New open source project with code contributed from Adobe ActionScript Virtual Machine

Adobe has contributed source code from the ActionScript Virtual Machine* to a new open source project, called Tamarin, to be hosted by the Mozilla Foundation. The goal is to build a high-performance open source implementation of the ECMAScript 4th edition (ES4) language specification. The project page and source code will be immediately available as part of this announcement.

Now Mozilla and Adobe can to work together with the community to bring Tamarin to SpiderMonkey, the core JavaScript engine in Firefox. Tamarin is also way for open source developers to work on a core part of the Flash Player, which will continue to use the Tamarin virtual machine as part of the ActionScript Virtual Machine in future versions of Flash Player.

Check out the following resources to learn more about the project:
Press Release
Developer Center Logged In article
Tamarin project page on
Tamarin FAQ

If you’re interested in more details, there is a great opportunity to join an IRC chat about Mozilla 2 plans with Brendan Eich, Mozilla CTO and creator of JavaScript and special guest Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s chief software architect, tomorrow at 10AM PST.

* No, Adobe is not open sourcing the Flash Player. ;-P We are contributing source code for the ActionScript Virtual Machine, the scripting language engine component within Flash Player. ActionScript 3.0 runs on the Tamarin virtual machine in Flash Player 9.