Flash Player 9 Update Beta on Adobe Labs – bugfixes, Vista support and new full-screen mode feature

The beta version of an upcoming update for Flash Player 9 is now available on Adobe Labs. This release contains bug fixes, adds Vista support to the ActiveX player, and also includes a feature that I think you will all be excited about … full-screen mode in the web players.

I know the first question that just popped into your head is “What about Linux?” The answer is: QE has not skipped a beat and is starting the beta certification of the Linux player which will go live on Adobe Labs when it passes the certification tests. You’ll have to estimate when you think that will be on your own. πŸ˜‰ Yes, it will be the same version as what was released today in the Win/Mac beta on Adobe Labs.

Ok, now back to full-screen mode. There is an article on Adobe Labs that describes how to use this feature, which includes new ActionScript 3.0 class files for Flash and Flex, a publishing template, and sample code. You can use full-screen mode for any type of Flash content or application, but we did consider Flash video applications the primary use case for this initial implementation. There are a few security-related restrictions that you need to be aware of, as they will limit the usefulness of full-screen for some types of interactive content. We hope to address these limitations in future versions of the Flash Player as we continue to develop this feature.

Developers should understand the following end-user security-related restrictions and design content accordingly. (These restrictions apply to the Flash plugin and ActiveX control, but not to the Flash standalone player or Flash projectors.)

* To enable full screen, you must add a new object and embed tag parameter – ‘allowFullScreen=true’ – to your html.
* An overlay dialog appears when the movie first enters full screen mode, instructing the user how to exit and return to normal mode. The dialog appears for a few seconds, then fades out.
* The ActionScript that initiates full-screen mode can only be called in response to a mouse click or key press.
* Users cannot enter text in text input fields while in full-screen mode. All keyboard input and key-related ActionScript is disabled while in full screen mode, with the exception of the keyboard shortcuts that take the viewer out of fullscreen mode.

Another enhancement that was added based on developer feedback is the the ADDED_TO_STAGE and REMOVED_FROM_STAGE events to allow a DisplayObject to monitor and know when it can or cannot access its stage property. The ADDED_TO_STAGE event is dispatched to a DisplayObject when it (or the tree in which it is contained) is added to the stage. The REMOVED_FROM_STAGE event is dispatched to a DisplayObject when it (or the tree in which it is contained) is removed from the stage.

For a list of publicly reported issues fixed in this release, see the release notes.

Please play around with, comment on, and file bugs against the new full-screen mode and the Vista compatible player. As with our standard public betas, we invite you to test the beta player to ensure we have not introduced any backwards compatibility issues. The Flash Player Team thanks you!!!

And stay tuned for the Linux beta announce…

70 Responses to Flash Player 9 Update Beta on Adobe Labs – bugfixes, Vista support and new full-screen mode feature

  1. Erik says:

    Im pretty excited about the Linux release πŸ™‚ I just switched to Linux and got almost everything to work nicely, except Flash! Now that will also be fine. Yaaaaay! Tnx! Love you! ;)I hope to be using it in a week or so.

  2. Campbell says:

    Love the fullScreen feature!! Now if only you could enable transperancy of the activeX in winforms (or I could wait for apollo) then I could play webcam tennis with my desktop icons hehehe.Nice work guys keep em coming :o)

  3. eric dolecki says:

    Wow – nice work πŸ™‚

  4. David says:

    Full-screen mode sounds interesting, but my first reaction is that it will be abused terribly. I hope the security restrictions are good enough, they sound well thought out, but let’s see how they get used in practice.

  5. Frank says:

    At first Flash advertising on websites was a mild annoyance, and a typical ad would feature an easily ignored banner with a dancing cartoon pig or something. With wmode=transparent, advertisers gained the ability to have the pig dance in front of the content of the page the advert is on. FLV came along, and the cartoon pig was replaced with a streaming video of an actual pig which wasted Internet traffic and disrupted everyone near the computer with loud oinking and grunting noises.I can’t wait to see how advertisers will (ab)use this new fullscreen feature. I can see people uninstalling the Flash Player if it becomes a common “feature” of web advertising.

  6. luchyx says:

    WooW!!The wonderfull thing that I want for a long time.!!Run fine with Flex-Eclipse plugin.Tested with.firefox XP sp2 Eng.Explorer 6, activex not was updated.//So I start to figth with the explorer plugin update process!!, why always the explore cause problem!!?Pretty Cool feature.!Screen Sharing is comming. ?? πŸ˜‰

  7. Nick says:

    Can we see the source to a flex 2 example where this is used?

  8. Ross says:

    @Campbell – I know you’re probably not 100% serious, but I don’t believe there is anything that Adobe can do about the ActiveX transparency issue, it is a flaw in Windows which will not be fixed in Vista*. So I guess that only leaves you one option ;)* You can set wmode only in Browsers (and bizarrely also in VB6) because they support Windowless controls..

  9. I’ve noticed a problem with this example:http://www.riaevolution.com/applications/projectmanager/After entering full screen mode I chose Help from the right click menu. Nothing happened. I tried right clicking again but the context menu no longer worked. I was stuck and had to hit ESC to get out.I believe this has something to do with the underlying browser window blocking a popup in Firefox.Stefan

  10. Jim says:

    The ActionScript 3.0 example seems unusual. Neither the variables nor methods have access modifiers. The methods also don’t have return types specified. Also, this syntax seems like “old school” Flash:exitFullScreen = function()What am I missing?

  11. chris says:

    The requirement for a keypress or click should lessen the potential for advertising abuse, but I figure people will still use it to trick people into full screen ads. However considering the fact that people are rapidly learning to tune out ads visually most people probably won’t actually point to the ad and click unless they are already interested.Hope there isn’t a way to trick a click through any swf-external means.

  12. I definitely share some of Frank’s concerns. This feature may get abused… Will there be a way for the user to ‘protect’ himself from being invaded?Incidentally I added my own demo now:http://www.flashcomguru.com/index.cfm/2006/10/5/flashfullscreenStefan

  13. John Dowdell says:

    Frank, to guard against ad abuse, check out this section in Tracy’s article:“The ActionScript that initiates full-screen mode can be called only in response to a mouse click or keypress. If it is called in other situations, it will be ignored (in ActionScript 2.0) or throw an exception (in ActionScript 3.0).”http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flash_Player:9:Update:Full-Screen_Mode

  14. Marcos Neves says:

    RegExp.exec are still bugged, like I report weeks ago. Is there a chance that it will be fixed till final version?

  15. ASL says:

    If you can ban full screen mode until a mouse is clicked, can you please make the security default to be the same for Audio!

  16. Great! All the embedded fonts issues are gone :DBut have you a roadmap for the release of the MacIntel Standalone projector?! Actually all Offline flash content are not very well served with MacIntels…Once again and as usual: Many thanks for the good work of the flash player team!

  17. Sofiane Oubraham says:

    Has the Flash Player update been tested with Windows Table PC Edition 2005? The player was not able to recognize the pen movements accurately. Flash Player 7 recognized the pen movements perfectly. Thoughts?

  18. emmy says:

    Please send any feedback on the full screen feature through the Flash Player 9 feedback form or in the Forums available on Adobe Labs. It will be extremely useful for us to understand how you would like to use this feature, and how you as a user would expect it to behave, as we continue to develop the feature.Jim – The article is open for editing on the wiki, so if you have suggestions on how to improve you are welcome to do so. We will be reviewing that article and editing it again when we migrate it to the Dev Center for the release.Francois – good question. When we launched the universal binary, we only released the web players because historically the SA only shipped with the tool. But now we have Flex Builder and Flash and they may be offcycle with us. So we may need to adjust that old release “rule”. Same with the debug players. No promises, but if we can get them up with a beta refresh they would be on Adobe Labs.Sofiane – please file a bug.http://www.adobe.com/bin/fp9betafeedback.cgibest,e

  19. Mark Freese says:

    Hi,By some strange reason it was installed in my Powerbook G4 and saw that my embedded fonts with advanced aliasing looked like crap in my browser but not in the flash IDE. I uninstalled the Flash player beta 9,0,20,0 and installed the latest release version and the fonts looked great again. Is this a feature that will be fixed before the release?I like the fullscreen ability, but would like to be able to enter text in inputfields etc.

  20. Shanness says:

    I’m losing websites like flies!! Metacafe now only supports flash 8, so has effectively shafted Linux users.Please, please try to get the Linux player out ASAP, the *massive* delays aren’t helping anyone, and I’m sure Linux users are complaining to sites such as Metacafe, which must be indirectly hurting Adobe.I hope Linux gets treated as a first class platform from now on, this painful break from the pack would be an awful thing to repeat. Linux users are often techies in positions of recommending and supporting IT infrastructure..64 bit port coming with it I hope?? I can’t find any mention of it..Anyhow, despite being frustrated and a bit upset, I’m actually thankful and supportive of Abobe getting the beta out, so, thanks.

  21. Aaron Neff says:

    Full-screen mode – Simply brilliant!

  22. Brian Ferris says:

    Hi Emmy!Many of the security restrictions make sense; but why is all text input canceled? This shoots in the foot the ability to create full screen applications that contain text fields. Just curious.

  23. Nicholas says:

    OK about linux…But what about 64bit linux and 64bit windows?It’s really a shame that a huge and powerful company like Adobe doesn’t bother to provide 64bit versions of its binaries, although 64bit OSes have become mainstream and it’s almost impossible to buy a 32 CPU now. (The same is true about Sun and their non-existent 64bit Java plugin, but that’s a different story.) Actually, it’s not a shame, it’s just ridiculous if you consider the fact that most open-source applications have been ported 2 years ago (or more).I understand that re-optimizing the binaries for the 64bit platforms may be difficult… but they should be provided for compatibility reasons, even if unoptimized. Without optimizations it is just a recompilation after all (or SHOULD be just that).I myself won’t bother to configure a chrooted 32bit linux environment just because of a silly plugin. I learnt to live without flash and… guess what: I don’t miss it much! Flash adds have become very annoying lately.I apologise for sounding angry. Althought angry I am, because Adobe/Macromedia doen’t listen to its users, my point is not to express this anger but to make clear that I am not the only one who feels like this. Most windows powerusers and virtually all linux users are extremely disappointed by Adobe. Let’s not forget that there was no version 8 on linux at all. Combined with the lack of 64bit support it’s just too much.If an open and well-supported standard like SVG replaces flash in the near future (at least partially) I will not be really surprized…NicholasPS. English isn’t my native language, so please forgive any potential mistakes.

  24. Nicholas says:

    I forgot to thank you for giving us the chance to post here :)It’s obvious that you should not be blamed for the company’s general policy regarding the 64platforms and the linux platform, so I hope that you won’t take my previous comments personally.Thank you for all your hard work on the flash player.

  25. spiralOut says:

    Still no native x64 version for Windows? Seriously? You guys single-handedly forced Microsoft to ship with 32-bit IE and 32-bit WMP as the defaults in 64-bit Vista (the WMP change was necessary since the lack of x64 flash breaks flash-based music stores like Urge).Nice.

  26. purporte[X] says:

    Please, when will be released Universal Binary Flash 9 Beta for Intel based Macs?

  27. t3st3r says:

    Adode claims they’re multiplatform but actual MULTIPLE platforms suppors about to be very poor.- Looks like there is no support for 64 bit Windows.- Looks like there is no support for 64 bit Linux.- There is no support for PPC as well.So, what is supported?Just many-years-old x86-32 crap?Is this “multiplatform”??In Linux and Windows it should be reasonable easy to build same version as 32-bit.Othervice Adobe’s code is hardly “multiplatform” at all.Why I like open source?They not just declaring funny advertisings but actually supporting advertised platforms.Proprietary companies are advertising much but actual support of declared features remains very poor.

  28. jbus says:

    Emmy, Emmy, Emmy… I see you are still dragging your feet with releasing a Linux Flash player beta. I guess this means Linux users might get a beta by the time Windows 2010 codename “Shock & Awe” is on the verge of release, Right?So, How much is Microsoft paying Adobe to undermine desktop Linux adoption anyway? No, seriously… I’m curious how much it costs to have a company screw over the rest of the industry and put their own future at risk.I guess we’ll just have to take comfort that once Microsoft is done using Adobe to stifle the competition, Adobe/Flash will be made irrelevant by Microsoft’s own move into Adobe’s software market. Though , I’m sure people like you will be stupefied as to how that could have possibly happened??? Well, I for one won’t be shedding any tears for Adobe when this predictable outcome comes about.By the way Emmy, there are more Linux users in the world than there are Mac users. You do know that, don’t you? I’m assuming that you do, but have chosen to ignore that fact. But then again, that might be giving you and Adobe way too much credit.

  29. binside says:

    A new beta for an unreleased OS like Vista is out!But a beta for something like Linux is not…As usual. Adobe are… great coders, or friends of Microsoft ;]Well, Adobe people… A Linux beta will be released, even it is ready. It just has to pass “hard, inline professional, top security, high level jedi verivication of… whatever” :DDon’t make me laugh…You are pathetic. And I suggest:Don’t release it at all! I don’t care. It will not make me use Windows anyway ;]And I don’t care for a couple of useless sites like Nike Air or Versace or…These site owners are pathetic just like you.Sorry I have to tell it this way. But your actions are… I really have no words for this. Just some web blogs with words like “We will try, but it is so hard!”Well… When programming is a hard job for you. Just change the job then. Don’t do it anymore and try something new like… Ecology, literature.And this ultra beta and secret Flash Player for Linux… Keep it on your PCs or.. Microwaves or… Whatever you’re using now ;]Nothing personal!Take care!

  30. Apostolos Syropoulos says:

    I would really like to see a binary of Flash Player 9 for Solaris x86. Are there any plans to release itfor Solaris x86?

  31. Kevin B says:

    Absolute Joke….. I work in the finance industry, and no wonder the architects push back on Adobe Macromedia products for development – they only support 32-bit Windows…. Joke.Mac OS-X/Intel has been out nearly a year.Linux 64 bit has been out for donkeysBut no, we’ll develop for Windows Vista – even though it isn’t available until 2007….Great…. Adobe listen less to their customers than Microsoft – not they they read this and take any notice…….

  32. raena says:

    I was going to use youtube (which requires flashplayer) but will not now as I run x64 Linux and cannot watch video on youtube. Obviously this tardiness on macromedia’s part is nothing to do with marketing and seems to be in my opinion somewhat anti-competetive.

  33. stark says:

    Gee Great! Now what about linux x64 users? Seriously… I’m sure you can find some enthusiast group that will port your stuff for you. I’m really aggravated that I can’t view youtube videos.I hope your virtual monopoly dies soon

  34. Tom D. says:

    Many x64 linux users are waiting for the Player.Any idea when it will come out?

  35. Kestutiss says:

    I was anticipating for FlashPlayer to support Windows x64 (as Linux x64, also), as I really ejoy it using IE x64. I’d like, like many other users, to use native x64 code only, as it runs faster. Don’t be afraid — release even alpha version for this, and You will be gratituded. πŸ™‚

  36. cioko says:


  37. RobD says:

    Any update on X64 support?

  38. patrick says:

    Adobe says no x64 support in 64-bit Windows for Flash 9. And honestly there hasn’t been a public statement that gives me a shred of hope for Flash 10.There was a post in late 2005 from someone supposedly at Adobe/MM explaining that they need a Linux and x64 guru who is willing to work in-house full-time if they’re going to have a chance of creating Flash for other platforms.It was characterized as hundreds of complex routines needing to be rewritten multiple times for new compilers and platforms.At some point a large company like YouTube is going to use their own resources to create an alternative solution to showing video or Java’s offerings in this regard will finally meet performance standards suitable for most users.

  39. SeanC says:

    Yes, the full screen looks great, mainly due to the vector graphics. I was wondering if there are any command line parameters to the flash player, namely to run in full screen? Without this, the only way I can see to run in full screen is this bit of action script:play();fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);The command line option would afford a little more flexibility. What other options are available to run the player in full screen?thanks

  40. George says:

    No replies to the x64 linux comments.. pathetic. x64 is the coming generation of systems speed, memory access, all those great things!, but somehow those customers aren’t worth the effort.

  41. nerd. says:

    Can’t believe a company the size of Adobe can’t even release any version of Flash Player for Linux x64.

  42. Dick Smith says:

    I have just loaded the latest Adobe player and it runs video for 2 seconds and stops – please tell me why and how to correct the problem?

  43. TonyT says:

    I’m really dissapointed there’s no version of flashplayer for 64bit IE7.Since I use Vista’s 64bit IE7 exclusively I’ll just deal without it until Adobe wakes up, looks around, and discovers that it’s 2007.Maybe I’m actualy better off without it though? Thanks to Adobe I no longer have to look at the majority of advertising on most sites and I don’t even have to run some blocking script. After all, the most common use of flash player is the delivery of advertising content.Hmmm, think I just solved my own problem. Carry on.

  44. jake the fuckin killa says:

    how du u make flash games work again.cause i went on stick arena and it will just be a white screen with an X at the top of it

  45. I would like to repeat Aaron Neff’s question.Exactly why is text input cancelled in full-screen mode?

  46. emmy huang says:

    @EmilThis is covered in the Dev Center article on full screen mode: it is a security restriction to prevent malicious attacks on the end-user, for example by spoofing the desktop or a login screen.http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/full_screen_mode.htmlbest,e

  47. Thanks for your prompt reply!I’ll hope and pray this restriction will, as stated in the article, no longer need to be enforced or dealt with in another way in future updates of the Flash Player.

  48. Ali Gangji says:

    I develop flash content… or used to anyway.www.zealoptics.com is probably my best known work.too bad I am a linux 64bit user.Over the years I’ve had to use windows just because adobe/macromedia won’t support me, and i know many others who only kept windows around for you guys. I hope you know that linux use would dramatically increase just by you guys supporting it. not just flash, everything.I can no longer use any adobe products, cause i can no longer stand windows.I consider you guys to be one of the single greatest hindrances of linux adoption and THE single greatest hindrance to leaving windows.I used your whole suit for web and print, and I would love to use it again, but you broke my heart guys… you broke my heart..for now, I will have to strongly recommend against flash content on my clients websites.. I honestly don’t have a choice. not if they want accessible content..

  49. Carsten Jakobsen says:

    I would really like to see a binary of Flash Player 8 or 9 for Solaris x86. Are there any plans to release it for Solaris x86?

  50. DrHello says:

    Hi Emmy, The Fullscreen mode/option is great! However, I tested a site (that’s I’m currently developing) in fullscreen mode on a mac and the mouse over and out methods don’t work, while on PCs, it’s all fine.Would you know why?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Thierry (Dr Hello)

  51. i need flash player working with windows vista 32

  52. Oscar Claudio says:

    Its almost 2008 and we can use flash in explorer 64x, you know you will be loosing business, i am finding alternatives..and its a pitty a company like adobe let us down…thanksOscar ClaudioSenior Manager

  53. AtlasRedux says:

    God, I wish someone is able to make an alternate … Adobe SUCKS at support.Another 32-bit release?!Jeez. Know what, I’ll just get Microsoft to give me a free 32-bit copy in addition to x64.Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen.This is the worst “big house” software ever on the market, and so many are dependant on it.Go bankrupt, you !”#!/!

  54. webterractive says:

    I am using Mozilla Firefox with Adobe Flash 9 for Linux. I have a problem with certain websites in which some menus are covered by titles and such. Here is some good sites to try out:http://www.xbox.comhttp://www.foxsportsworld.comThis problem seems to be a Linux one, because under Windows it works fine.

  55. emmy huang says:

    This is a known issue – both Firefox and Adobe are working to implement WMODE, which is what these sites are using.

  56. Andrew Peacock says:

    Following an upgrade installation of Flash Player 9 on Vista, is ceased to function everywhere. I uninstalled it as per the direction for installing the Beta version, and it doesn’t work either. Any ideas?

  57. steve bell says:

    Maybe Silverlight (Moonlight on Linux) will now force the issue for Adobe. Since they chose to ignore their users (sic. x64 native for XP, x64 Linux). MS is now pouring their considerable weight behind Moonlight (being developed by the Mono Project). This is being positioned as a Flash killer. Guess we’ll see.

  58. san deurinck says:

    Have been so stupid to buy Vista. everytime I visit a site that needs Flash, I have to install the latest version of flash. Still nothing works.In general: when I buy a car, I want it brings me from A to B without having to stop every 3 minutes to intall something new, take the engine apart and put a new oil filter. Why do people accept to buy computers that create more problems than they solve? Are the software cies run by idiots or are the end users the idiots?If somebody can advise me a simple computer system taht allows me to create simple docs, to do everyday calculations and print simple things, I am ready to buy such a system, if it lasts more than four or five years.

  59. Moh says:

    It is very depressing to see a big corporation like Adobe not have 64bit support on any of their software. What are you guys doing?? you are a corporation, not a bunch of coders in the basement. It should not take you long to move from 32bit to 64. Yea sure its hard, maybe because you guys hire a bunch of amateurs, if you can’t do the job go find another one.Its ridiculous that we still do not have any flash for 64bit browsing, here we have hardware companies helping make a faster better tomorrow, and we have these big lazy corporations like Adobe slowing us down. You guys should not have bought Macromedia, they probably would have ported Flash to 64bit.Guess I will have to wait more. And its funny how you call it vista support, its not vista support. Because vista also includes the 64bit versions, and you guys don’t support 64bit.

  60. carolyn says:

    Did anyone get a flash player for vista yet? Please hook me up. Thanks.

  61. Dave Spurr says:

    I don’t get the keyboard restriction while in full-screen mode, it would be nice to be able to make an application full screen (rather than just a media player) but not being able to type makes it not viable.Can you explain more about the reason for keyboard restriction?

  62. Bommer says:

    @ DaveThe question you asked was already answered above. It is mainly for people that would take the full screen mode and turn it against the average user.@ AdobeBeing new to x64 with both Windows and Linux I must say that you guys are falling behind… There are 64-bit ports of almost everything now except flash player.

  63. Brian says:

    Yeah, I have had this stupid little icon down at the bottom of my screen telling me for over a year that I have this security update for flash that I can’t install and it’s all because you can’t create a 64 bit version of flash! You pretty much made 64 bit Internet Explorer useless; all by yourself, even.

  64. Heritage says:

    I see that there is a GNU project for an alternative Flash player called “GNASH”, I think they are working on x64 support but its not available yet, you can get more info here: http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/

  65. mike kerwin says:

    I can not get flash player to work with vista. Using your site I have located a place to update flash 9. It ask to download either plugin solaris x86 or sparc. Which do I use.

  66. Yeah, I have had this stupid little icon down at the bottom of my screen telling me for over a year that I have this security http://www.estetik-merkezleri.com/meme-estetigi/ update for flash that I can’t install and it’s all because you can’t create a 64 bit version of flash! You pretty much made 64 bit Internet Explorer useless; all by yourself, even.

  67. underplay says:

    Yep, I agree with everyone else…the lack of x64 bit on all 3 popular platforms(mac,linux,windows) is really a disappointment, when I first setup my x64 machine I thought flash would be the first thing to have been ported…You suck adobe.

  68. szaby says:

    I’m having some problem with vista x64. Since I installed flash 9, I have no sound at all while browsing (ex. youtube or flash games like prizee ). I uninstalled flash with the official uninstaller, reinstalled it. Still not working. Reinstalled sound (it was working with players… but i thought i’ll give it a try) but didn’t helped… Can you mail me a solution plz? Do you tink an uninstall and a reinstall of an older version will be the solution? I have no sound while browsing 1 month now… I’m thinking of formatting my PC… Please help…

  69. Rajiv says:

    I have vista. I had netgear wireless connection to internet. Now it does not connect to internet, a message comes up saying Flash Player has created this problem.It took me 3 weeks to realise flash player is creating this problem. How can I overcome this. Where will I find Flash Player installed, if I have to uninstall it? Is it part of Adobe?I am not a technical person, so please guide me step by step.An early reply is appreciated.Thanks