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Flash Player 9 Solaris Beta refresh

If you’re testing the beta of Flash Player 9 for Solaris (x86, SPARC), there is a new beta drop available on Adobe Labs.

Adobe Media Player – for what you watch, when you want to watch it

We announced a new, free desktop media player at NAB today called the Adobe Media Player, which will be available for download as a prerelease on Adobe Labs later this year. It’s one of the first Apollo applications from Adobe, and it’s exciting to see us working on such a great showcase application. Yes, you can download and play your Flash videos straight from the desktop!

It’s been one of those long standing requests from the community that we provide some way to play FLV content back in an “official” standalone player. But Adobe Media Player is much more than a simple standalone FLV Player – it rounds out our internet video offerings by providing a new way for content providers to deliver their content, and end-users to access their favorite TV shows and video podcasts in the web’s most popular video format. More info in the press release and the FAQ on Adobe Labs.

Of course, Flash Player continues to be the preferred choice for streaming content within the browser, and the team is working with the Flash Media Server and Apollo teams to deliver enhancements. We’re working on further improving the quality and performance of full screen viewing, and you’ll see that show up in a future update to Flash Player 9 as well as Apollo (which means, of course, Adobe Media Player can take advantage of it for high-fidelity video playback.) We’ll also support the encrypted streaming enhancements mentioned in the media player press release, in a Flash Player 9 update later this year.

Stay tuned to Adobe Labs for the prerelease of Adobe Media Player!

Flash Player 9 at 83.4% in the March 2007 penetration study

With all the CS3 and NAB announcements going out, the March 2007 penetration study results didn’t quite make the website launch. So, I thought I’d go ahead and give you a sneak peek. We made it past the 80% mark in about 9 months, just as we did with Flash Player 8 penetration. The trend is following the v8 ramp up, so we should expect 90% or so by the June study.

The first row is how we usually present the data on the website. It tells you the percentage of people that can view a SWF of that version. I added the second row, which is the % of the population with that player version installed (the delta between v and v+1).

March 2007 – Mature Markets v6 v7 v8 v9
% able to view content by SWF version 98.7% 98.1% 96.3% 83.4%
Install base by version 0.6% 1.8% 12.9% 83.4%

Note: “Mature markets” include US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and Japan. The “Emerging Markets” are every other wave so they’ll be in the June study.

The site should be updated in the next week or so.

Flash Player 9 Update ( release available for Windows and Mac (CS3 bug fixes)

Updated players (Flash Player for Windows and Mac are available. Flash Player contains a few bug fixes that may impact content created with Flash CS3 Professional, but you don’t need to target unless you specifically hit one of these issues. CS3 ships with, so in your local testing you wouldn’t see any content playback issues so please take a look at the technotes so you understand if the issues impact you, and test with previous v9 players before you release.

The issues and workarounds are described in the following TechNotes and impact playback in Flash Player and earlier:

Technote KB401230: ActionScript 3.0 movie clips and components exported by Adobe Flash CS3 Professional incorrectly play through their timeline when ActionScript is used to prevent the timeline from playing. ActionScript 3 components will appear to flicker between their normal state and their skin settings. This issue only occurs in specific circumstances where a movie clip or component is placed on the stage on a keyframe other than the first keyframe, or if the object is removed later in the timeline.

Technote KB401350: ActionScript 3.0 code on Frame 1 will not run if the playhead causes a movie clip to be instantiated other than at its keyframe. If the playhead skips the keyframe by using an action like gotoAndStop() or gotoAndPlay(), the movie clip will be instantiated but the Frame 1 actions will be dropped.

Technote KB401348: ActionScript 3.0 classes that are exported to a specific frame other than Frame 1 by Adobe Flash CS3 Professional are only loaded if the playhead passes through the export frame. If ActionScript is used to skip over the frame specified in the Flash export settings, the class files will not be available while the application is running.

The Flash Player release notes are here. (Sorry about the bad link! fixed now.)

Where is the Linux version? This update was a result of the need to fix these few CS3 issues, and the honest answer is that the Linux player doesn’t ship with the products so we chose to keep it on its original update schedule. The Linux update is still being worked on, we’re enabling full-screen and wmode as promised, and it is still on for later this year.

Flash Player Download Center on will start offering Google Toolbar today

Starting today, visitors to the Flash Player Download Center on may be presented with the option to install the free Google Toolbar as part of the download process. The offer is only made to visitors using Internet Explorer on Windows, who don’t already have the Google Toolbar installed. This is part of the Google Toolbar agreement announced last June, and the toolbar is also being offered on the Adobe Reader Download Center and as part of the Shockwave Player installation process. Yes, this does mean that the Yahoo! Toolbar is no longer being offered on the Download Center. For more information about the toolbar offer, please visit the FAQ.

This offer is only made on for Flash Player and developers can continue to design in-context installation experiences for their site that do not require sending users to Adobe also offers free distribution licenses for intranet and fixed media distribution of Flash Player.

Having installation issues? Start with these resources…

Many of the comments on my blog lately have been from people who are running into issues with their Flash Player installation. I’m glad you can at least find me, so I thought it would be useful to point you to some Adobe resources that you should start with if you are finding your system in a bad install state.

Checking your player version
If you want to check your current player version, go here. You will have to do this in each browser you use, because the Internet Explorer (ActiveX) plugin is different than the one used for Firefox. This page also contains a table that will tell you the latest version for your operating system so you can be sure you have the most recent version that includes any security updates.

Resources in the Flash Player Support Center
We have a number of installation technotes that can help walk you through fixing your issue. A good one to start with is the Common Adobe Flash Player Installation Issues Technote.

But if these resources really aren’t helpful, or you they simply don’t resolve your issue, we offer free email-based installation support for the player.

Some sites are telling me I need to get Adobe Flash Player, but I thought I already had it installed?
There are a few cases where the player *is* actually installed correctly but it seems like it isn’t. One of them is when a website is detecting a specific version because their content requires a particular version or higher — but their detection is a little off. For example, a website might require Flash Player 8 to view it and so it checks for that version. But it might not have been written to handle the case when Flash Player 9 is available! You can either email the webmaster of the site, or you can send it to us and we’ll contact them.

Another issue that sometimes occurs is that the Internet Explorer ActiveX is installed but only partially registered for some reason, in which case sites will detect a player installed but no Flash content displays. Possible issues and resolutions are also covered in the Common Install Issues technote here, and can often be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the player.

Uninstallers are available on the Support Center, or you can use Add/Remove Programs on Windows. To reinstall the player, visit