Flash Player 9 Update ( release now available for Windows and Macintosh

Flash Player 9 Update ( for Win and Mac is out! We released the update today and it is now available on the Flash Player Download Center. Just to recap what’s new in this update, includes full-screen mode, Windows Vista support, and bug fixes. If you want to see some cool full-screen demos from the community, or have some of your own to add, visit the Adobe Labs wiki. This release also includes security enhancements for Security Bulletin APSB06-018.

If you installed the beta, it would be best to uninstall Flash Player before installing the release version to ensure you don’t run into any issues.

The Linux player is still available in beta on Adobe Labs. The feedback has been great, bugs have been filed, and the team thanks you πŸ˜‰ I’ll let you know when the beta is refreshed with a new build.

11.15.2006 Update
A few more bits, to answer people’s questions:

Where are the debug players for the release?
Historically, the debug and standalone players only shipped with the tool. But, with our dot and security releases we don’t always have a full tool update — instead we have been providing player “updaters” through the Flash Player support downloads page. There are updated debug players to address the security vulnerability.

Where is the Universal Binary debug or standalone player?
We haven’t released the UB debug or standalone players yet. Since it is a new component and there aren’t tools that currently ship with these players it is on a slightly different release schedule. I’ll post when they do become available, and most likely they will also be made available on the support downloads page for developers.

Why don’t we use Express Install on the player download center on Adobe.com?
We do use it for our content, such as the Studio Experience and the Flash 10 year promo, and we have definitely discussed implementing it for the player download center. Right now, we are in the middle of a project to update the backend that drives the download center to improve the infrastructure. Changing things on the old infrastructure would end up being somewhat of a “throw away” effort, so I’d like to wait until we have the new infrastructure in place before rolling it out.

39 Responses to Flash Player 9 Update ( release now available for Windows and Macintosh

  1. jonnymac says:

    Any word on a debug player for intel macs?

  2. Ryan Guill says:

    Where can I find the debug version of the player for Firefox? Ive looked all through the adobe site and tried several players… am I overlooking it?

  3. PaulH says:

    does it work w/flex builder in debug-mode?

  4. Julian says:

    Emmy -I wonder why you don’t use Express Update on your download page to push the newest version of Flash Player. It seems like so much unneeded work to download the installation file to update Firefox.- Julian

  5. Julian says:

    P.S. Good job on the new fullscreen capability for flash player. I see myself using it quite often for online flash apps.

  6. Nick says:

    Is there a standalone Debug Player available for Windows? This update breaks layout functionality and we have no simple way to find out exactly why.TY – Nick

  7. greg h says:

    Congratulations to the entire FP team on another great release.Can’t wait to see what great features you have brewing for future releases.g

  8. Nick says:

    Followup: The 9.0.28 update fixes the “must divide dimensions by 20” bug in 9-sliced kids, so we un-fix the hack and it works.Thanks for the links!

  9. Josh says:

    I was informed of the addition of an enableJSURL=”false” attribute in the embed tag by myspace for all new embeds. Is this attribute an undocumented feature of the new player?

  10. Alec says:

    Hi Emmy,Our application uses XMLSocket class, and it connects to a custom TCP server on a priviliged port 443 that we allow in crossdomain.xml. Crossdomain.xml is downloaded via System.Security.loadPolicyFile(‘http://’+TCPserverURL+’/crossdomain.xml’);We run a company that has more than 500,000 registered users.We were informed by many users within 1 day of the release of that this suddenly stopped connecting for those users who updated to the newest player.The only workaround that we found was obtaining the same crossdomain.xml file directly from the TCP server via System.Security.loadPolicyFile(‘xmlsocket://’+TCPserverURL+’:443′);We upgraded our application within a day, but since we were forced to change the connection protocol, we found out that tens of thousands of users were unable to connect, because they had the old version of flash movie cached in their browser.My question is: was this undocumented change intended?ThanksAlec

  11. emmy says:

    Josh,No, that is not a Flash Player variable. It must be a custom variable that MySpace has implemented for their site. See technote for details: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_16417Alec – looking into the issue for you.best,Emmy

  12. josh says:

    Emmy,thanks for the prompt response. I don’t know if you meant to point me to the flashvars page or not – but it isn’t a flashvar – it is a separate attribute. In my eternal optimism – I was hoping that it was going to be a new setting to allow an exception to the allowNetworking=”internal” rule which blocks external pages being opened from an embedded Flash movie.It would make sense for the Flash Player to be able to distinguish between user initiated clicks and code induced clicks. I was hoping enableJSURL maybe be an implementation of this differentiation. Obviously I would like to add this to the player wishlist!Best,Josh

  13. emmy says:

    Josh,Oops, I just thought “custom variable” and added that technote link. But basically, the answer is it is not one of our variables. The way MySpace inserts things into their templates is a bit of a mystery to me, so it could be a variable used by another plugin and they’re just inserting it in for every plugin.best,e

  14. Johannes says:

    Hi,There is still a multimonitor fullscreen mode bug.When using 2 monitors, and entering fullscreen on the one, and click with mouse on the other screen, monitor 1 quit Fullscreen mode..Do you cannot write in example notepad, when playing video on the other monitor!This would be great for sites like Youtube.comand BrightCove.com….Tryed on Vista RC1, with IE7Have filled 2 bug reports, and reported in forum :)Have you any status on a fix for this?Best RegradsJohannes

  15. Andy says:

    I don’t see why the security policy file procedures had to be changed. It would have been nice if it worked liked described in the manuals first. The bug was that it kept all ports open, even if not in the crossdomain.xml.Now I have a new up-and-running website which is not connecting to the TCP-server anymore. I was so disappointed and so are my visitors…

  16. ven says:

    There are currently two major issues in userfriendlyness as i see it:1: Yahoo toolbar is advertised on the flashinstall. Not only that, but its enabled by default(!). I see this as a major credibility issue. The install is less clean, and some users that forget, or dont understand enough to dare disable it, thinks theyve got spyware or virus.2: All browsers i have tested on, except Internet Explorer, has to restart the browser after Express Install. I know the browsers themselves is a part of this problem. Still i think it is possible to solve this issue better. I was visiting a customer which used Firefox, and he lost alot of pages he was browsing, as he had to close all of them during the Express Install.I would imagine it could be solved, atleast for mozillabased browsers, as i.e. Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape is able to install the Flashplayer-plugin without restarting the app (From the green puzzle-thingy).Besides from this, im very happy with flash nowadays. Especially the fullscreen update was a major step for flash as a webtv-client, and the Linux-beta.Great work, now make it perfect πŸ˜‰

  17. john says:

    Hello, is it still recommended to run uninstall_flash_player.exe before installing the licensed version of 9.028.0? Or will the installation (msi or exe) handle that better than in previous versions?

  18. Esperanto says:

    Is the loading of the policy file already solved? I have an swf (esperanto chat) that connects to a jabber server ( http://babilejo.org ) which does not function anymore after updating to 9.0.28. It always worked with:System.security.loadPolicyFile(‘http://basil.cd.chalmers.se/crossdomain.xml‘)I don’t administer that server and it’s a normal jabberserver so the webserver should serve the crossdomain file. Anyone can help me out how to fix it?Regards!Esperanto

  19. ActionScript3 says:

    Hi, EmmyWhat about performance of FlashPlayer9?Why SAFlashPlayer.exe – shows real 960 frames per second (calculated by actionscript program) when stage.frameRate = 1000,but plugin version (ActiveX?) shows just real 60fps?Your opinion?

  20. gazrang says:

    Hi Emmy.Congratulations on the release of brand-new FP 9 of Adobe. And thank you very much for making this awesome app.I’m using PowerBook G4 1.25Ghz(not brand-new, but fast enough) from Apple. From flash player 7 to 9, I always experienced nearly 60~70% of CPU browser usage of entire system. That mainly due to Flash Player. This is the wide-complained issue by many users who are using flash player on Mac.On any site which shows flash-intensive ads, it makes a browser very sluggish.I hope this problem to be fixed in the near future.

  21. Alicia says:

    When is Adobe going to address the problem with Mac OS X 10.4.8, Firefox and Adobe Flash? I’ve constantly got to reinstall it so Firefox can recognize that it’s installed, and there’s no information from Adobe about this issue. Extremely frustrating!

  22. Rodney says:

    My flasplayer will work everywhere except on Myspace. I did upgrade to series 9 and have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail. Youtube videos work perfect on Myspace but I can’t view any videos or listen to any music other Myspace users have posted on thier sites. I have Windows98se, is this the problem? I can’t find anything posted that states this operating system is not compatable on Myspace. Can someone help me please!

  23. jaguar says:

    Hi,I want to create a flash projector on mac using SAFlashPlayer.app from my API. For this i need to copy my swf to SAFlashPlayer.app\Contents\Resources as movie.swf(SAFlashPlayer.app is a bundle). Is this legal way to copy the movie.swf in the Resources folder.

  24. domineaux says:

    It is very annoying to have to use an installer from the internet. We get the caution messages, which we should obey.It’s just a fact, if there are cautions there are problems.Why not give us the download in a download zipped file? When I see an internet installer, there is a reason for it.You’ll probably quash my comments, but you have my email. You might respond with some sensible sounding nonsense.

  25. I had Adobe Flash Player 9.0.16 and now that I have upgraded to 9.0.28, the above website does not go to the link when I click on it anymore. It just displays the original page over again.Help.

  26. saad says:

    will you be able to connet flash player forme.

  27. Omar Lujan says:

    I found a standalone installer for It has trouble locating the browser’s (IE) plugins directory. I am working on a script that will facilitate a remote installationto all of our Win2k PCs. (This is to correct the vulnerability in the previous versions.) Is there a switch or a parameter that will allow me to tell the installer where to look?

  28. Dr C. M. Henry says:

    Kindly update my flash player, please.

  29. jeff tabor says:

    Please help me to update my player!

  30. scott london says:

    I recently upgraded my flash player through myspace and am now experiencing great difficulty uploading pictures,png,gif and jpegs don’t want to know. If i convert back to flash player 7 its ok, but other things aren’t as good. Is there something I should be doing?Thanks

  31. Marcelo says:

    In IE clicked the full screen mode. Then I hitthe ESC key to escape fullscreen mode. Then the player still showed the full screen video within a smaller window, i.e. probably 1/4 of the original video (size). Also the bottom control bar is gone. Aworkaround to the problem is the reload the page, but then it goes to the end and I have to click play again. Anyone experienced this same problem?

  32. Congratulations to the entire FP team on another great release.

  33. ken says:

    I am having a problem upgrading to the new flash player 9. I have the 7.0 version in my PC but I am unable to uninstall it from my PC. There is no uninstall and is not listed in the remove/add program in control panel. I tried to install 9.0 with no luck. The adobe flash player site still shows 7.0 in my system. I also tried the step by step directions to remove it from the website with no luck. Is there anybody that can help with this problem?

  34. Great release, of shue. Works fine on my new computer.

  35. Dragon says:

    With latest Flash player in Firefox (Vista) when switching to full screen playing video drawing black screen.

  36. Jarrett says:

    Curious here , I don’t really see any questions that pertain to this issue, but i have been having a horrible time getting any rhyme or reason with the new flash player. I haven’t been able to hear any flash based audio at all, I can see but I cant hear. I have tried uninstalling reinstalling , reg edit, string value refresh, to no avail I come up with zilch. any suggestions?

  37. Kevin says:

    Windows Vista user: Just upgraded Adobe Flash Player and full screen mode is black screen. Any fixes?****Haven’t heard this one…can you open a support ticket at http://www.adobe.com/suppport/flashplayer?***

  38. Jarrett says:

    yes Emmy i tried all of those ideas you suggested, still nothing, i am beginning to wonder if its more than just the flash player, I just realized i have know windows start up sound, or closing. some programs usually have a ping when i open them and i don’t hear that either..****Hi Jarrett – sorry to hear that. There is a windows sound technote here: http://www.adobe.com/go/kb402691 You may have outdated drivers? Otherwise, I recommend you open a install support ticket at http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer.thxe***

  39. Chidambara Kumar says:

    I am having a problem upgrading to the new flash player 9. I have the 7.0 version in my PC but I am unable to uninstall it from my PC. There is no uninstall and is not listed in the remove/add program in control panel. I tried to install 9.0 with no luck. The adobe flash player site still shows 7.0 in my system. I also tried the step by step directions to remove it from the website with no luck. Is there anybody that can help with this problem?