Adobe Media Player – for what you watch, when you want to watch it

We announced a new, free desktop media player at NAB today called the Adobe Media Player, which will be available for download as a prerelease on Adobe Labs later this year. It’s one of the first Apollo applications from Adobe, and it’s exciting to see us working on such a great showcase application. Yes, you can download and play your Flash videos straight from the desktop!

It’s been one of those long standing requests from the community that we provide some way to play FLV content back in an “official” standalone player. But Adobe Media Player is much more than a simple standalone FLV Player – it rounds out our internet video offerings by providing a new way for content providers to deliver their content, and end-users to access their favorite TV shows and video podcasts in the web’s most popular video format. More info in the press release and the FAQ on Adobe Labs.

Of course, Flash Player continues to be the preferred choice for streaming content within the browser, and the team is working with the Flash Media Server and Apollo teams to deliver enhancements. We’re working on further improving the quality and performance of full screen viewing, and you’ll see that show up in a future update to Flash Player 9 as well as Apollo (which means, of course, Adobe Media Player can take advantage of it for high-fidelity video playback.) We’ll also support the encrypted streaming enhancements mentioned in the media player press release, in a Flash Player 9 update later this year.

Stay tuned to Adobe Labs for the prerelease of Adobe Media Player!

4 Responses to Adobe Media Player – for what you watch, when you want to watch it

  1. Jerod Nelson says:


  2. matt says:

    Slightly unrelated, but any idea when we can expect express install for Flash 9 ? Thanks – MATT

  3. emmy huang says:

    Matt,Express Install from 6r65+ to the latest v9 is already working. Whenever we release a new player, all the bits on the server – installers, express installers, auto-update installers, etc – are updated.regards,Emmy

  4. judah says:

    When I first heard of the Adobe Media Player I thought it was the new name for the Flash Player. Is the Flash Player going to be renamed in the near future to something like “Adobe Player”? If so Adobe Media Player may sound to much like Adobe Player.