Announcing Flash Player 9 for Intel Macs

The Flash Player team is excited to announce the release and immediate availability of the Flash Player 9 universal binary for Intel-based Macs!

Flash Player 9 ( includes bug fixes and optimizations related to the Intel-based Mac platform. Express Install will now be delivering a universal binary, which requires Mac OSX 10.2 or higher.

Fixed in
One bug that seems to be affecting many users is an issue with sound playback from Flash Player. This is fixed in but you can also work around it. The issue is a result of 3rd party software changing the default audio settings to something greater than 48Khz. You can change it back yourself to get sound working again, or install Here is a link to the related technote.

Known issues for
* Flash Player sound input does not work for OSX Audio MIDI sample rate settings higher than 48Khz. The microphone will either record noise or nothing. Some third party applications and MIDI breakout boxes will change the systemwide Audio settings on launch, and fail to return settings to default on close. To workaround this issue, go to Applications-> Utilities-> Audio MIDI Setup. Select Sound Input and change the properties for the ‘Built-in Input’ and/or ‘Built-in Microphone’ to a setting less than or equal to 48Khz. (160350)

* Pixel-based grid fitting does not work for Flash Player for PowerPC or Intel-based Macintosh computers in Rosetta mode. Pixel-based grid fitting works in native mode on Intel-based Macs. Designers and developers that are using pixel-based grid fitting for Flash Type should use native mode on Intel-based Macs or the PowerPC version if developing and viewing content on a PowerPC system. (180560)

* Express Install will not work for updating the Flash Player 8 preview release ( or to the latest. Users should go directly to the Player Download Center to install the latest release.

Release notes

Please send bugs and issues to the wishform.