Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux now available on

Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux (x86) is now available on the player download center on ( This release also includes the standalone and debug players for developers, which are available on the support downloads page.

And a press release to boot.

and now for the FAQ:

Are the features of Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux the same as the Windows and Macintosh versions?
Yes, Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux supports the same major features and functionality as the Windows and Macintosh versions for playback of Flash content and applications. Unsupported features include Express Install and auto-update notification, which are not available due to the variety of Linux platforms, each handling the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installation in different ways. The full-screen viewing feature is not yet available but is expected to be available in a release later this year. For more information about supported features and known issues, please see the release notes

Yes, I *did* say at beta that full-screen would make the final release…

So, why isn’t the full-screen viewing mode available in Flash Player 9 for Linux?
We wanted to make the new Flash Player for Linux available as soon as possible after the beta release. Unfortunately, the full-screen feature didn’t make it into this release but we do expect this feature to be available in the Linux player later this year.

Will WMODE, or windowless mode, be supported with this release of Flash Player 9 for Linux?
No, support for WMODE requires changes to the browser; Adobe is working with Mozilla to enable this functionality for Firefox. For more information and to track the issue, please see Bugzilla 137189.

And what about 64-bit support?
No new news to share here. We are working on support for 64-bit platforms as part of our ongoing commitment to the cross-platform compatibility of Adobe Flash Player. We have not yet announced timing or release dates.

Don’t forget to check out developing RIAs on Linux with Adobe Flash Player 9, the free Adobe Flex 2 SDK and the free Flex Data Services 2 Express (did I mention it was free?)!

92 Responses to Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux now available on

  1. Dawid says:

    Thanks for that quick FAQ – it was helpfull.You could add sth about Opera compability, in release notes from 9.1 thay stand they support flashp. 9b2, but trully I don’t know now how it really is since Adobe’s 9final releas notes you write it’s not supported…

  2. David says:

    Cool. It seems like a killer app would be to get this player working on ARM-based Linux systems like the Nokia N800. Flex data services, plus a heap, robust handheld terminal could be a killer featureset for enterprises. Even if it’s play-only in the first release (no debug) it would still be a huge breakthrough for making flex a flexible framework that can target consumers, business users and mobile workers

  3. alex_mayorga says:

    I for one won’t miss the full-screen support. I’m tending to believe that the feature would be put to bad use by web annoyance creators all over the world.Kudos on bring it to Linux at last.

  4. Another David says:

    OMG, __STILL__ no AMD64 Linux support? No ETA? Nothing?You are KILLING us here. I maintain an entire 32-bit chroot just because of Flash, because the web has chosen a proprietary standard vector graphics and multimedia plugin, and we can’t help you fix the problem. For pete’s sake, even mplayer win32 codec support builds in AMD64 native now.Please, have mercy. Can you give us any idea what kind of problems you’re up against when attempting to compile on the new target? How bad could it be? Would Macromedia consider accepting an unpaid, highly skilled intern to help solve the problem?

  5. feiy says:

    chinese lanaguage can not display!

  6. Rob H. says:

    So does this mean we’ll FINALLY see some kind of acknowledgment from Adobe that there will be an unsupported Linux client in the upcoming commercial release of CS3 later this year?

  7. another linux user says:

    STILL no amd64 version? Come on, this is getting ridiculous.Is this really the “multiplatform” solution you have promised to your customers, Adobe? Is this how seriously you treat them? Judging from how long it took you to release a crippled version, it seems that you have no serious unix programmers there. Not only that, you don’t even care about linux. You don’t care about windows 64bit users, either. You ignore the fact that powerusers’ frustration will turn them against you in the end. You ignore the fact that these powerusers, however few they are, influence the opinions of the others much more than Joe Average does. Hell, even Joe Average has 64bit hardware now… As of a 64bit OS, it’s a matter of time.HUGE applications, like Firefox and, have had fully functional 64bit versions since the dawn of time. There is no excuse for you.I won’t bother to maintain a 32bit chroot’ed environment because of a damn plugin with no serious uses. (You DO know what a chroot is, don’t you?) I just hope that an open standard, like SVG, will emerge and replace your inadequate technology soon. And I’m certain it will.

  8. petter says:

    I cant install flashplayer 9 on osx 10.3.9 tiger.And i cant uninstall the flash player 8 on tiger??It seems like youre installer and uninstaller have problems. I have have found people who have solved this by using permission correction utilis on osx but this doesnt help me? whats up? i would realy like to isntall flash 9

  9. roxlu says:

    Hi there,I don’t know where to post this, but I was looking for a way to see debug messages. I saw the flash debug player 9 for linux, installed it, but couldn’t find the log file. Than I noticed a tiny typo on: the bottom of the page there you’ll see the location of the flash log. (watch the version).wrong:home/user_name/macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs/flashlog.txtBut it should be:home/user_name/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs/flashlog.txt(see the dot)

  10. Charles says:

    I want Flash Plugin for BSD.

  11. paulh says:

    why is there still no flashplayer for freebsd ?still have yet to see an answer to this simplequestion, what’s the problem ?

  12. Witold Wilk says:

    And still no AMD64 support? For christs sake, what is to compile the darn code for a 64bit platform? There are more and more people using 64bits, and this stall is ridiculous! You are stuck in the stone age, and happy about it. Thanks for nothing then… Maybe in a year or two Adobe/Macromedia will be able to make a working 64bit plugin? But propably some new standard will come to light, and sweep the flash from the Internet… Because abigg “hole” in the market is coming, and 64bit IS the future. When are You planning for 64bit support?

  13. paulh says:

    where’s the free/net/open/dragonfly binaries ?you own the fancy web, why don’t youact responsibly and stop locking peopleout of it ?

  14. gurupreet says:

    what is this?

  15. Victor says:

    So I was wondering if there was any movement within Adobe to include ogg vorbis support in Adobe Flash. I know that it would be very useful for many members of the open source community that want to make vorbis content readily available to the general population. I guess this isn’t specifically a question about Flash on linux, but I wasn’t sure where else to comment about it.

  16. southside says:

    Wow, this Flash Player situation is a mess. I’ve been troubleshooting for days. Please find a way to make your player more user-friendly.

  17. Roger Davenport says:

    Wanted to see if I’m the only one having issues with flash on linux.First off, I’m using gentoo linux compiled with light optimization on an IBM T42 (1.7 GHz) – in other words a pretty standard IA32 environment in terms of kernel, glibc. I can easily compile target binaries that work on Fedora, RHEL, on this system without issue.I’m using Firefox 1.5 (2.0 still seems buggy). I successfully use all other plugins happily, including Flash 7, mplayer-plugin, java, everything works great.With Flash 9 for linux – whenever I navigate away from a page I get segfaults. In Mozilla (the browser) I seem to get slightly fewer segfaults.It appears to me to be a memory issue – either writting to a free’d page, or something like that – I’d be happy to debug it for you or stack trace it if you all provided some debug symbols in your code.Thanks,Roger DavenportAdamantine Software

  18. kirk says:

    I have the same problems as Roger stated. I’m using seamonkey 106 on linux. Flash 7 is no problem.

  19. Steve says:

    Quick question, will keyboard input be enabled in fullscreen mode for the final build of Flash 9?

  20. Ed Tomlinson says:

    AMD64 64 bit support asap _PLEASE_.As it stands now when I hit is site requiring flash 9 I send them a message says that Adobe does not support the platform I run which makes their site useless to me…Eventually this type of response will have an effect on your customer base – Adobe, its in your interest to support AMD64 (on linux too)ThanksEd Tomlinson

  21. paniq says:

    i wonder why a.) ogg vorbis is still not supported and b.) macromedia/adobe remains silent about the issue ever since. conspiracy? cartel pressure? arrogance?

  22. calwolf says:

    PLEASE hurry with an AMD64 version!

  23. Merrill Butterman says:

    I understand that we are in a transition from 32 bit to 64 bit computing. Remember the migration from 16 bit to 32 bit? I still find it very inplausable that Abobe is very serious about “cross platform compatability” XP64 is several years old and now Vista has just been released with a 64 bit version. If a train is speeding towards you, do you wait until it hits you before you decide to step out of it’s way. If computing trends have been transitioning towards 64 bit for several years now, wouldn’t a company that is truly concerned with “cross platform compatability” be responsive enough to it to start developing applications to meet that need? To recently announce your commitments doesn’t really convince me of that commitment. It really hits me more a corperate slogan than a commitment. As I was reading your answer, your statement was just a cut and paste of the tech note composed in answer to the 64 bit issue. Are you a bad guy, not in the least. I don’t know you well enough to make those kinda judgements but I don’t really see you as a person in a general way, I can’t. I don’t accept the “when it is done” philosophy. So my question is that if there is a problem with the 64 bit version, how do I bypass it until problem is solved. I prefer to not recieve any flash at all and when you finally get around to this (If ever) I might consider using again (thats a big if) I find it extremely shortsighted to implement flash content then to neglect the development of the player portion to view this content with. I say if this is too much for Abobe to chew and swallow, open source it or remove the content.

  24. emmy says:

    Hi,You can have Flash Player run on 64-bit linux (x86):,Emmy

  25. Merrill Butterman says:

    Thanks for the information and appreicate the time you have taken to find it for me. I have tried to google it without much hope. I will make sure I post this link to other linux users that have had the same concerns as me. The transition from 32 to 64 bit has been very slow and for some it really taxes their patience. As long as I have a means to run flash successfully, I can wait for the 64 bit version. Thanks Again

  26. emmy says:

    Hi Merrill,James is an evangelist for Adobe Flex, and he’s a hardcore Linux fan/user. Maybe we’ll just do the obvious thing and make it a technote on so the information is easier for folks to find.thanks!Emmy

  27. william says:

    I’m also interested to have it running natively on BSD systems.

  28. harry says:

    IT DOESN’T WORK!In firefox, it just crashes, stone dead, not even an error message.In opera, there is no sound. That is when you can get it working. It normally takes 5 or 6 reloads to get anything. This does not work at all.

  29. joel says:

    Linux user here.Where is version 7 located. I can’t play any content now. It crashes firefox 1.0 and I won’t install firefox 2 just for flash. The flash page tells me all is well when I test it.I overwrote my old version of flash installing version 9.This sort of nonsense is a good readon to buy a mac.

  30. Merrill Butterman says:

    Was able to read James’s post and will have to contact him for clarification of instructions on a Ubuntu system. While I appreciate the sentiment of placing James’s instruction on a Tech Note, to our detriment we have so many distros out there that it would be hard for adobe to account for them all. I have to think of you here. I might be a bit impatient but I am not unrealistic, especially of adobe’s position. Here is a thought, since there is a open source flash player in the works why not make this a cooperative effort between you (adobe) and the linux community. The collaberation would make this a reality much quicker, renew the faith of the linux community and most of the work is already done. This would mean less of a workload on adobe to produce this version. I can’t imagine the delay of a 64 bit version and the silent treatment isn’t very accomidating or encouraging. I have to admit, you have us where you want us and can easily dictate your terms but why do that when it would ultimately cost you the respect of those you dictate those terms to.In the end respect doesn’t pay the bills of keeps the company warm but word of mouth does. I would wager that you have seen and heard the outcry, it’s hard to ignore. I appreciate the use of James’s suggestion on a tech note, it might open a can of worms but at least it’s a step in the right direction and it has shown a ray of light in this whole dismal mess.

  31. I’m now a happy Flash-on-Linux user. However, I’m a rather unhappy no-Dreamweaver-on-Linux user. Who do we have to lobby at Adobe to get Dreamweaver on Linux? Seems like it would be an immense market — much more so than the potential market for Photoshop on Linux.

  32. Charles says:

    Please consider making a Flash9 plugin available for FreeBSD. Please!!

  33. Merrill Butterman says:

    Hi Emmy,Finally have Flash Player 9 working under Ubuntu, I finally load the 32 bit version of the operating system and the player loaded nicely. I think once 64 bit is completely integrated into the mainstream, I will return to it but I am looking more for compatability right now. I wanted to thank you for your replies and efforts to help the community and me. Seeing that you maintain this blog on your own time, I respect that time you take to do so.MButterman

  34. B Smith says:

    Flash 9 crashes on You Tube videos (and perhaps others) on a regular basis. It doesn’t make a bit of difference clearing the cache. Even the standalone Flash Player crashes. Why would any software company (besides M$) ever release software that is not stable? Adobe’s credibility is pretty much nonexistent these days.I’ve tried Firefox,, 3.5.5Linux kernel Vaio 1.5Ghz 256MB RAM

  35. Ecovag says:

    Hi!!You realy must have a linux amd64 version for all of us we want to use flash player!!!Thank!!!

  36. john mcniel says:

    It is quite annoying that flash 9 constantly crash and freezes firefox when youtube (or any other video portal) videos are played. It works fine at the beginning, but sooner or later it crashes. Sometime already after 1 video, sometime after playing videos for a half an hour. But the most annoying thing is, that it freezes firefox when it crashes.

  37. Marcelo says:

    Any ideia when flash 9 will work on AMD64 linux firefox? We will appreciate that.Thanks!

  38. Jasone says:

    Flash for FreeBSD please!

  39. Nick Date says:

    Why is there still no Flash for FreeBSD? There are almost 5000 signature on the petition at who wants Flash on BSD should sign the petition now!!!

  40. Joseph Bagadonitz says:

    How about some god damn AMD64 support for Linux.

  41. Ursula Smith says:

    64-bit support should be provided! The work-arounds mentioned in this topic are very cumbersome and silly. One shouldn’t have to install a 32-bit version of Firefox and a 32-bit Flash plug-in. Please 64-bit versions of the Flash plug-in for Windows and Linux.

  42. Mike Smith says:

    Adobe Product Management Team:Could you please provide a release date for Flash9 for Linux AMD64/Intel Duo?

  43. Mike Smith says:

    I installed flash player 9 on firefox, linux (32-bit version). However there is no audio. I tried several solutions available on net but I have had no luck so far. I would appreciate if someone can point me in the right directions. Thanks.

  44. emmy huang says:

    Hi Mike,Is ALSA hooked up? Also, which solutions have you tried, and which distro are you using?If all else fails, email our tech support.!e

  45. Mike says:

    I reloaded mplyer plugin for firefox32 and the sound is working now.Any word on release date for AMD64 platform?thanks.

  46. joe says:

    Firefox 1.5 was working fine on my PCLinuxOS system, and I could view youtube and google videos, but I had no sound and I could not view videos on foxnews. So, I installed flash playter 9 and now firefox crashes whenever I try to view a video.How do I uninstall flash player and when do you think there will be a version available that will correct these problems.

  47. marathonman says:

    I urge you to produce x64 flash plugin for linux.

  48. hip0 says:

    Please Port Macromedia Flash Player for FreeBSD native! FreeBSD is full featured and really stable and robust OS and it is suitable for Desktop. We need this Macromedia players guys.

  49. Biermann says:

    Where can i find Adobe Flash Player for AMD64. I am running Fedora Core 6

  50. Tiago J. Adami says:

    I can’t believe that Adobe could not make a rewrite of the code for 64 bits standards.If you’re attempt to present an application for the great Linux, you need to make it fully functional for any linux platform, specially AMD64 (x86_64) – who is growing up very fast with users every day.As was said in the other posts, even Mozilla and another companys or communities have finish their 64 bits applications. How an industry standard for WEB as flashplayer could have only one 32 bits compilation?And still have users who are asking themselves the reasons why they hate non opensource companies…If you cannot make one 64 bits version, free the code and let who knows it to do it! Just do it!

  51. Carlo Wood says:

    I just bought my first amd64 machine…I think it’s irresponsible to have created a closed “standard” and then not support every OS out there :/ If you support linux, then why not amd64? Is there some open source project going on to get support for this ‘flash’ stuff? I’d like to help.

  52. Chad Halvorson says:

    What is the work around for getting a web-cam to work with Flash Player 9 for Linux? It has been stated on the Adobe website that only Video4Linux v.1 is supported.However, v.1 was deprecated in June of 2006 and now all Linux kernels are running v.2 with compatibility API for v.1. We have not been able to get Flash Player 9 for Linux to recognize a web-cam using the v.1 compatibility that v.2 of video4Linux has with it.Has Adobe verified a driver configuration for that allows web-cams to be utilized with Flash Player 9 for Linux in lieu of the deprecated v4Linux v.1?

  53. Jeff Hoffman says:

    Flash player does not work on Fedora 7 64 bit running 32 bit firefox. Nice infinite loops! trying to play the video…Opens a second window on Youtube videos…

  54. Don Gallagher says:

    Gee, just installed Ubuntu x64, loaded Beryl and am installing all my needed apps and I see no x64 flash player – guess that means that it is not a needed app huh? Pretty shabby.

  55. oneforall says:

    Yeah it amazing how developers working on linux can make things work. Even with no hardware/software info or very little of it. Things get fixed faster from people that don’t even get payed . But the so called high payed pros take at least 2 times longer .It would be embarasing for adobe to make it open source and have it working a a week or 2

  56. Dev says:

    Gah. Can’t wait for some open source bit of software to do for Flash what Evince does for PDF. Adobe’s been resting on their laurels for way too long. If they can’t keep up with the times, someone else will have to do it for them. Open source is the future!

  57. foo says:

    All that Flash 9 on Linux does is crash. Thanks.

  58. C Roger says:

    Hello i’m developing flash solutions with video streaming of webcams. Have several clients that target linux users.Its a problem since users in linux can’t use webcams with flash player 9.Could you look into it?kind regards

  59. Dave says:

    For anyone that has problems with flash video freezing firefox in Linux this will work.Start the video playing then pause it.Minimize the window and start firefox again.Restart the video from the new window,or any other flash video and it won’t freeze up.Don’t ask me why it works because i have no idea.

  60. DBolster says:

    Flash 9 crashes for me too most often on youtube, it freezes firefox and requires a restart of the program. This is with KDE 3.5.6 (kubuntu feisty). This is frustrating because everything else on the system works great, but this proprietary product still has bugs.

  61. musicman says:

    I just installed the latest version of player 9, and it does crash … same as the previous versions, the only difference that older versions displayed some error messages about gtk_clipboard (which I reported during beta but never heard back)System specs: Suse 9.0 with 2.4 kernel, Mozilla 1.6 or Seamonkey, gtk2-2.2.3I would really appreciate some feedback from Adobe, or some clarification of the system requirements (which say Suse 9.x and gtk-based browser)

  62. chris says:

    This new Flash 9 is worthless piece of crap! I am going insane restoring Firefox’s previous state every time I try to browse between Youtube video’s and Myspace music pages, both of which require crappy Flash to work as desired. I would be perfectly happy if Flash just went away entirely, but this ain’t gonna happy. FIX IT! or OPEN SOURCE IT AND LET US FIX IT!!!

  63. chris says:

    And another thing, why must flash use 100% of my CPU at times. WHY!!!!!!

  64. God this is utterly pathetic that you still haven’t released 64-bit versions, absolutely pathetic for a company of your size. I sincerely hope Flash is replaced by an open standard soon. I’m certainly informing every Flash website I find that their services are not getting exposure because I and many others cannot see Flash because of the sheer arrogance of Adobe.

  65. Kirk Erickson says:

    I have NO SOUND using the flashplayer plugin and or standalone debugger version To get sound I need to return to the flashplayer 7 plugin. I gave up on 64-bit linux and installed completely 32-bit several months ago now, and I’ve tried several versions of flashplayer between 2004 and now with no luck.Thanks for this forum. The rant here has made me realize that I’ve been contemplating my navel in my efforts to uncover some sort of pilot error on my part. Apparently everyone with a 64-bit machine has no sound – whether they install entirely 32-bit or utilize a 32-bit browser correctly.I’m developing a flex app with an mp3player I need to debug. It’s a crying shame I can’t open a soundChannel under Linux where I need to be debugging…

  66. Ed B says:

    Hi Emmy,I appreciate the honesty of your blog. I’ve just upgraded from Windows XP to Debian amd64, and I think that many others are doing exactly the same. There are just two things holding me back at this point: quicktime and flash/shockwave (in no particular order).I’ve managed to get quicktime working, so apple’s trailers are all fine. I’m now looking at youtube and the new beowulf web site. Unfortunately the entire (firefox) browser just crashes. This leaves me these options:1. Get latest browser plugin (amd64 one doesn’t exist?!)2. Get alternate browser plugin (doesn’t seem to exist?!)3. Try and use quicktime (not really :/ )4. Give up and don’t use the site5. Start windows upUnless I’m really keen to see the movie, I’m going to follow 4. That’s bad for you on many fronts:1. Viewer visitors to flash based sites (so less advertising for sites, so less money for those sites, so less revenue for you since people stop using flash). The linux guys are quite loud, you have to admit.It also looks pretty bad because you’re not supporting a new hardware format… 64-bit. I appreciate that you have lots of optimisations, but in all seriousness it’s not normally that hard to migrate. official comment suggesting using some wrapper might be suitable here. Either way Macromedia/Adbobe is losing face over this.Can you really sell yourself as platform independent… pda’s, mobile phones, linux…aren’t they big markets you should be exploiting?

  67. Drazen says:

    No Flash for Linux on AMD64?! Oh well, no flash development then for any of our client’s webapps.Very unprofessional not to have this out. Another reason besides annoying ads to say no to Flash.

  68. Paulzar says:

    Still no AMD64 support.. I dunno why ppl still persist on using flash, really.. It just makes me want to say ‘no’ to Adobe Flash where ever I go. Come on folks! Pick up your game!

  69. enki says:

    There should be x64bit versions of silverlight (which have better language and RAD behind) soon. Codename is moonlight I guess.Call MS devil, your call, but devil is not stupid 🙂

  70. 1. Get latest browser plugin (amd64 one doesn’t exist?!)2. Get alternate browser plugin (doesn’t seem to exist?!)3. Try and use quicktime (not really :/ )4. Give up and don’t use the site5. Start windows upwhat is that ?

  71. linas says:

    Seems that flashplayer 9.0.48 is broken on youtube,when running under the latest security fixes tofirefox. This is under Ubuntu Feisty, as of today’s date.Used to be that 1 out of 10 youtube video’s crashed firefox/flashplayer. but not its allof them. I’m bummed. :-(FWIW, I put my money where my mouth was: thisis on one of those brand-new Dell Ubuntu boxes.

  72. ydef says:

    You guys with amd64 need to use nspluginwrapper on the 32 bit flash plugin. This will create a wrapped flash plugin that will work in 64 bit. It’s very simple to implement. In debian, just install it and rtfm.

  73. murrsky says:

    Dear Adobe,I am astonished that you still have no amd64 support. I wonder what’s so difficult about recompiling for that architecture. If you don’t know how to do it, just send me the code, I’ll be happy to do it for you — free of charge, of course.Greetings, Murrsky.

  74. Stud-Muffin says:

    Flash crashes have made FF2 unusable on linux. It’s been this way for a while. Flash used to be great, now it’s garbage. How much $ is MS giving you guys to try to sabotage FF on Linux?It’s not going to work. We’ll write our own browser and pick up where the “old” Mozilla left off.

  75. Ryan Vaughan says:

    Hello I’m a developer and was recently interested in making Flash/flex applications. However due to lack of proper support for my platform (Linux X86_64) I’ve decided to spend time working on the gnash project and SVG to replace flash.

  76. This new Flash 9 is worthless piece of crap! I am going insane restoring Firefox’s previous state every time I try to browse between Youtube video’s and Myspace music pages, both of which require crappy Flash to work as desired.

  77. Mark Czajka says:

    Have you been following the OLPC XO project and have you looked at tuning a version of Adobe Flash Player for this machine? It doesn’t have a lot of memory available.

  78. tsunami says:

    Its pretty sad that adobe flash does not support amd64 version of linux!

  79. alex says:

    Ahh all the linux users complaining.. AT LEAST YOU GUYS HAVE A NATIVE 32 BIT PORT.Adobe is leaving the BSD community out in the cold all together.

  80. frank says:

    since there is no flash player from abode for linux and window AMD 64, abode then is a piece of s***. shame on you.Every body repeat after me….piece of hard s***.

  81. Jim-BobH says:

    Just another pile of instances where Adobe is shown to be a liar and cheat.They advertise “universal” cross-platform compatibility and “advantages to the development _and_ user communities”. They say ridiculous things like “To view this, you must install Adobe Reader.”Modern technology users are not stupid. We will find an alternative that is neither intentionally restrictive, a liar, nor irritating to use.So long, Adobe, and good riddance.Jim

  82. Hello.Thanks. i’m developing flash solutions with video streaming of webcams.

  83. Fabbri Guy says:

    what is this for? Adope flash light player? This technology is new to me.*****1/18/2008This is Flash Player 9 for Linux, for the desktop.e*****

  84. Jared says:

    Guys.. Relax…..If you want to use Flash with a 64-bit linux system… Just use nspluginwrapper. I am on a 64-bit box right now and I have absolutely no problem with flash. If you’re on Ubuntu (and maybe Debian), just apt-get install nspluginwrapper, and place the in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/.. Then cd to the directory and type nspluginwrapper -i; then just restart firefox and flash should work perfectly. Flash never crashes or segfaults for me, and it never uses up 100% of my CPU. And in the event that flash somehow does manage to crash, nspluginwrapper handles it so that only the flash applet crashes, not all of firefox.The only problem I have with flash is that it uses V4L instead of V4L2… so I can’t use my webcam on video chat websites like stickam and video on facebook, etc.

  85. Bob says:

    32 bit Flash player works okay for me if I run a 32 bit build of Firefox. The webcam support is limited to V4L and all of my webcams seem to need V4L2, so they don’t work in Flash player. Any idea when this will be fixed?

  86. For anyone that has problems with flash video freezing firefox in Linux this will work.Start the video playing then pause it.Minimize the window and start firefox again.Restart the video from the new window,or any other flash video and it won’t freeze up.Don’t ask me why it works because i have no idea.zz

  87. Its pretty sad that adobe flash does not support amd64 version of linux!

  88. Beaver says:

    I’d make another request for FreeBSD, but it seems to be pointless. Is there a reason why Adobe doesn’t even respond ?

  89. oyun says:

    I have the same problems as Roger stated. I’m using seamonkey 106 on linux. Flash 7 is no problem.

  90. This is frustrating because everything else on the system works great, but this proprietary product still has bugs.

  91. asli says:

    Ahh all the linux users complaining.. AT LEAST YOU GUYS HAVE A NATIVE 32 BIT PORT.Adobe is leaving the BSD community out in the cold all

  92. Pipo says:

    anyone any idea when V4L2 will be supported?please..