Announcing Flash Player 9 for Intel Macs

The Flash Player team is excited to announce the release and immediate availability of the Flash Player 9 universal binary for Intel-based Macs!

Flash Player 9 ( includes bug fixes and optimizations related to the Intel-based Mac platform. Express Install will now be delivering a universal binary, which requires Mac OSX 10.2 or higher.

Fixed in
One bug that seems to be affecting many users is an issue with sound playback from Flash Player. This is fixed in but you can also work around it. The issue is a result of 3rd party software changing the default audio settings to something greater than 48Khz. You can change it back yourself to get sound working again, or install Here is a link to the related technote.

Known issues for
* Flash Player sound input does not work for OSX Audio MIDI sample rate settings higher than 48Khz. The microphone will either record noise or nothing. Some third party applications and MIDI breakout boxes will change the systemwide Audio settings on launch, and fail to return settings to default on close. To workaround this issue, go to Applications-> Utilities-> Audio MIDI Setup. Select Sound Input and change the properties for the ‘Built-in Input’ and/or ‘Built-in Microphone’ to a setting less than or equal to 48Khz. (160350)

* Pixel-based grid fitting does not work for Flash Player for PowerPC or Intel-based Macintosh computers in Rosetta mode. Pixel-based grid fitting works in native mode on Intel-based Macs. Designers and developers that are using pixel-based grid fitting for Flash Type should use native mode on Intel-based Macs or the PowerPC version if developing and viewing content on a PowerPC system. (180560)

* Express Install will not work for updating the Flash Player 8 preview release ( or to the latest. Users should go directly to the Player Download Center to install the latest release.

Release notes

Please send bugs and issues to the wishform.

26 Responses to Announcing Flash Player 9 for Intel Macs

  1. Steven Hilton says:

    Great news. Do you have any information on when a linux version will be available?Thanks!

  2. John says:

    Congrats! Now all I need to do is buy a Mac!

  3. Warren says:

    I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but is there a Universal version of the Standalone Player? ie. the player when I test publish in Flash? If not, any word on when that might be available?

  4. emmy says:

    Steven – no new news at this time. Hang in there … we are indeed working towards a public beta on Labs and things look pretty good. Check Mike’s blog for progress: – it is expected to ship with Flash authoring in CS3.

  5. dennis parrott says:

    a) flash 7 for linux is horrid.b) if you can put flash 9 on an intel-based mac, you should be able to do it for an intel-based linux distro — they can’t be that different…c) the reason you should syncronize your releases on ALL platforms (linux, bsd, mac os, winders) is coming and its called “Vista”. i really believe that people won’t be moving there in the same kind of numbers as in the past simply because it requires WAY more hardware ($$$$) and will break too much of their software (more $$$$)

  6. ashwin says:

    hello!flash 9 for linux! will be out by 2007, come on guys you could do better, why do all the software companys treat linux users like this! its so sad but at the same time its very motivating. no wonder so many people write there own sofware and give it off for free. thanks Adobe

  7. Steph says:

    I couldn’t see the other flash players at PurchaseShareware.. Emmy, can you point me to the right page?Sigh.. I guess no one at Adobe actually read these comments on a regular basis (well, as long as they are busy with the Linux version I think I can forgive them! 🙂

  8. Nicolas says:

    Where’s the LINUX version! Guys, you sucks! You’re not better than Microsoft! The Linux community will really hate you…

  9. emmy says:

    Dennis – yes I agree that moving forward we need to see what is required to sim ship on all platforms. That is the goal. With the v9 port, we are jumping from v7 to v9 and it is a bit of work. If you would like to follow the current development, you can visit Mike’s blog at for his account of how the port is going.Steph – the purchaseshareware site is spam on my blog. I periodically clean them up, but apparently this one slipped through.

  10. jimbo says:

    i’m sure there are many more linux users than intel mac users. i’d be happy with a v7 that doesn’t kill my cpu and plays nicely with other audio apps.

  11. Serkan says:

    Great, a brand new Flash Player for the huge amount Intel based Macs users, and the Linux users are still suffering from the pain that Flash Player 7 caused.I really can’t understand why Adobe is doing this to us. Must be some kind of secret agreement between Microsoft and Adobe.

  12. Thomas says:

    > i’m sure there are many more linux users than intel mac users. i’d be happy with a v7 that doesn’t kill my cpu and plays nicely with other audio apps.I completely agree with that statement. Haven’t they got more developers? Haven’t they got the money? It’s just unbelievable!> I really can’t understand why Adobe is doing this to us. Must be some kind of secret agreement between Microsoft and Adobe.If there is a secret, they wouldn’t tell us…Hopefully we will see a flash player 9 in 2007.

  13. Philip says:

    Great, now 90% of web sites with flash are rendered unusable by linux users. wooo hooo!

  14. Byron Bowerman says:

    The Flash 9 UB doesn’t work at all. Its a piece of shit that causes my browser to crash constantly. Adobe’s support of their flash player makes me wish I could contact Microsoft instead.

  15. emmy says:

    Byron,If you have an issue with Flash Player, please report it to:

  16. sim says:

    Hello Emmy,I bought an intelmac after checking the flashplayer 9 browserplugin performance in the store, which was amazingly quick, but now at home sadly find out the flash 9 standalone player is very, very much slower. Is that because the standaloneplayer is not for intelmacs (yet) and if so by which date you imagine this will be?Or is there a better standalone player available elsewhere?Many thanks for your answer,Sim

  17. Glen says:

    I have a number of SWF files that were provided by the publishing company of the textbook I use to teach one of my classes. I used these on my older Mac PowerBook G4 running 10.3.9 with Powerpoint:mac 2004 without too many problems. I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro (Intel CPU) and now the SWF file format is no longer recogized by PPT. NB that I have the Macromedia Education Suite installed that includes Flash 8.The available documentation on the web suggests downloading and installing the newest version of the Flash Player (v9), realesed as a UB image, which I did. This did not fix the problem. In fact, it appears that the newer player did not even install on my system properly.Can anybody give me some help on how to “fix” or work around this problem?Many thanks for any answers…Glen

  18. mark says:

    Why is there a Universal version of Flash for Intel Macs AND a separate PowerPC version for Power PC Macs? According to Apple, ( Universal means one version for both platforms.

  19. Intrica says:

    I have not been able to make the ub of 9.0.20 to work on either of two puters. One is a macbook pro, one is a plain white macbook. The last known working config was Mac os X 10.4.6 and Flash Player . Installing the 9.0.20 thoroughly hosed both the laptops and after about 10 hours of work I still haven’t been able to get it to work. Symptom is that all flash content is replaced with white and Adobe’s flash version test page cannot discover that flash is installed. Extra annoying is that I have a third un-upgraded machine with the same setup as one of the broken ones that actually works and no amount of file copying to the broken one seems to fix the breakage.I have about 30 years of experience with computers in a research environment. This kind of stuff shouldn’t be rocket science. How come something this simple can break so hard on multiple machines?- Intrica

  20. Government says:

    Hmmm, which is a higher priority for a commercial company, making the software compatible for the proprietary software of a major computer company, or making it compatible for a free, open-source OS?…hmmm, DUH! I have nothing against Linux, but you can’t assume it’s any kind of priority for ANY major company to make ANYTHING compatible qith it AT ALL, EVER. You should be thankful Linux has any version of anything at all. Jeez.

  21. Mark says:

    Hi Emmy, As with several other Intel iMac users, after upgrading to MacOS X 10.4.8 I discovered that Flash Player had also been upgraded to This would all be fine if this version worked — but under both Safari 2.0.4. and FireFox *some* .swf files will not load (Safari reports a “plug-in cancelled” message). I would revert to the previous version of Flash Player (as suggested at— but I cannot find the installer. What to do?

  22. Matthew H says:

    I am finding that Flash (or whatever it is) for Intel Macs doesn’t display anything in Firefox 2.0. It works fine in Safari.

  23. Bill Lipa says:

    I think the Intel Flash plugin may be somewhat crashy:

  24. Allan du Manoir says:

    14 April 2007I just bought an iMac 24. For a week I used Safari and Flash Player worked fine.All of a sudden it no longer works. I have tried downloading it and installing it, but it doesn’t seem to install and it does not work.Can you PLEASE help me?Thanks.

  25. Gerrard says:

    Hi i have a imac G4 running mac OSX 10.4.10. The latest flash will not install, it get to 4 items remaing and just ‘hangs’ for hours. Im using the latest firefox. I thought it had something to do with the latest till i tunes and new quicktime as flash hasent worked since. Searching other forums it seems pretty clear its not the itunes quicktime thing that knocked out flash from websites. But as flash wont install im flashless…any ideas?Thanks for your time.

  26. katie says:

    i ahve tried to dowload the latest flas player but its so longi left the computer so,it can download and i came back after 30 mins and it was srill trying to downalodwhat should i do help mecoz it the stupid thing does not load in to my compurter the i wont be able to watch stuff online