Linux player in action – a Flashforward sneak!

It’s late in the day, so you’ve probably already caught wind of the first public showing of an early version of the Linux Flash Player 9 during the keynote at Flashforward Austin. Garrett Nantz of Big Spaceship showed off the new Nike Air site and we hear it ran without a glitch.

Mike Downey was kind enough to send us some pics, since we couldn’t be there in person. See! it was solid enough for us to send the demo off without a chaperone….


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  1. Michael Tran says:

    Can’t wait to beta test it when it is made available!

  2. Yagotta B. Kidding says:

    Let me guess: 32-bit only, right?

  3. Tech Guy says:

    Can you provide information as to when and how we can be involved in beta testing?I would greatly appreciate any further information…Thanks, Emmy. BTW, it looks good!

  4. Martin B says:

    Well, we’ve been waiting a good long time to see a Flash update for linux. The question, undoubtedly, on most peoples mind after “when will it be released” is “Will it be 64 bit clean so we can use it on x86_64 and em64t?”

  5. Techguy says:

    I would be very interested in being involved with the beta testing of this product. Please advise how I can participate…

  6. Matt Hartley says:

    This sounds great. Besides a realease date, have you finally been able to get us over the sound/video sync issue that has made Google video and YouTube into a Bruce Lee movie? Just wondering…

  7. Losing Faith says:

    I am slowing losing faith in this linux flash player stuff.Unfortunately it seems a lot of companies have been buying and developing on Flash 8/9. I would say about 40% of all the sites I visit lock me out for having a lower flash version.I was happy to go along with the wait until now, when several of the major manufactures in my industry have added Flash 8 detection / redirects for their damn menu systems (which by no means need flash 8!).PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something to help us out, we are basically screwed now thanks to Macrodobe.Could you maybe re-release the existing player with an 8 / 9 version number so we can still use sites that actually have no Flash8/9 features but just have really dumb developers who wont let us use their sites?

  8. tony says:

    Hi,Any ideas when a beta might be available ?Thanks

  9. We have helped several large organizations deploy Linux on the desktop, and flash and adobe reader remain the most troublesome points. In addition to being old versions, the Linux versions have several key bugs, such as Flash freezing some dual-core systems and Adobe Reader not being able to save restricted pdfs to FAT32 file systems.Particularly with flash, you need to provide an updated version as soon as possible, or else flash and eventually reader will become irrelevant as the growing number of Linux desktop users learn to steer clear of any web site that uses flash and pdfs that don’t work in Evince or KPDF.You have thousands of users willing to help you test and package your products for Linux. From what I’ve seen so far on the Penguin SWF blog, you could release an Ubuntu-specific flash 9 beta version tomorrow, and every day you delay risks the viability of your format. What are you waiting for?

  10. agrrhhhh says:

    i would love alternatives of flash to get better, so that all you (Adobe managers) start thinking/working… gosh it seems this Flash plugin (see PLUGIN not a browser, not a GUI, not an OS) takes forever to develop ? And it is not something Adobe develop from scratch.Really, I don’t have anything against Adobe, but this Flash FIASCO is a very bad PR for Adobe, the result of which they will feel several years along the way..The same way MS is feeling it right now.I would not say as many on the web have done already f#@$@#$ flash I will not use it, but certanly now I will try to avoid it whenever possible and lookup the alternatives.. in fact I’m using FlashBlock for Firefox right now (go get it) which does a pretty good job of blocking some annoyong flash stuff on pages.Mind u it doesnt block flash at all just instead of loading the flash automaticaly shows an empty squere in its place and if u click on it u can watch your flash.And for all of us 64bit ppl, u will get your 64bit-linux flash 2 years after Windows-64bit-flash came out :), so keep praying..

  11. jbus says:

    Fellow Linux users… It looks like it’s time to cut our losses and move on. Maybe this is for the best. Hopefully better open alternatives will come out of this huge gaping hole that Adobe has left and is making very little effort to patch up.I actually had some hopes that Adobe was going to to succeed in releasing Flash 9 in a reasonable time period a few month back. Sadly though, that doesn’t appear to be the case at this point. Seriously, some of these “issues” that are holding up the release are just instances of Adobe making things much harder than they actually are. Listening to their endless excuses, one would think that they were porting all their applications to Linux, rather than just a browser plugin. Mean while, whole distributions will be born and developed in the same time it has taken Adobe to release a measly browser plugin. What a disgrace.I have nothing against Mike personally, but I think Adobe has set him up to fail terribly by not providing the necessary resources to complete this task and not really taking the project seriously enough to back it effectively. Ultimately, I think IF and WHEN Flash 9 is ever released for Linux, version 10 for Windows and Mac will have already been released or imminent, rendering Mike’s current work osolete and starting us on the same drawn out and twisted path all over again.

  12. William Bertram says:

    Yes I agree that we are currently screwed. I’m also being locked out of web sites (ironically enough, some of them are Linux sites!) because my Flash version is too low.This is why I HATE proprietary software. They release their products for Windows, and everyone else can go jump in a lake.When will we learn?

  13. ohhhhh *clap hands like a monkey* … more than 10 years of development time and you finally post pictures of flash working on a Linux box.”See! it was solid enough for us to send the demo off without a chaperone” ROFL *claps hands like a monkey again*Still doesn’t help me … can’t run flash on my 64bit Linux box … I have, in fact, turned my Flash Professional cd into a drink coaster to remind me of the utter failure of adobe to support the non-microsoft community.Here’s some foreshadowing “NEWS FLASH: Adobe releases 64bit flash for VISTA. When asked why they did this for VISTA and not LINUX, adobe replied, ” Because we have entered into an agreement with Microsoft. With the new VISTA we no longer need to play chaperone …”You have been ignoring this portion of the market for a long time.Here’s what I see at the site you mention … this is better than 99% of what I see because they actually inform you that you need to get lost. wait, the image is png format … you do know what that is?

  14. bebop says:

    Man. So sad. Announcing flash 8.5 for linux “soon” way back in December and still NOT A GODDAMN thing since besides excuses. Flash 8 has 86% penetration? Wow. That’s great. What was so essential in 8 that you had to leave all the linux users hanging with 7? Now you’re almost ready to launch 9? What happened to 8.5? What essential features are in 9 where it made sense to leave linux users 2 versions behind?I think you’re all full of shit. Maybe sometime next year, you’ll release ver8 for linux when ver9 (which most likely will not be compatible with 8) will be “standardized” on 86% of all computers (which oddly mirrors windoze penetration). By the way, don’t break your arms off patting yourselves on the back on “penetrating” the mkt so quickly. You have no competition on a product you monopolize and give away for free. What were you projecting your “penetration” to be?I have to say, since being sold to Adobe, Macromedia has become an absolute piece of garbage. Whoever took over development from Adobe’s side should have been fired YEARS ago. That probably means you Huang. By the time you release a working i386 version of flash8 for linux, everyone will be have 64bit Oses and CPUs.How long have 64-bit chips been dominating the mkt now? Years? If you can’t keep up, release the source so we can do it ourselves. It’s pretty obvious to EVERYONE (except your bosses) that you morons can’t hack it. It is also becoming abundantly clear that Adobe is not only unfriendly to linux, but an actual threat when you look at this flash situation. Maybe you fear the gimp. I know you fear open source. Apple has a photoshop competitor in the works too, btw. I for one, will do everything I can to promote linux alternatives to Adobe’s core business products in retaliation for the hostility Adobe has expressed to the linux community. I can’t wait to see Adobe become nothing but a footnote in computing history.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Soooo.. how about open sourcing that? :)Come on, you know you want to.

  16. pan69 says:

    Emmy, as we are all excited about the release of Flash Player 9 for linux, do happen to be able to give us information about the availability of a debug version of the Flash Player 9 for Linux (as they exist for Windows and MacOS)?

  17. Stewie says:

    Stewie: How you uh, how you comin’ on that novel you’re working on? Huh? Gotta a big, uh, big stack of papers there? Gotta, gotta nice litte story you’re working on there? Your big novel you’ve been working on for 3 years? Huh? Gotta, gotta compelling protaganist? Yeah? Gotta obstacle for him to overcome? Huh? Gotta story brewing there? Working on, working on that for quite some time? Huh? (voice getting higher pitched) Yea, talking about that 3 years ago. Been working on that the whole time? Nice little narrative? Beginning, middle, and end? Some friends become enemies, some enemies become friends? At the end your main character is richer from the experience? Yeah? Yeah? (voice returns to normal) No, no, you deserve some time off.

  18. Mr Brown says:

    I am very disappointed with Adobe for delaying the release of the Linux Flash Player for so long. In fact, my disappointment spread so far as to recommend via my latest TRA to our CIO the immediate cessation of business with Adobe due to an unacceptable risk of our Adobe product line not being adequately supported and/or maintained.I’m sure our Adobe rep will feel the pain of a 15,000 seat defection and beleive me, we used to send an AWFUL lot of money Adobe’s way via licencing.We will look for alternatives to Adobe from now on, it’s company policy !Sometimes the C*O people do listen! Of course I’m posting this anonymously as I really don’t want to feel the heat on Monday for letting this out of the bag.Don’t feel bad though Adobe, Symantec and Clearswift are also out the door as well!…..hello Sophos and Surfcontrol!Have a nice day.

  19. Realist says:

    Reading some of these petulant posts makes me wonder why Adobe would even bother dealing with a “community” full of immature freeloaders demanding more and more without providing anything in return.Vista users will get the latest and greatest versions of Flash because Vista users spend money on products from companies that hire people to create attractive Flash-based sites using the latest software. Linux “users” whine, whine, and whine some more about not getting the best toys for free.After reading these posts, I’d jettison the Linux “community” and stick with developing software for people that appreciate it.

  20. clever_username says:

    Release this Flash 9 (beta) for Linux please!

  21. Kernunnos says:

    Thank you, Adobe.My works network is now almost completely open source after I removed all your software from our computers. There was the intention of spending a fair sum of money on your software in the near future, but your snobby attitude to the Linux community has actually made me feel sick that our company has ever bought your products in the past. It wont in the future.

  22. ccs4ever says:

    Mr. Brown: While I agree that a few of the above comments are a tad over-the-top they merely serve to illustrate the overwhelming sense of frustration regarding the actions of Macromedia/Adobe. This release has been a long time coming, a whole two major versions of change and bugfixes.I, as a Linux user and a member of this open source/free software community that you so scorn, would gladly pay for a product that was designed for and integrates with my operating system of choice. Even moreso if the source was included because there is an important distinction between free as in freedom and free as in price that licenses like the GPL care to recognise.Eagerly awaiting the latest release whenever it may come. Perhaps that should be rephrased to ‘eagerly awaiting the latest release of the roadmap to the latest release.” As I am just as interested in the result of that communication.

  23. Chris says:

    Re: Realist 10/8/06 – 11:11pmWe can’t provide anything in return, since they don’t release anything that costs money for Linux, and they don’t provide source, so we can’t help with development. We will be happy to help with bug chasing and troubleshooting, as soon as it’s released. Personally, if Creative Suite were to come out for Linux, I would be first in line with cash in my hand. Yes, the people in the posts are often whiny, but don’t say Linux users don’t contribute, at least when there is absolutely no way Linux users CAN contribute to Adobe.I hate seeing the whiners as much as anyone, but seriously, have you read any non-Linux message boards? It’s a thousand times worse for instance in gaming communities.

  24. nmb says:

    “Linux users whine, whine, and whine some more about not getting the best toys for free.” How much did you pay for flash player? how much did you personally provide in return to adobe?As a software developer (as you mention in your post), surely you must appreciate the open source community and the tools that have been developed for *nix then ported to windows? need i mention Apache, PHP and MySQL?what does the open source community provide? well, for one, it helps keep the prices of the software you use down. if OpenOffice didn’t exist, don’t you think you’d be paying more for M$ Office? If we only had windows server / IIS, we’d all be paying more for hosting. don’t shun the people who provide a lot behind the scenes just because you can’t see at face value what they’re providing.As a web developer i build and test in as many browsers, configurations and operating systems as possible. accessibility is key, you can’t develop a product without ensuring as many people as possible can use it. do you build software that only a select number of people can use?I’m locked out of a number of websites now because i have 64bit linux. is it fair that i can’t browse the web as well as you simply becausei made a different choice to you. for the record, i’m using linux now because windows XP decided to lock me out after i changed certain critical hardware in my machine and is refusing to repair the installation. had M$ not implemented their daft rules on hardware changes then i’d still be using it.

  25. adam corley says:

    Agreed on latest points. If the source was offered….it would already be done :)No joke, our business works in the opensource arena and there have been a few occasions that some of our code as gone commercial. So I can agree with the programming side of the posts here…it can be a slow road to get things working cleanly on mulitple OS’es and I am quite confident that if our ‘commercial’ releases were open to gnu/gpl the product would evolve much quicker and be more flexible!however, on the one case we need to recover overhead…Perhaps someday we’ll have native support for great macromedia/adobe products within linux. We run DWMX with a ton of extensions and we have to wine it to keep us off of windows.Now that Adobe is dominating the market and has recently purchased InteraKt (who we’ve worked with for years), maybe they’ll feel more comfortable reaching through the Linux gates ;)Just my thoughts…thanks!

  26. Bob says:

    Windows users do not pay anything. They are forced to pay tribute to a mistake by IBM. What does windows do other than lock-in and obfuscate ? Content is the real value. Get the freeloader (the os) out of the way and liberate the content. Find a model where content is purchased (or payed for by advertising – see and every flash video player application) . Free the content by freeing the os. Earn revenue based on usage (i.e. advertising)

  27. Harold says:

    Tried the new flash 9 beta for linux, on a fedora core 6, GA-8IPE1000 Pro motherboard.Flash still does not work for the fan!What NEXT?

  28. Mike Morley says:

    I have been using 64bit linux for about three years now. I is criminal that there isn’t a 64bit flash after so long. Reffering back to the article earlier “There are no products from Adobe” I would be MORE than happy to pay for Dreamweaver / Fireworks / Director etc…. In fact I beg them to release a copy for us. Hell even charge us more and there are a lot of us who will still buy it. Alot of the hosting community are moving to Linux. I won’t bitch on about this only to say that more and more people are moving to Linux from Windows (even more when they see Vista:) So PLEASE don’t shoot yourself in the foot. You have a great product, do yourself a favor and keep your releases of Flash for Linux upto date with those for Windows. If you don’t then us Linux people will eventually stop using Flash in our websites. That happens we have one less reason to Any of your products.

  29. no says:

    flash9 for linux is such a piece of shit,it crashes firefox in every distro i tried and can even crash the konqueror

  30. JJ says:

    When all the most common tools are available for Linux, I will stop whine about this.It’s not the price, it’s the availability thats the issue.I don’t want to use any M$ Windows! That’s it.

  31. Bluszczyk says:

    Are you sure that Flash crashes you’re browser? You’re linux user and you should know something about configurations… sometimes linux users uses only X’es and don’t know anything about how it works … what i’m trying to say is that probably you should download sources and try to compile it yourself instead of downloading-and-installing (apt-get, yast…) it from .rpm’s or whatever these packages are called. I don’t know if i’m right in your case but probably Adobe doesn’t cause errors… most definiatelly also browser does not.

  32. kanahda says:

    @jjPoint me to the src for the linux flash player…