emmy/archives/2007/04/having_installa.cfmOn Vista, you need to make sure you have at least Flash Player If you upgraded your XP machine, the player registration may not have mapped over. The best solution is to uninstall and reinstall the Flash Player. If that is not working, please file a bug: http://www.adobe.com/go/wishYou can check your player version at http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/aboutbest,Emmy

  68. tracey says:

    HiCan someone please help with this, i have installed flash player 9 and it had been working fine but now when i try to play anything it either says its buffering or loading but nothing happens. can anyone help??thnks

  69. paul says:

    still no comment about a native freebsd binary.seems you all think “oh they can just install the linux binary.” ?it’s unusable.really.it’s useless.couldn’t someone from macrodobe just comment on this ?if you never plan to support free/net/openbsd then please, PLEASE, just say so.cheers

  70. josh says:

    FreeBSD. Please.

  71. Steve Austin says:

    I have tried every suggestion I can find on the internet, but cannot get Flash Player to work on IE 7. It does work on Mozilla Firefox. Is this fixable? Steve, 4-21-07

  72. Arab says:

    Since MS is releasing a Flash Player competitor which Silverlight I think it’s the time for Adobe to release native Flash Player 9.0 for FreeBSD and *BSD.

  73. Renaud says:

    Why doesn’t Adobe release the source code of the flash player under GPL (or other) license, people would then port it to X86_64, PPC and all the missing OS. That’s not like if Adobe was selling the player. And that would probably make flash a web standard.

  74. Rick says:

    Release the source code so we can port it to FreeBSD.

  75. emmy huang says:

    Hi Renaud,Adobe has been actively exploring ways in which we can better participate in the open source community. We released the source code behind the core scripting engine in the Flash Player under the Mozilla Public License. The project is called Tamarin and is available today at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/tamarin.One way that the community can help accelerate bringing Flash Player to new platforms is by contributing to the Tamarin project. The VM is more difficult part of porting to 64-bit platforms.best,Emmy

  76. lava kafle says:

    IE 7 Sp2 latest Updates Patch applied and IE cannot run other flashplayer objects apart from Adobe site. Mozilla Firefox work superb.

  77. Vadim says:

    It is ridiculous that everything works on FreeBSD perfectly, but you still cannot watch YouTube videos. What a shame. Please, make native Flash 9 plugin work! I suppose it should be just a matter of installing FreeBSD box and recompiling existing Flash9 source code under FreeBSD. It shouldn’t be that hard, should it? We do not ask for support either.

  78. Chris says:

    Another vote for Freebsd support.

  79. jake says:

    how in the hell do you get flash player 11

  80. emmy huang says:

    Hi Jake,There isn’t a Flash Player 11. The current version of Flash Player is version 9.best,Emmy

  81. Koko says:

    FreeBSD support 🙁

  82. Elliott says:

    Flash Player 9 won’t install on my machine. I have a 15″ MacBook Pro, Mac/Intel, OSX, 2GHz intel core duo, and whatnot…I have gone to install the Flash Player 9, but the websites that require it will all repeat to me that I need to install it, even though I already did. I tried a few more times, to no avail. I went and looked into my computer and found that I had files that say flash player 7 and others for 8 as well. I found what looked like the only application for flash player and it was flash player 6. I thought I might delete it (it’s still in my trash, so it’s not completely gone) to give me a fresh start, and now even more websites are telling me to install the necessary plugins and programs (i.e. Flash Player 9) and they all provide links back to the same download site. And there again I will click to download the Intel-mac version, and everything again seems to go just fine, I go through the steps and the loading bar fills up just like it should, and install tells me it’s completed successfully before closing itself… but the websites all say otherwise. Plus, when I find the site that installs it ‘in-browser’ (as in, it doesn’t make me download a zip or dmg or anything first) it’s only on THAT window that the download will stop short and tell me that the install was unsuccessful.OH and I am using Firefox, but have also tried it on Safari, but that didn’t work either.This is just getting really tiresome… I just want to know why this is happening. It seems from hours and hours of searching the web that I’m the only one with this specific problem (on a MACINTOSH of all machines, too! *cough*)

  83. Kitty says:

    WHOA! ive never been so amazed by flash player be4 in my life, this really is gr8 well done flash player im pleased by this

  84. Bill says:

    Similar to Elliott / 3 weeks ago above, Flash Player 9 won’t install on my fresh-out-of-the-box MacBook, Mac/Intel, OSX, 2.16 GHz intel core duo, etc … it does the dance like it’s installing, but doesn’t actually install … do you have any ideas that would help Elliott and me?

  85. g.file says:

    I just installed Flash Player 9 on my intel MacBook Pro OS 10.4.10 … and now flash media doesn’t show in my safari browser? I go to my usual flash sites and they don’t load. It was brought to my attention when the player on myspace music pages didn’t show either?Can any1 get be back to viewing as it was before?Hope some1 can help,many thanks,G >:O)

  86. emmy huang says:

    Adobe provides free email-based installation support to users at http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/You can get help, and this is a much better route for ensuring that common issues bubble up to the team efficiently.

  87. I have problems with flash player 9 in Safari. I use a external php script and load it up in the flash file. It also uses a css file for style, but the flash file won’t load the php script in Safari with the latest flash player installed. I tried to uninstall and reinstall all the players and have only flash player 9. It works fine in FirefoxI found the problem, but it is a bit bizzare and I can’t yet understand why, but I am getting closer to the core. If you set relative path’s on a external server, flash can behave irrationally. Relative paths will work with Firefox, but not in Safari, but it will work on a local apache host/server. I fixed the problem with relative paths, but it still won’t load the css file. It may be a security issue with the server, but why it should work for FireFox and not Safari is a mystery.Then to the CSS file. That as well will load up on a local host. So it must be the the external server that won’t give me the right’s to do this, but why is that?http://www.ia-stud.hiof.no/~johansyd/gallery/years.swfhttp://www.ia-stud.hiof.no/~johansyd/gallery/years.fla

  88. Kenneth says:

    I too would like to add to the chorus of user’s requesting a freeBSD native flash player 9.x.

  89. Jeffrey Williams says:

    I would also like to add another request to have a native version of flash 9 released for FreeBSD.This is the one major issue, that spoils my otherwise blissful use of the FreeBSD.I can’t imagine that it is all that difficult to accomplish.Thanks,Jeff

  90. Mike Angelo says:

    When will have a FreeBSD version?

  91. Petter says:

    Hello all, are there plans for a FreeBSD native plugin and player?

  92. Dolly Parton says:

    FreeBSD, please.(Linux Flash Plugin) + (Linux Wrapper) + (Website with any Flash content at all) = CrashIt’s absurd. I’ve tried it many times on many computers with many builds of FreeBSD and many versions of the various ports involved. Flash = Crash, and nothing more.Please. FreeBSD support. Please.

  93. jamie says:

    Flash is loaded and works fine in Firefox but IE7 still requires an install. The uninstall, MS debug and MS compatiability load doesn’t fix anything either.Help please!

  94. Foufoutos says:

    FreeBSD it is by far the BEST operating system for servers and would be for desktop too, if adobe releases a native FreeBSD version of the flash player.I cannot understand WHY *just* adobe don’t slightly modify the existing linux or macosx source and compile it!!There is a high demand for a native flash player; go try googling!!!!!!At least provide it as closed-source without any guaranties or at a alpha or beta stage!!

  95. Benjamin says:

    Hey,I have a problem! My computer is Windows XP Home Edition. It doesnt have flash player at all although I constantly dowload it from sites and it shows up on my ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS it doesnt work. I go to Myspace constantly and i need to hear my music on there but the only thing i hear is the sound of my mouse clicking back home. I went to the Adobe website to download flash player 9 and it doesnt work. To make a long story short I NEED HELP!!!!You can reach me at bflytheeagle@aol.comPlease conact me soon with any helpThank You!

  96. Stephen says:

    For those with Flash 9 / Mac problems, try this.I have a PowerBook G4 with Safari and have been going crazy trying to get Flash 9 working!!It appears to be all in the Disk Utility.First I made sure I had got rid of my old Flash ‘internet plug-ins’ found in the ‘library’.Then I opened the Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility and clicked on the Macintosh HD volume in the window on the left. I then clicked the highlighted button ‘Repair Disk Permissions’. This takes a minute or so to complete. Once done, I then downloaded the new flash 9 as usual and followed the instructions. Hey presto! It works.I got this from another web site but can’t find the link!!

  97. john says:

    I’m having a problem trying to download flash player 9 on vista but it just won’t let me. What can i do?

  98. Billy Fitzgerald says:

    Where is Flash 9 for FreeBSD? Running Flash 7 in linux compatibility mode sucks and Flash 9 just crashes my browser. We need a native FreeBSD version!

  99. Emily says:

    HiI have been unable to see any flash items on the web since yesterday and it keeps telling me to donwload adobe flash 9, which i do (linked to the adobe website) and it still doesn’t work! What can i do? ThankS

  100. emmy huang says:

    If you are having issues with Flash Player, please visit the Adobe support center: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer

  101. One more asking for a FreeBSD version…

  102. kris says:

    BEST ADVICE THAT I FOUND WHEN FLASH 9 wouldn’t work with my IE7 was the following from above”Had the same problem with Flash installed but would not run (in my case, after a IE7 upgrade). Here was my fix: go here http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_14157 and download the Flash uninstaller. Follow the instructions for uninstalling. Then reinstall Flash from the Adobe home page.”When all else fails, read the instructions””IT WORKS

  103. Just_another_FreBSD_user says:

    I can’t believe there is still no FreeBSD version.Come on, Adobe developers.FreeBSD users have been begging for a YEAR for a version that would run reliably on our favourite system.

  104. Joey Mingrone says:

    Hi,Are there plans for a native FreeBSD flash broswer plugin? How about an acrobat reader plugin?Thanks,Joey Mingrone

  105. bsd_user says:

    FreeBSD support would be nice, we also want to enjoy Flash 😉

  106. Evelyn says:

    I downloaded flashplayer 9 for IE7 on a T60p thinkpad, because a program for school wouldn’t run unless I was using flash player 9 and IE7, but now whenever I open the website for the school assignment whereas before I saw mangled assignments, now I don’t see anything at all. Is it something like permissions and if so, where do I go to fix this? Can you help me fix this? I’m desperate.****Hi Evelyn,I forwarded your issue to support. In the future, if you have installation issues Adobe offers free email-based support for installation from our support center http://www.adobe.com/support.emmy*****

  107. Dai says:

    What about FreeBSD?

  108. hosiawak says:

    Flash 9 on FreeBSD in Linux emulation doesn’t work. Please provide a native FreeBSD binary.

  109. hmm says:

    been using desktopbsd.net for a while now. Does adobe need financial support to pay for a developer to help in the FREEBSD side of flash / photoshop etc?If so, I think alot of us who are so desperate for FLASH, and *would* be willing to donate for this project if ADOBE asked. UNLESS…….. MICROSOFT has something to do with it 😛 hehe.SO ADOBE COMM’ON!!!! we are waiting for you!!! then we got a complete DESKTOP!!!!

  110. hosiawak says:

    Here’s a temporary solution for FreeBSD users: Install Wine and Firefox for Windows and then install Flash Plugin for FF. It may not be the speediest flash player but it is stable and works fine for small (in terms of screen size) movies, and it’s Flash 9.

  111. Rickey says:

    FreeBSD native support please! This is just lame that a native version has not been released, especially when there is one for OS X…