Flash Player Download Center on Adobe.com will start offering Google Toolbar today

Starting today, visitors to the Flash Player Download Center on Adobe.com may be presented with the option to install the free Google Toolbar as part of the download process. The offer is only made to visitors using Internet Explorer on Windows, who don’t already have the Google Toolbar installed. This is part of the Google Toolbar agreement announced last June, and the toolbar is also being offered on the Adobe Reader Download Center and as part of the Shockwave Player installation process. Yes, this does mean that the Yahoo! Toolbar is no longer being offered on the Download Center. For more information about the toolbar offer, please visit the FAQ.

This offer is only made on Adobe.com for Flash Player and developers can continue to design in-context installation experiences for their site that do not require sending users to Adobe.com. Adobe also offers free distribution licenses for intranet and fixed media distribution of Flash Player.

26 Responses to Flash Player Download Center on Adobe.com will start offering Google Toolbar today

  1. Chris says:

    Today Apr 16 I was unable to install Flashplayer (to see news, not ads…) without installing the Google toolbar (uncheck the “dnld GTB” box and FP download won’t start). I don’t want Google toolbar or any associated adware or spyware it may allow so I’ll have to do without Meet the Press reruns until the commies don’t force me to download junk I don’t want.

  2. abdul says:

    i need to install adobe flash player pls

  3. mohamed says:


  4. Chris says:

    Please please please can you provide a link that allows download and install of Flash without the google opt out. Preferable a link that automatically starts the download without google.

  5. i was so happy when i so you programmes and i need to down load an adobe flash player window

  6. Joe says:

    I hope Adobe gets hung on a wire for this stunt.Forcing me to install google toolbar?Microsoft has gotten their asses sued for less than this.I’m going to be forwarding a complaint to my attorney general, as well as the federal trade commission.

  7. emmy huang says:

    @JoeIf you do not wish to install Google Toolbar that is offered on adobe.com, you have the option to decline the offer. The offer is only made on the adobe.com site which is less than5% of all Flash Player installs. The majority of installations are content-driven, and those installers do not make any 3rd party offers.regards,Emmy

  8. Matt says:

    Emmy,That is not true. You cannot load the new flash player anywhere without loading the Google tool bar.

  9. emmy says:

    If you have a reproducible test case that we can use to verify your statement, I will look into it. We have not yet received a verifiable case of the Google Toolbar being installed from adobe.com with Flash Player without user permission.If you are getting Google Toolbar from a 3rd party website and the Flash Palyer installer is not coming from an adobe.com server, than please beware that Adobe does not approve of or sanction those installers and you should be careful of installing from those websites.

  10. Hugo Bogoff says:

    I downloaded with the Toolbar then deleted the Toolbar, guess what the Flash Player will not work with the Toolbar insalled.This is restrictive practices.*****Hugo,I have yet to see any bug reports on this and we have not been able to reproduce this. Can you please file a bug report?http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=fp_beta_feedbackthanks,Emmy*****

  11. Philip Reed says:

    Why why why can I not just install the latest Flash player without the google toolbar?I deselect the option to install the toolbar, select that I accept adobe’s terms and condition, click install to be brought back to the same page with install google toolbar checked. I am aware that I can uninstall the toolbar once installed but I don’t want it in the first place. I will not update my player until I can recieve the player and the player only.****This sounds like a bug on adobe.com. I’ll email you offline to get your system details and reproduction steps.thanks,e****

  12. Gordon Spence says:

    “Sounds like a bug” my arse. It’s a deliberate programming feature, you are forcing a download of the google toolbar.If you weren’t so far up Adobe’s backside you would siply go to the web site and try and download the latest flash version your self.IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO SO WITHOUT GETTING THE GOOGLE CRAP AS WELL.FIX IT.****You are of course, entitled to your opinion. However, given that NOT every user experiences this problem, I consider it to be a bug on the Adobe.com website and the detection logic it uses to determine if it should make the Google offer or not.In this job I happen to install and uninstall the player to look at reported issues quite often, and I have been on that page many times to install the player…without selecting the Google Toolbar. It works fine for me.The bug has been logged by the web team and they are investigating. If you have useful information to provide about your system (OS version, browser version, etc), that would help them with their testing and investigation.Thanks.****

  13. Sean S says:

    Another ugly company and disgusting practice!Even if you are computer literate and privacy conscious, good chances are you don’t know that Adobe Flash player installs on users computer in very tricky way cookie like information w/o adequately informing anyone:http://www.hashemian.com/blog/2007/11/adobe-flash-cookies-local-storage.htmIts seems obvious that “cookie mechanism” is another attempt designed to allow nosy companies to spy on users even after they explicitly blocks and cleans things like third party tracking cookies – which spells to: take explicit steps to disallow spying.New Adobe policy of forcing users to install Google toolbar (even page creates impression of offering choice its just a smoke screen, anyone trying install Flash Player alone w/o toolbar will learn it is not possible) can be described only as “things go from ugly to disgusting”.Google practices of recording users IP on their searches was very controversial from always. Recent purchase of “Doubleckick” by Google (ill famed company responsible for installing third party tracking cookies on people PCs on most major websites) leaves no doubt what Google is really involved into. Toolbars historically were always primary choice for spyware and adware creators. Adding all together,… doesn’t require rocket scientist.What really however turns my stomach up is way all this is done: fake options of declining toolbar on Adobe Flash Player download page which doesn’t work (even Adobe FAQs claims toolbar is “optional”), Adobe CEO statements claiming that Flash Player “cookie” is in users interest (as some clean real cookies and may delete some “important” ones) and company deeply cares about privacy of its customers, Google campaign of disinformation and deception what are the real reason they do things and what are involved into.Small, greedy people put into your little heads, its simply none of your business what we do on our PCs and Internet. Not all of us doesn’t care about being spied on and not all of as care about your little disgusting toolbars or players.Personally I’m in search for third party Flash Player and will not use neither Adobe, Google or anything they offer or sell for that matter.****For those that are concerned about “Flash cookies”, I encourage you to visit the player security and privacy center to learn more about the topic: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/security/. Specifically, we have articles to explain how you can prevent 3rd parties from using local shared objects to track you across websites (http://www.adobe.com/go/4c68e546), as well as an article explaining how you can manage and disabled your local shared objects (http://www.adobe.com/go/52697ee8).The Google Toolbar offer on the adobe.com website is optional. From Adobe.com, you may deselect it and you will not receive the toolbar installation. But the vast majority of installs happen through content on 3rd party sites, and for those installers there is no toolbar offer.****

  14. Nagendra Pratap Singh says:

    Well the option to deselect google toolbar now appears after I click on I AGREE. This is there for half a second.Before that I ran into problems where I could not start the flash installation by deselecting toolbars. Google is a very nasty company. Many of its ads are misleading.

  15. markanthony ramos says:

    i need to install adobe flash player,please.

  16. Ian Campbell-Dawson says:

    I have been reading the comments sent in so far regarding the problem of Adobe forcing the Google toolbar on clients wishing to upgrade their player.I would like to add my observations :-a) Emmy, it really makes no difference how many times you deny that the toolbar is being forced on clients from your site – it still won’t make it true. It is NOT a bug, it’s totally intentional.b) I feel sorry for you having to abandon your integrity by perpetuating your companys transparent lies. I hope your reasons and good enough to outweight the harm it is doing you.c) You state as fact that “The Vast majority of installs happen through content on 3rd party sites”. From this I assume that you monitor the source of all downloads, since you could not otherwise make that claim.In that case you could close this whole forum thread by letting all of us know WHICH SITES will provide a download without the toolbar “offer”!! Then we would know you have been up front all along. (Yes, that IS a challenge to you)d) OK – so you say that “given that NOT every user experiences this problem, I consider it to be a bug on the Adobe website”. That was in February 2008, nearly a year ago and I still can’t download it without the goggle toolbar. How much do you pay your website developers, because if its over $1000 per year then you are being robbed.e) Adobe may have made a BIG mistake joining forces with Google after all their bad press and legal problems. Just remember, the comments voiced on this forum may not be very many but I am willing to bet that for every person who takes the time and trouble to voice their views, there are another 10,000 who agree but say nothing. Are you REALLy doing yourself any favours getting involved with Google???I look forward to your comments.QuoteWhen the Internet was first concieved, it was with an open mind and hope for a brighter, closer and more communicative future for our world. How incredibly sad that those who have abandoned all morals in their lust for power and riches have taken this shiny bright hope and corrupted it with their evil

  17. Emmy says:

    Ian,a) I never claimed the offer was a “bug”. But not being able to install Flash Player when you decline the offer would be considered a bug.b) To me, “forcing” someone to install the Google Toolbar would mean that we did not give you a choice. Adobe gives you the choice to install the Flash Player without the toolbar on adobe.com. Personally, I would have serious issues with forcing 3rd party software installs on our customers with no notice and would be a very vocal proponent against any such proposal internally.c) We do not monitor the source, or referrers, to the installer downloads off of our CDN. We can monitor the visitor counts to the landing page for the download center. Based on the number of downloads of our installers and the number of hits to the landing pages, we know that the majority of installer requests are not initiated from adobe.com. Some websites choose to send users to adobe.com when they find there is no Flash Player installed, or an updated version is needed. Others will initiate the installation inline with the content and the user never goes to adobe.com. The experience may differ depending on the browser you are using. If you would like to try an example of what I am describing, uninstall the Flash Player ActiveX control for Internet Explorer and visit miniclip.com. You will get the IE ActiveX gold bar experience, and never go to Adobe.com to see a Google Toolbar offer.d) We have yet to receive a reproducible test case on this issue. Please file a bug so we can investigate.e) Thank you for your input and feedback on current toolbar relationship.regards,Emmy

  18. Bob S says:

    Emmy,I had to do a clean install of XP and reinstall all updates… there are no add-on applications installed. I’m experiencing the same problem reported in this thread. Seems like a major miscommunication going on. People say they cannot download Flash*Player from Adobe website without taking Google Toolbar and you disagreeing, saying the Toolbar is optional (over and over again).In my case, I start with “http://www.dobe.com/products/flashplayer.” I click on the button “get Adobe Flash*Player.” Then for one second I’m flashed a screen with URL “http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/,” and this one second screen does not have the mid section Google Toolbar offer. Before I can click anything, this screen is replaced by another screen with the same URL that looks identical except that it has the Google toolbar offer in the midsection with the check-box checked. So I uncheck the box labled “Free Google Toolbar (optional),” and then I click the big button “Agree and Install now.” The result is that I’m again presented with the one second screen described above and it immediately/automatically returns me to the screen with the Google Toolbar offer in the midsection with the “Free Google Toolbar (optional)” box checked. No matter how many times I uncheck the offer box and click “Agree and Install Now,” Im not permitted to proceed, I just get returned to the screen with the offer box checked.From your responses to previous comments, it seems that this situation is not reproduceable on your system. Its on mine (with a brand fresh clean XP system and no other software), and I’m sure its on all the others who’ve reported above.How can I proceed? What info can I provide and to whom that will help resolve this problem?Thanks, Bob S

  19. Emmy says:

    Hi Bob,I will have someone from support contact you.thanks,Emmy

  20. Brandie says:

    Think you could get someone from support to contact me too? I have been waiting for adobe to fix this problem for some time now and my patience is wearing thin. I do not want the google toolbar!It is exactly the way Bob says on my machine, only I have Vista. When I give up and install the toolbar everything works just fine. Then I delete the toolbar and, gone!”If you have a reproducible test case that we can use to verify your statement, I will look into it. We have not yet received a verifiable case of the Google Toolbar being installed from adobe.com with Flash Player without user permission.”I think this many complaints qualifies as verification. It would be enough for me to look into it, but that is just me.I do not mean to come off rude but it seems like you are saying there is no issue, when clearly there is one and the last thing anyone wants is the brush off. I love having Adobe products on my machine, however I am not a google fan and do not want it pushed on me so if that is not your intention please advise me of a solution.ThanksBrandie

  21. emmy says:

    Brandie,Yes, I have forwarded your comment on to the web team for someone to follow up with you.

  22. JennyLee says:

    Hi Emmy,I’d like support for a similar problem.My steps:1. Go to: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/2. Uncheck “Free Google Toolbar”3. Click “Agree and Install now”4. Site opens http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/trigger/2/5. Install ActiveX control (as requested)6. Click “Install” button7. Message displays: Unable to authenticate Installer. Options are either “Try Again” or “Cancel”. Choosing “Try Agani” results in the messages repeatng itself over and over. Choosing “Cancel” closes the window and then cancels the install process.Thanks,JLH

  23. Ian Hamiton says:

    As a layman can somebody tell me how I can get flash player, I follow the drop downs but it always returns to square one

  24. Angela says:

    I have spent hours/ days attempting to correct whatever is preventing me from viewing flash.After reading this, i thought perhaps the issue was that I had unselected the google toolbar.Sorry to say, my flash still doesn’t work.I do have the GOOGLE TOOLBAR! I am so steamed.Perhaps I will just remain Flash-free.-Angela

  25. Emmy says:

    Hi Angela,I’ll have someone from the web team contact you.thanks,e

  26. sex shop says:

    It is exactly the way Bob says on my machine, only I have Vista. When I give up and install the toolbar everything works just fine. Then I delete the toolbar and, gone!”If you have a reproducible test case that we can use to verify your statement, I will look into it. We have not yet received a verifiable case of the Google Toolbar being installed from adobe.com with Flash Player without user permission.”I think this many complaints qualifies as verification. It would be enough for me to look into it, but that is just me.