Flash Player 9 is now available!

It’s here! Flash Player 9 ( is now available on the Player Download Center. Flex 2 has officially been announced as well, so time to celebrate.

I’ve got a Logged In article that will appear on the Flash Player Developer Center, and you should check out the ActionScript Technology Center for articles and resources for ActionScript 3.0. (As of right now, we’re still pushing web content live, so no direct links available just yet)

The blogosphere will be buzzing with commentary, so I’m going to use my little space to thank some people. First, my program manager ROCKs. I’m sitting here with her, eating dinner in the office, so that we can make sure everything looks ok on the live site for the launch. Fun 😉 But seriously, getting the download center, product pages, and all the dependencies and such ready to go and pushed live is quite a feat of coordination. Congrats to everyone on the Flash Player and Flex teams for delivering everything. AND, truly special thanks go to our magnificent web team for their amazing abilities and for seeing us through yet another huge launch.

Reminder! Check your website detection!

Ok…back to live QA…I’ll provide better links in a while when things are all set.