If you’re on Vista, get the latest Flash Player (

We started supporting Vista with the recent release, but maybe you didn’t realize how that might impact you or your site visitors on Vista. Justin has posted some information about Flash Player and Windows Vista that may be useful if you’ve been seeing odd player behavior on your Vista machine or website.

p.s. This is a little belated, but for anyone who is saying “Justin who?” — Justin Everett-Church recently joined the Flash Player product management team. And we are *super* excited that he’s working with us! Happy belated welcome, Justin 😉

26 Responses to If you’re on Vista, get the latest Flash Player (

  1. Josh On says:

    Hi Emmy,thanks for the update. We noticed that on Vista even the latest Flash Player has some problems with local connection. When there is a local connection open, text input in textfields is flakey – Flash often misses keystrokes.I hope that this can be fixed soon – or that I am mistaken somehow!Thanks,Josh

  2. tyler says:

    deffinately still glitchy.

  3. Jason says:

    I’ve got Vista, and Mozilla. I can’t seem to finish the download for the installer for Flash Player 9. Any suggestions?

  4. myka says:

    I’ve got Internet Explorer and every time i try to install flash player 9 it pulls up the user account control and i click continue and then nothing happens and adobe Flash player doesnt install. Any suggestions? I want the User Account Control to still be active to help protect my computer.

  5. Andrew says:

    I’ve also have Vista and can’t open flash player from my Mozilla. Any Thoughts?

  6. kenneth lowe says:

    can anyone help please i bought a new laptop with vista on it. i downloaded flash player for vista well i think it was for vista!! but every time i go to king.com it wont play games because it says adobe flash player is not installed. whenever i go to download it again it just says adobe flash player installed successfully.i have checked in add/remove and it`s not in there, please help any advise would be much appreciated

  7. scott says:

    I tried to install but one the window never came up but it said it had installed went back to you tube and still could not see the videos. Whats going on and how can this be resolved ?

  8. Mike says:

    I also have vista and a lot of the websites i use require flash. so i got to adobe.com and download flash, it says it downloaded successfully but the website still dont play. also windows media player say err:flash not installed ! help anyone?…

  9. Geoffrey says:

    Hey got exactly the same problem it says it has installed when on youtube i stil cant play videos. 🙁

  10. emmy says:

    Geoff,Have you contacted support for free installation help? Also, I just posted a more recent blog post about installation issues and the technotes we have available for troubleshooting issues.thanks,e

  11. islam says:

    vista is not useful

  12. take4 says:

    >>islamvista is not useful!I returned it to XP.

  13. taka4 says:

    vista is not useful!back to XP

  14. Dorothy L. Marshall says:

    I have vista and I am so disscusted because I can”t get the adobe media player to install. I hate this vista if I can”t get what I want . Can you help me?

  15. Lauren Glenn says:

    I got it installed finally! What you have to do is set FULL permissions under c:\windows\system32\macromed\ folder. Make sure you set the FULL permissions for the “Trusted Installer” option.There’s an EXE file that’s in the “flash” subfolder. Run that and it will install. If you want to test if it worked, the fastest way is to go to http://www.vongo.comThat‘s what I was trying to test out when I ran into this problem.

  16. Rob says:

    For those of you seeking help installing flash player to a browser, remember that each browser requires a PLUGIN to run media in them. Flash player alone won’t help you, if your browser does not recognise it. You can usually get plugins for different browsers at the flash site, or google it. That’s what I do!Vista has alot of kinks to work out that restrict internet surfing, but the security is top notch. I’m loving it.

  17. Joe says:

    Is there any update on this ‘dropping keystrokes’ issue with text entry in Flash using Vista? We run a Flash application which is beginning to be affected by this. I’ve also noticed this in the flash text entry boxes in the adobe shop when using our Vista test PC. Any ideas?

  18. henry says:

    Dorothy L. Marshall you are a genius thak you so much, my flash player now works. Vista sucks if you have to go to this level to fiddling to fix it. I work in IT so its no problem to me. but the usual user….. come adobe fix the vista problem….

  19. elisabeth says:

    Dorothy L. Marshall…thanks…it works=)great to know, but it sucked to have to go threw that amount of change just to get it to install!

  20. Daniel says:

    Guys, Vista doesn’t sucks. It just ned more time. Remember XPs birthday. The same situation here …

  21. Mark says:

    Thank you Dorothy L Marshall, your instructionsworked. The exe file in the flash folderseems to be a fix of some sort for the problemthat VISTA users are having. This problemreminds me of the MAC commercial about VISTAsecurity problems. Thanks again.

  22. Candy Nicole says:

    I’m so glad this worked for everyone else but I haven’t had the same luck. I’ve tried all of the steps Dorothy suggested but I’m still at square 1. I got frustrated and got firefox but being as though I’m a graphic designer I actually have to TEST sites in IE. Can anyone offer any additional suggestions or tell what I’m doing wrong? Thanks =)

  23. wisam says:

    i have vista and i have a problem with the flash player,i cant watch anything live or video…can someone help me.thanks

  24. James says:

    yeh ive got nearlly all the way through but were is the “Trusted Installer” option please

  25. RJ says:


  26. tom says:

    there ar meny problems within vista to do with old software simple serch the recommend sites fornew updates that ar compatable with vista