Flash Player 9 Update ( release available for Windows and Mac (CS3 bug fixes)

Updated players (Flash Player for Windows and Mac are available. Flash Player contains a few bug fixes that may impact content created with Flash CS3 Professional, but you don’t need to target unless you specifically hit one of these issues. CS3 ships with, so in your local testing you wouldn’t see any content playback issues so please take a look at the technotes so you understand if the issues impact you, and test with previous v9 players before you release.

The issues and workarounds are described in the following TechNotes and impact playback in Flash Player and earlier:

Technote KB401230: ActionScript 3.0 movie clips and components exported by Adobe Flash CS3 Professional incorrectly play through their timeline when ActionScript is used to prevent the timeline from playing. ActionScript 3 components will appear to flicker between their normal state and their skin settings. This issue only occurs in specific circumstances where a movie clip or component is placed on the stage on a keyframe other than the first keyframe, or if the object is removed later in the timeline.

Technote KB401350: ActionScript 3.0 code on Frame 1 will not run if the playhead causes a movie clip to be instantiated other than at its keyframe. If the playhead skips the keyframe by using an action like gotoAndStop() or gotoAndPlay(), the movie clip will be instantiated but the Frame 1 actions will be dropped.

Technote KB401348: ActionScript 3.0 classes that are exported to a specific frame other than Frame 1 by Adobe Flash CS3 Professional are only loaded if the playhead passes through the export frame. If ActionScript is used to skip over the frame specified in the Flash export settings, the class files will not be available while the application is running.

The Flash Player release notes are here. (Sorry about the bad link! fixed now.)

Where is the Linux version? This update was a result of the need to fix these few CS3 issues, and the honest answer is that the Linux player doesn’t ship with the products so we chose to keep it on its original update schedule. The Linux update is still being worked on, we’re enabling full-screen and wmode as promised, and it is still on for later this year.

52 Responses to Flash Player 9 Update ( release available for Windows and Mac (CS3 bug fixes)

  1. The link for the Flash Player release notes points to a page that brings up the message “We’re sorry, you are not allowed access to the service you requested.”

  2. _flaflip says:

    Hi Emmy, the link to the release notes is pointing to: http://www.stage.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/9/releasenotes.html#fixes_9045 which of course gives a ‘access denied’…

  3. Mike Dolan says:

    Hi Emmy, how about the Linux version of CS3? When does that ship for Linux 😉 (It’s the last piece of software I need on Linux to completely move all my systems to Linux)

  4. Jensa says:

    Hi Emmy,These are all nasty bugs that will affect quite a few projects created in Flash CS3? I mean – there has been minor bugs in many Flash Player releases, but we have almost always found workarounds. This time there is no workaround and the bugs are actually rather major if none of the new components will render properly as indicated in one of these issues. Every designer I know will use actionscript to stop playback of movieclips.With maybe 60% penetration of players that will fail when encountering this content, wouldn’t a pushed player update be appropriate?

  5. emmy says:

    Hi Mike,Request for CS3 tools on Linux noted ;-)Hi Jensa,Yes, I agree it is unfortunate that using the new ActionScript 3.0 components means you will need to update folks to It was a side-effect of this development cycle, where Flash Player 9 released in June 2006 and CS3 in April 2007. The staggered dev/test/release cycle meant this bug (it’s one underlying bug) didn’t surface until alpha.This is the first time in the history of the player and tool that we’ve had over 80% penetration at the release of the tool. So for folks that are able to implement a workaround – Flash Player 9 is at 83.4% as of March. If we follow the FP8 and FP9 adoption trends, will be at 80% by December.best,e

  6. Charles says:

    Ms. Huang,Please, please, PLEASE release a native Flash plugin/player for FreeBSD. Flash has become ubiqitous these days and we FreeBSD users are left out in the cold. Using the Linux compatibility layer just isn’t the same thing.Native Flash for FreeBSD!! :-)Thank you for your consideration.

  7. Torben says:

    Hello,I don’t think it will be a big problem, that the users have to update to Flash Player 9 released in June 2006 and until now we have a 83.4% penetration for the version 9.0! That’s enormously… And December isn’t far away in our business. I wish i can be on the FITC and watch gskinner… greets from germany – that’s far far away from Canada… 🙁

  8. Arab says:

    Hello,Since M$ will release silverlight, why adobe doesn’t support FreeBSD and PCBSD which is based on FreeBSD to get more support from BSD community?We really need Native Flash Player for FreeBSD since linux has ALSA api which isn’t in FreeBSD and no BSD uses it at all.

  9. Mark Crane says:

    I also want to request, plead, and beg for a Native BSD version of Flash. In particular for FreeBSD and PCBSD (based on BSD). In many ways PCBSD is the better than Linux for the desktop the only thing holding it back is Native Flash Version.

  10. GrogDog says:

    Yeah it would nice to have Flash 9 and all future releases be available to PC-BSD and FreeBSD liek they are for Windows and Mac and even Linux now.I know Adobe considers the BSD market small, but it might bump up those % numbers you posted of people who use the player.Plus as the last poster said, since MS is trying to cut in on your business, why not get support from more varied sources by making your product available to more users?Flash has become an integral part of the internet, not providing it to people who choose to have a more secure operating system is just cruel really. I like multimedia too! 😉

  11. Charles A. Landemaine says:

    I wish we had a native version for PC-BSD.

  12. TerryP says:

    I’d really like a native BSD version of Flash9 but I know thats a fair bit of work. Especially if you made use of ALSA for the Linux port.So all I will say, is THANK YOU for Flashplayer 9 for Linux and THANK YOU for allowing PC-BSD to make it easy for users to have Flashplayer on BSD ;-)Its not as good for web development as some things I’ve seen on Win/Mac. But it gets the clients working and makes for a good BSD Desktop.PS: Hope Silverlight dies out fast.

  13. Jack says:

    Emmy,Please release a native version of flash player for FreeBSD

  14. paul says:

    flash 9 linux bins are completely unusable on freebsd.I’d be surprised if they were any use on any OSbut linux, I haven’t heard any success stories.what’s the gameplan for the OS’s you’ve lockedout of the www mr huang ?is there ever likely to be a port ?completely unsupported will do, really.in fact, just a comment from you would be nice.just a “no chance, not now, not ever”would be something.please??cheers-paul

  15. zeroone says:

    I’m beging for Flash 9 native support on BSD’s, too.

  16. Gary says:

    FreeBSD enthusiast here, forced to use linux :ugh: because of the lack of FreeBSD Flash 9.

  17. J.R. says:

    Another voice for a native FreeBSD flash, please.

  18. CyberBotX says:

    I too would like to see a native FreeBSD version of Flash 9, only because of how much Flash 8/9 is out on the web and the problems with the Linux Flash 7 running under FreeBSD.

  19. Michael R. says:

    Dear Emmy Huang;The lack of a native FreeBSD version of flash 9 is IMO really creating a serious problem going forward for this excellent OS. Could you please address this issue? Any comment (and of course an action plan!)would be greatly appreciated.Thanks for your consideration,Michael

  20. Michael McCaskill says:

    I agree. Native Flash9 for FreeBSD would be really great.

  21. Kevin says:

    I believe having a native flash 9 for FreeBSD would win the hearts of most FreeBSD users world over, including myself. Its a win – win situation.

  22. emmy huang says:

    Hi,While I don’t have any news about a native port, we did work with IXSystems on redistribution of the binary with PC-BSD to make it easier for end-users to install. I believe Free BSD is also working on a wrapper for the v9 plugin.http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/04/prweb519843.htm*BSD is not supported natively at this time, but it would be silly for me to say that we would *never* support it. Never say never, because things always change.best,e

  23. Funny, I’m running the and I’m still having problems with stop() commands being recognized.Are you sure this was fixed in Technote KB401230?For a test case: I created MovieClip “A” on the main timeline. Inside MovieClip A is MovieClip “B” tweening from frames 1 to 5. A stop() is on the first frame on this inner timeline, so no animation should occur.When I publish as ActionScript 3.0 — animation! Arrggh! When I publish as ActionScript 2.0, no animation, as it should be.What gives?

  24. flashfan says:

    I would also like to ask that Adobe consider better supporting the BSD platforms. I would love to be able to use Flash (both on websites and as part of my own), but without a native browser plugin, the best you can hope for is a few versions behind.

  25. +1 For native support for FreeBSD!

  26. niki says:

    ++ for BSD here. Please release finally native flash for BSD don’t ignore the BSD community so ugly.

  27. Edward Fuhr says:

    I will also throw a belated cry for FreeBSD support. Even Solaris has received Flash9 native binaries.

  28. Marko Tene says:

    Add me and about 10 other people I know to the list for FreeBSD.

  29. Igor Soumenkov says:

    +1 for FreeBSD support – it would be really great to see the plugin running natively!

  30. Chris says:

    +1 for FreeBSD flash.Has Adobe considered releasing the source for Flash? That way, other people can help port flash to other platforms faster and probably with less bugs since more people are viewing the source code.

  31. zeusx64 says:

    Indeed, a native BSD Flash player is in order. I am a well rounded user of PCBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, OS X, Windows XP, and you name it, ,I use it. Please consider a native BSD binary. We all use the web and tyhe more you give us, the more we can give you.Thank you for your time.

  32. ajk says:

    Here’s another vote for native BSD flash.

  33. bulldog says:

    Add me also to the list for FreeBSD.please !!!!!

  34. Thomas says:

    Why keeping the *BSD community out, let’s have native flash on *BSD Please

  35. Matthew says:

    Another vote for FreeBSD here!

  36. Ikuso says:

    One more vote for native flash support on BSD operating systems. Thanks.

  37. Will Jones says:

    Hi,I am also having issues with the stop(); command, the player stops on the first stop(); frame, but when using the menu to move about in the movie it ignores all the other stop():’s and just plays the whole movie. I am running CS3 and have tried publishing in Player 8 and 9, as well as .45 and get the same issue. Is there a patch we need to apply to address this in CS3, I had no such issues when running Flash 8?Thanks a million,Will

  38. Tom Donnelly says:

    Please, I am pleading you to release flash for *BSD! We refuse to use flash on our companies website until it is released for BSD as our entire IT staff uses it exclusively.Thanks!!!!!!!

  39. Developer says:

    The lack of native Flash on FreeBSD keeps me from developing in Flash. I will *always* choose an alternative technology that allows true cross platform deployment whenever possible. Please create a native Flash Player for FreeBSD.

  40. druidez says:

    +1 for freebsd.Please.

  41. Watson says:

    Here’s another vote for native BSD flash.

  42. Francesc says:

    Please release a native flash plugin for *BSD

  43. chris says:

    Emmy, there are about 44 posts on this page, 1 is for a linux enhancement which you answer immediately, 33 are requests for native bsd flash about which you are practically silent and it’s the same on other pages in this blog. There’s clearly demand for a native bsd flash, could you at least explain as if you are talking to intelligent people why it is not being developed please instead of mumbling vaguely about never say never. Thanks.

  44. emmy says:

    @ Chris. Sorry – I do get a lot of these comments on various posts. I answered Paul’s question in June up above, and unless I have different or new news to share I typically don’t repost the same information again and again. Most of these comments are requests for support, not questions.I can’t really (and won’t) say that Adobe will never support BSD, just that we aren’t supporting it right now. But other than that, I don’t have any news to share at this time.

  45. alex says:

    More than 44 comments, there are THOUHSANDS of signatures on this petetion for adobe to release a BSD port of flash, those who havent signed it already are welcome to. Wake up adobe.http://www.petitiononline.com/flash4me/petition.html

  46. DEREK says:

    ADOBE SHOULD NOT BE CHARGING FOR ANY—AND I MEAN ANY!! OF ITS FLASH PLAYERS BECAUSE THERE ARE FAR FAR TOOOOO MANY BUGS CONNECTED WITH THEM!!! EVERY TIME I TRY TO DOWNLOAD ANY OF THE 9–9.0.115 VERSIONS FROM A WEB PAGE IT SHUTS DOWN MY BROWSER!!! TODAY WAS 14TH TIME THIS HAPPENED YOU CLOWNS SHOULD STEP THE F@$# OUT OF THE WAY AND STOP TRYING TO RUN A F%#$@*! MONOPOLY ON THE FLASH PLAYER BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!*****Derek – Tech support will contact you. If you have an installation issue in the future, Adobe provides free email-based technical support for installation: http://www.adobe.com/support/programs/flashplayer/?tab:contact=1By submitting this issue through technical support, you will be able to resolve your issue, or, you could be highlighting a problem that we have with our installer which will help everyone.Thanks- emmy*****

  47. Harry says:

    The lack of Flash player support is discouraging users to use FreeBSD as a main deskop environment, since it is the *only* and the most significant problem.The most popular sites like youtube are totally unavailable for FreeBSD users, and browsing the internet is one of the most important uses the a desktop system do…If the problem for not releasing a native FreeBSD player is *financial* , please provide some links or contacts to the people and I am sure that myriads of FreeBSD users will be happy to contribute for that purpose.Thank you,Harry

  48. dannis says:

    Yes please, is 2008 already and we have no flash on Freebsd.

  49. Panikos says:

    I too would appreciate a clear understanding of why BSD is not supported. And if you don’t wish to spend the resources to do so yourself why don’t you work with the community to have them do it for you?Regards,Panikos

  50. Pete Ruddy says:

    Please release a native version for FreeBSD.Thanks in advance.Pete

  51. Jesper says:

    Hi Emmy & Abode,Please See the light. FreeBSD isn’t just an OS, it’s more than that. FreeBSD is a community of serious users, working together to improve the OS every single second, making it safe and stable to use, so…Please contact the community and let them do the hard work of the Flash Player 9 plugin.One day you’ll see the light. BSD is getting bigger and bigger and one thing to tell is, MAC has already seen the light (OS-X (darwin BSD).Thanks…Jesper

  52. Youssef says:

    Hi,I have the same issue with a stop() action on the first keyframe of a mc, but there is a quite simple solution.Before you perform an addChild(mc)just add mc.gotoAndStop(1) in your code, and it will not longer play all frames.Gr,Y