Public beta refresh (9r7) and fixed bugs list

The public beta build was refreshed again today. Also, here is a list of fixed public beta bugs related to existing content. It was easier to go back to public beta 1, so here are the valid bugs reported and fixed in this or previous beta builds (13):

(166652) The Mac OS X Installer will not launch on non-English systems.
(173766) Crash on bank site
(163378) Focus and text input breaks for flash movie with Custom component (from Input boxes do not receive focus and blinking cursor does not appear.
(163564) OS X PPC installer should not install on Intel Mac systems
(164091) Playing with scale bars on crashes player in Internet Explorer
(164300) Beta player crashes on Adobe Labs showcase content
(164432) Video preview on crashes when you change the program in previews
(162669) Flash Player crash in Safari when network is dropped
(164697) AttachMovie stops working in
(164698) Movie at resizes itself to 0
(171132) Bringing PC out of hibernate mode takes longer after viewing flash content in Firefox. Also reported to Firefox as
(171970) Installing player on Mac 10.3.9 fails for admin user – insufficient privileges
(174288) crashes player

Also, remember to update your website detection to recognize Flash Player 9. We still get a few of these bug reports every few days.

10 Responses to Public beta refresh (9r7) and fixed bugs list

  1. Jack says:

    Hey that are sure a lot of bug changes, time to rename it Adobe Flash Player 9+ 😉

  2. Only crash bugs fixed…i guess we’re really close to launch now 🙂

  3. I know this is a dumb question, but where do I get it? I went to the link below, but it still looks to be the build dated 5-08 is it the same file name, but refreshed bits?

  4. emmy says:

    The public beta (the labs version is frozen at beta 3) is at is the bug submission form. ;-)e

  5. Alex Dupre says:

    Will we have a FreeBSD version of flah sooner or later?

  6. Jack says:

    how about a 64bit version of Flash 9 and they releated software!

  7. mehul says:

    Hello there,I was not sure where to put this so I am pasting here. I have developed few appln using flex 2 beta 3 and I want to do a browser check for plug in compatibility. Now as we know flex 2 beta 3 application runs on flash player 9 beta version, how can i do this??txm

  8. Sir Geek says:

    As has been asked in this older entry( . When will Adobe/Macromedia make a Linux port of Flash Player let alone a Shockwave Player ?I have used flash for many years now and have become a Linux ONLY user (I only use Windows for work software). It is becoming more and more annoying to deal with sites that exclude us by virtue of requiring Flash 8+ to view them.What are we Non Windows and Non Mac users to do (besides ignore those sites and tell them that they should only use Flash 7 because Adobe/Macromedia refuses to support Flash 8+ on Linux) ?

  9. emmy says:

    m,check out the Flash Player detection kit:,e

  10. Mars says:

    Flash player 9 for mac PPC OSX 10.4 repeatedly fails to install, claiming that I do not have administrative privileges.Message above claims to have fixed bug for OSX 10.3.What about OSX 10.4?And, where can I get a copy of any such bug patch?