Get your Intel Mac public beta of Flash Player 9 today!

The public beta site is up for the beta version of Flash Player 9 ( for Intel-based Macintosh. It is a universal binary installer.

Thanks to engineering and QE for cranking this one out so quickly after our launch!

Enjoy, log bugs.

14 Responses to Get your Intel Mac public beta of Flash Player 9 today!

  1. Chris Allen says:

    This is great news! I know it’s not your department, but any idea on whether there’s a plan to release Flex Builder 2 for Macintosh? Good to know about the player though, I was getting scared that you guys forgot about us Mac users.

  2. Avi Flax says:

    Thanks Emma! This is great news!Chris, the Flex Builder team does have a Mac version in the works. I’m also looking forward to it! In the meantime, the SDK is already Mac-compatible, so you can edit Flex projects with the IDE of your choice, then compile them on your Mac. Google can help you get started on that, if you’re interested.

  3. sanbin says:

    hey!are you chinese ?

  4. yup, i wiil start it now! thanks!

  5. mehul says:

    Hi Emmy,I know this is not the place to raise this query… though I could not found any answer on net for this…can you tell me why my flex 2 final release application crashes when a context menu item is selected ???i can give code if required???thanksmehul

  6. Archon Fung says:

    I have the latest public beta of the flash player on my MacBook Pro. I also have the flip4mac plug-in installed. I have a weird inconsistency. In Safari, I cannot play news clips from Yahoo/Reuters (I believe that these are ABC clips), but the Flash/Flip4Mac combo works for these same vids in Firefox.

  7. John Gaunt says:

    Great news about the Intel Mac beta. Is there a way to get on a beta list for early releases? I work on Songbird and am _very_ interested in getting my hands on the Linux v9 beta.Cheers,r5

  8. emmy says:

    archon – please file a bug: – we don’t have an official notification email list, but I do make those types of announcements here on my blog.

  9. Frank Simon says:

    Hi Emmy,Sorry, i know, i`m here wrong. But i dont get an answer from Adove directly. We want to integration Flash in our own programm based on C++/Trolltech Qt.On Windows we can use ActiveX to do that, but how we can integrate a flash programm in mac applications ? Any hints ?best regardsFrank

  10. Catlett says:

    Hi Emmy,Thank you very much. I owe you an aploogy for my previous post. I was one of the linux users who spewed hate at adobe when flash 8 wasn’t released for linux. Today I am a grateful linux user who enjoys adobe’s flash 9 very much. So far I haven’t had a single issue. It works great. Thanks.Catlett

  11. Chad Lesnick says:

    New Flash player 9 for intel mac does not load the plug-in for any browser. Anybody have any ideas?-Chad

  12. greg Mendes says:

    I am having the same problem as chad… New Flash player 9 for intel mac does not load the plug-in for any browser.