Linux Beta 2 on Adobe Labs

We refreshed the Linux beta on Adobe Labs this evening, so please download and continue banging on it. The current build is

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Update! A more comprehensive list (vs the Labs release notes) of bug fixes from Tinic.

10 Responses to Linux Beta 2 on Adobe Labs

  1. glen_quagmire says:

    this is such a great news.i think you’re an awesome project manager.don’t ever abandon linux

  2. David Watson says:

    I downloaded and installed this on my Kubuntu Edgy Eft boxen tonight and indeed it works perfectly with Firefox 2.0. Notably, the CPU usage is a lot less. Many sites, such as, would spike the CPU at 100% with flash in the page. CPU usage now varies between 50-80% on those same pages so my athlon won’t overheat! Thanks so much for making linux a first class citizen.

  3. Alok says:

    I tried using the player version 7 with Firefox 2 on my Kubuntu build latest one. It would cause Firefox to crash even for no flash sites being accessed. Hopefully the new version would be much stabler one.

  4. l_bratch says:

    Is there a changelog for this build?

  5. paulh says:

    why is there still no native flash player for freebsd ?run ldd on that supplied beta bin to see what’sneeded to attempt to run it through the linuxulator.could someone just answer this one, support’snot an obstacle, netscape for years suppliedfreebsd bins unsupported and it was much appreciated.cheers-paul

  6. Seem to have a problem with the flash player in all versions of mozilla ( compiled, binary and 2.0 binary) If I have the flash player 9 binary ( installed into my ~/.mozilla/plugins folder, any time I access a flash site, the mozilla-firefox application crashes with a Segmentation Fault. I turned off the composite extension (I didn’t need it at the time anyway) and it still crashes. If I copy the flash 7 version back and re-run it, flash sites work and don’t crash the application (well, that use 7.0 or less, otherwise they just tell me it needs flash 9)I’m running Gentoo 2006 on a Sempron 3400+ (32 bit kernel and application) Nvidia driver 1.0.8776 on a geforce 7800 GS on xorg 7.1, running kernel version 2.6.16-ck11

  7. Erik says:

    Flash needs a setting to turn off sound and a way to use ‘check for updates now’ instead of only disabling updates totally or setting it to 7 days.

  8. lep says:

    Emily,If you please, it would be extremely helpful if you labeled the download page or the readme file with the supported architectures information (32-bit x86). I just wasted an afternoon trying to install your plugin on a powerPC linux (Edubuntu) install, which you don’t explicitly mention is not supported in the documentation. Save some other poor soul :)Thank you.

  9. dadu says:

    Where can I download FreeBSD version ? Thanks.

  10. x_klemen says: