Beta Refresh on Adobe Labs: Flash Player 9 for Linux beta now available

It’s here!

Yes, it’s true. The Flash Player 9 for Linux beta ( has started on Adobe Labs. The site has also been updated with new builds for Windows and Macintosh (

The Flash Player 9 Update Beta for Linux includes the features of Flash Player 9 Update, with the exception of full-screen mode and SSL support (SSL support is currently available in the Linux Plugin but not the Linux Standalone Player). Full-screen mode and SSL support will be available in the final release. We’ve also posted a Linux Beta FAQ on the Flash Player wiki on Adobe Labs.

Now you can develop and test on your Linux machine. Use the free Adobe Flex 2 SDK , which includes the command-line compiler to develop and deploy Flex-based applications entirely on Linux machines. Flex Data Services is also supported on Linux. More info here on the Flex 2 for Linux wiki on Adobe Labs.

And, because this will be the next question now that we’ve satisfied your beta player needs: the Adobe Flash Player team is working on support for 64-bit platforms as part of our ongoing commitment to the cross-platform compatibility of Adobe Flash Player. We have not announced timing or release dates.

Known Issues – Linux
* Full-screen mode is not available for the Linux player yet. This feature will be implemented for the final release.
* SSL support is not available in the Linux Standalone Player. This feature will be implemented for the final release.
* Express Install is an unsupported feature due to the variety of Linux platforms, each handling the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installation in different ways.
* The plugin does not currently work in Opera browsers. We are working with Opera on these issues.
* Artifacts may appear when video initially plays.
* System fonts may appear differently between Linux distributions. Formatting issues may result.
* AMF3 connections do not work over RTMP. (186958)
* Right clicking outside of Flash Player while the context menu is displayed doesn’t make the context menu disappear. Workaround: Left-click to turn off the context menu. (187957)
* IME is not available (no international text input). (184489)
* Acrobat Connect Add-In installation is not working at this time. (188318)
* The Standalone Player is available in English only. (184237)

More info on system requirements and fixed issues for Mac and Win in the release notes. You should also check any detection you’ve built for your demo sites — we fixed the problem where the first beta was 9.0.18.x but we had already released the Intel Mac version as 9.0.20.x. Sorry about the confusion. Now Update 1 has been bumped up to 9.0.21.x across all available platforms.

49 Responses to Beta Refresh on Adobe Labs: Flash Player 9 for Linux beta now available

  1. lmf says:

    It works pretty good. As for the plug-in, I’m not sure what you are referring to by “Express Install”. I just copied the file to the correct directory, restarted Firefox, and that was it.In any event, I’m happy to have this battle finished.

  2. Eric says:

    Thanks a lot for the Linux support! Works great here.I may very well be using my Linux desktop a whole lot more now.

  3. very well, I really hope for a full compatibility with linux altough I know there are some troubles with that.First I´ll test this beta release.

  4. Max says:

    Hello, it seems to work ok. But “transparent flash” still doesn’t work under Linux. Please make this feature available also.Thanks.

  5. cuomo says:

    great! finally videos without a-v sync proplems.but still one bug: the flashplugin steals the focus when the mouse array is above a flash object. that’s quite annoying when scrolling a page with arrow keys and the scrolling “hangs” because a flash object scrolled in the mouse arrow. is this a flash issue or is firefox responsible?

  6. Adam Penny says:

    3 cheers for the Flash Player team for putting me one step closer to abandoning microsoft completely. Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!The plugin is working a treat on my FC5/Firefox installation. You’re wonderful.PS I hope you’re going to make lots of smug comments to the Shockwave Player team for being so shamefully behind in their cross-platform support (hint hint)! 😀

  7. nisse says:

    The plugin sort of works, but I’m still having lots of A-V sync problems, and awful looking video on e.g. Google video.Wasn’t the new plugin supposed to use xv, to get some decent performance with scaled video?

  8. Adam Ierymenko says:

    I know you guys are well aware of this, but lots of us are waiting with bated breath for an x86-64/amd64 build of this.It shouldn’t be hard. Since making the 64-bit leap I’ve recompiled lots of stuff for 64-bit without incident. Had to make 1-2 line minor changes to a bit of code that I wrote where I was doing nasty unportable things, but no big deal.I suspect that the problem is the codecs. You guys probably use third party binary codec libraries. Ick.

  9. Oh… one other point…Don’t let your marketing guys tell you that “Linux is a minor platform” and that good cross-platform support is unimportant. Linux might not be as popular as Windows or Mac for desktops, but I can tell you from first hand experience working at a web ASP that we *never* used *any* technology that was not available on all major platforms. The reason flash is so ubiquitous on the web has something to do with the availability of Linux plugins.I’ve never worked in a web dev environment where any technology lacking Mac and Linux support wasn’t blacklisted for public web use. At the very least, the developers would find it irritating since they often ran Linux!

  10. Finally!! says:

    I am so happy right now!!!! I love you Emmy! I love Adobe!

  11. a says:

    The plugin seems to work with Opera 8.

  12. An AMD64 user says:

    Thank you so much! I’m very encouraged by the fact that you’re working on a version for AMD64. There are so many sites you can’t see when missing such an important piece of software.

  13. REd says:

    Still waiting on a ppc/linux version.

  14. Nate Chatellier says:

    I know Adobe & Macromedia has taken much flack throughout the Linux development. I wanted to thank you so much for all your work. It is very appreciated!

  15. Kate says:

    Woo, thanks for the flash ™!To demi-parrot, linux users are a “small minority” but what an important minority! ESPECIALLY for flashy (adjective) web development 😉

  16. Jesse says:

    If you’ve been experiencing some weird problems, try to make sure you’ve removed the original Linux plugin for Flashplayer 7 first. It was installed in 2 places on mine, once in my installation, and once in my profile. Check abouts:plugins in fFirefox to see if you have a version of 7 still installed.

  17. Ping-Wu Zhang says:

    In light of the growing popularity of Solaris desktops, we would like to see a Solaris port for Flash 9 as well. Thanks in advance.

  18. Ken says:

    Flash 9 works great! Now I have 2 questions for ya:- How do we submit bug reports (as beta testers)- Is it Firefox or Flash’s problem that Flash COVERS all other content on a web page? Look at SketchSwap [] for example.And, two hints for you:- Autopackage [] is probably the EASIEST way for you to package your software + will work on most major distros in a NICE looking installation format. Other distros will generally take your files (when it’s deemed released and stable) and incorporate it into their own package management software. Finally, Firefox does have an automatic plugin installer when it detects that the plugin is missing for a web page.

  19. Ken says:

    Oops, I mean I have ONE hint 🙂

  20. Ken says:

    Those links are messed up, I’ll redo them:http://www.sketchswap.com

  21. Rob H. says:

    Once the Flash player is out of beta, I assume Adobe will package it just like Flash 7 was, where it unpacks itself and just asks you for the plug in path, IMHO, that’s good enough, as the browser might not always be installed under something like:/usr/local/firefoxor whatever…

  22. Rob Somers says:

    Thanks for working hard on making Flash 9 for Linux happen.

  23. Sam Feltus says:

    I installed Flash 9 on Ubuntu last night. Amazed when all my Flash 7 and 8 content rendered correctly. Flash 7 Player on Linux was suboptimal, to be diplomatic.mxmlc compiler just worked on Ubuntu also.Very nice work. I hope one day I can purchase Flash/Photoshop devel tools for Linux, then I would have no need of Windows or OSX.Happy, happy, joy,

  24. Ranjan says:

    Windowless / Transparent mode still doesnt seem to work in Flash 9. When will this finally be implemented?

  25. Mattias says:

    Unfortunately, on both my platforms (Redhat Enterprise WS 4, Naphant Update 1 and Slackware 10.2), it crashes regularly (firefox 1.5).Not AS bad with RH – it will render SOME content. But, for example: open gmail, ctrl-w, crash (all the time).Slackware: just about anything with flash crashes.Back to Flash 7 and being annoyed for now..

  26. Daniel N says:

    Wonderful. Now make a FreeBSD version. :)Making the linux version work with a native browser is a lot of work, though not impossible. Recompiling a version for FreeBSD should be fairly uneventful, and even if it’s entirely unsupported it would make things a lot easier. (As it is, I’m stuck waiting for the OSS flash player to mature if I want something native, and I don’t see it becoming a decent replacement anytime soon.)

  27. Jethro Zappa says:

    THANK YOU! It seems to work fine on Ubuntu (Dapper). Emmy, I could kiss your feet! WAIT! Do you have gross feet? 🙂 Your Pal, Jethro

  28. von says:

    transparent mode not still not working in linux.Will this gona be implemented?

  29. Lutz Willek says:

    Would be nice to have flash on ppc too. That is hardly possible?

  30. Dennis Du Krøger says:

    I found one very annoying bug compared to the Windows version. When you use the player to download other content, it does so by itself instead of using the browser. This means that things like session cookies doesn’t get sent along, screwing up anything that requires login to download.

  31. Dennis Du Krøger says:

    Sorry, my memory was screwed, just checked it again, it’s not downloading, it’s when you’re uploading…

  32. FireSBurnsmuP says:

    Hooray! Linux support for one of my favorite pass-times!Boo! Not for amd64 yet… I will wait. I will have to, no matter how impatiently. I am kind of tempted to ask for the source to see if I could do it myself. (I know I wouldn’t be able to, but I want to try SO BAD!)

  33. Ispmarin says:

    Working in opera 9.02 (32bits) running in amd64.

  34. Ranulf WolfSage says:

    Any word on transparency support for linux using Firefox? I use Ubuntu Gnome, and I can’t see any other content on a web page where the flash movie is supposed to be transparent, but instead it covers.

  35. emmy says:

    Hi,WMODE wasn’t working for us in Firefox, but they’ve fixed their side and we’re working on our bit in an upcoming dot release for the Linux player.Here is my post about the release.“Will WMODE, or windowless mode, be supported with this release of Flash Player 9 for Linux?No, support for WMODE requires changes to the browser; Adobe is working with Mozilla to enable this functionality for Firefox. For more information and to track the issue, please see Bugzilla 137189.”best,Emmy

  36. cy says:

    Huang,你的blog在firefox上显示字体太小,看不清楚。请看截图:另外有一个问题,什么时候能推出支持AMD-64bit CPU的flash插件?Huang, the font size of your blog is very small so that the content of your blog cannot be view clear.Please view this screen shot: change the subject, when will you release the Flash Player plugin for firefox on 64-bit AMD machine?

  37. Steve says:

    I would like to see a Linux/PPC version, too!

  38. i have been trying to get flashplayer for 22 daysno one no one has helped me not adobe not aol not dell not road runner no one! or hotmail.

  39. Dale Chatham says:

    I have over 250 users who are waiting for 64 bit flash. It would appear that macromedia is losing market share because of their 32 bit only stance.If there is a reason for not producing 64 bit binaries, please let us know, otherwise we are going to draw our own conclusions.I’ve had no problems recompiling for 64 bit. With a source RPM, it is almost always child’s play.What gives? case Macromedia/Adobe are not listening to the people out there, two of my clients have recently decided against using Flash on their redesigned web sites specifically because the Flash Player is not available for 64-bit architectures running Linux. About 12% and 8% of each client’s traffic is coming from Linux users and they were not willing to risk alienating that much of their visitors. The open source community would have already had a 64-bit Linux Flash Player out there if its code were freely available. 64-bit architectures have been around for over three years now.

  40. emmy huang says:

    Hi,If you would like to help speed up 64-bit support, you can look into helping the Tamarin project which tackles the most difficult portion of the player for this transition — the virtual Tinic mentions in this post:“We have a few very good engineers working on the Linux version right now in parallel to the work we do for 8.5. 64bit versions will take a little longer, there are no definite plans just yet. Just recompiling will not work unlike what you might think. The main issue here is the x86 JIT in the virtual machine and the mark&sweep garbage collection which are not 64bit aware right now, work on 32bit pointers only. Adding and testing this is not a small task as anyone who ever worked on this type of low level infrastructure might be able to attest. I can really only ask for patience here, we are aware that we need to offer a solution as soon as possible.”regards,Emmy

  41. Juster says:

    It is indeed amazing that support for 64-bit Linux is missing, in particular considering the date (18-Oct-06) when 32bit Linux support was announced. Almost a year should be more than enough:) to compile 64bit version.I am not aware how adobe is linked to rest of IT industry behind the scenes, but only reason I can think of for lack of amd64 support is political. amd64 systems are most common 64-bit Linux systems and apparently Adobe, for some reason, wants to hinder the amd64 success. Is adobe somehow linked to Intel?

  42. emmy huang says:

    @justersee my comment above from July 16. It’s not just a recompile 😉 and it looks like the 64-bit porting of Tamarin has started if you would like to pitch in to help,e

  43. Francis says:

    Hi. Thanks for the great work you’re doing.I’m having the same problem that Ken was having in a post from 10/06.Flash content covers everything else behind it. If I go to his example links I notice it.This has been for several versions of flash and firefox.Is there a fix?

  44. emmy says:

    @ Francis – this is a WMODE issue. See my response from March above.Firefox and Flash Player both need fixes to be released for WMODE to work. We are working together to deliver this functionality.

  45. Francis says:

    Sorry, thank you.I misunderstood all the mentions of “transparency” in other posts. Now that I see them all I feel like a jerk mentioning again.Thanks again for all the work!

  46. lejeczek says:

    why not make PPC-working under Linux, ha???

  47. twoaday says:

    Noticed a couple of requests for Flash plugin for ppc/linux is this subject being dodged or is it not sexy enough. I would love to see this made available and if need be would enjoy the chance to help make it happen.

  48. Chris Thompson says:

    Yes, please. Flash for PPC Linux.

  49. mahmoud says:

    Thank you so much! I’m very encouraged by the fact that you’re working on a version for AMD64. There are so many sites you can’t see when missing