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Linux Beta 2 on Adobe Labs

We refreshed the Linux beta on Adobe Labs this evening, so please download and continue banging on it. The current build is

Send bugs and feedback

Update! A more comprehensive list (vs the Labs release notes) of bug fixes from Tinic.

Brightcove goes full-screen

Brightcove launched a new full-screen enabled version of its Flash video player today. The site uses Express Install to update visitors, which kicks in when you go into full-screen mode.

Flash Player 9 Update ( release now available for Windows and Macintosh

Flash Player 9 Update ( for Win and Mac is out! We released the update today and it is now available on the Flash Player Download Center. Just to recap what’s new in this update, includes full-screen mode, Windows Vista support, and bug fixes. If you want to see some cool full-screen demos from the community, or have some of your own to add, visit the Adobe Labs wiki. This release also includes security enhancements for Security Bulletin APSB06-018.

If you installed the beta, it would be best to uninstall Flash Player before installing the release version to ensure you don’t run into any issues.

The Linux player is still available in beta on Adobe Labs. The feedback has been great, bugs have been filed, and the team thanks you 😉 I’ll let you know when the beta is refreshed with a new build.

11.15.2006 Update
A few more bits, to answer people’s questions:

Where are the debug players for the release?
Historically, the debug and standalone players only shipped with the tool. But, with our dot and security releases we don’t always have a full tool update — instead we have been providing player “updaters” through the Flash Player support downloads page. There are updated debug players to address the security vulnerability.

Where is the Universal Binary debug or standalone player?
We haven’t released the UB debug or standalone players yet. Since it is a new component and there aren’t tools that currently ship with these players it is on a slightly different release schedule. I’ll post when they do become available, and most likely they will also be made available on the support downloads page for developers.

Why don’t we use Express Install on the player download center on
We do use it for our content, such as the Studio Experience and the Flash 10 year promo, and we have definitely discussed implementing it for the player download center. Right now, we are in the middle of a project to update the backend that drives the download center to improve the infrastructure. Changing things on the old infrastructure would end up being somewhat of a “throw away” effort, so I’d like to wait until we have the new infrastructure in place before rolling it out.

New open source project with code contributed from Adobe ActionScript Virtual Machine

Adobe has contributed source code from the ActionScript Virtual Machine* to a new open source project, called Tamarin, to be hosted by the Mozilla Foundation. The goal is to build a high-performance open source implementation of the ECMAScript 4th edition (ES4) language specification. The project page and source code will be immediately available as part of this announcement.

Now Mozilla and Adobe can to work together with the community to bring Tamarin to SpiderMonkey, the core JavaScript engine in Firefox. Tamarin is also way for open source developers to work on a core part of the Flash Player, which will continue to use the Tamarin virtual machine as part of the ActionScript Virtual Machine in future versions of Flash Player.

Check out the following resources to learn more about the project:
Press Release
Developer Center Logged In article
Tamarin project page on
Tamarin FAQ

If you’re interested in more details, there is a great opportunity to join an IRC chat about Mozilla 2 plans with Brendan Eich, Mozilla CTO and creator of JavaScript and special guest Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s chief software architect, tomorrow at 10AM PST.

* No, Adobe is not open sourcing the Flash Player. ;-P We are contributing source code for the ActionScript Virtual Machine, the scripting language engine component within Flash Player. ActionScript 3.0 runs on the Tamarin virtual machine in Flash Player 9.

Flash Player stats available for September 2006

Flash Player 9 is at 35.9% penetration in the mature markets, three months after release. This is on track with the Flash Player 8 ramp up and the download rates are the same to slightly up, so you can safely use the v8 ramp up as the projection for v9.

To make a fair comparison between this stat and the first quarter after v8 released, there are two things to note:
1) The first penetration stat for v8 was closer to four months after launch because we had to re-run the December 2005 study in early January 2006 due to a data issue with the original study.
2) The Dec 2005 number from NPD is for the US. So the first v8 stat was 45.2% in the US (Dec 2005)and the first stat for v9 is 40.3% (Sept 2006) in the US. Adjusting for the actual length of time for each and +/- the margin of error, v9 is the same to slightly faster.

As a reminder, we are running the emerging markets study every other quarter and the main number we are reporting is the mature markets results. We have also decided to drop Flash Player 5 from the study, because the v5 and v6 numbers were very similar.

Adobe wins an Emmy for Flash Video (so now they have two)

The jokes have been coming my way all day, so I have to post about the fact that the Academy has awarded us with a Technical Engineering Emmy Award for our Flash Video technology. Yay!

As a side note, I was in fact named after the Emmy Awards. Coincidence…or destiny…? ;-P