Flash Player 9 Update ( release available for Windows and Mac (CS3 bug fixes)

Updated players (Flash Player for Windows and Mac are available. Flash Player contains a few bug fixes that may impact content created with Flash CS3 Professional, but you don’t need to target unless you specifically hit one of these issues. CS3 ships with, so in your local testing you wouldn’t see any content playback issues so please take a look at the technotes so you understand if the issues impact you, and test with previous v9 players before you release.

The issues and workarounds are described in the following TechNotes and impact playback in Flash Player and earlier:

Technote KB401230: ActionScript 3.0 movie clips and components exported by Adobe Flash CS3 Professional incorrectly play through their timeline when ActionScript is used to prevent the timeline from playing. ActionScript 3 components will appear to flicker between their normal state and their skin settings. This issue only occurs in specific circumstances where a movie clip or component is placed on the stage on a keyframe other than the first keyframe, or if the object is removed later in the timeline.

Technote KB401350: ActionScript 3.0 code on Frame 1 will not run if the playhead causes a movie clip to be instantiated other than at its keyframe. If the playhead skips the keyframe by using an action like gotoAndStop() or gotoAndPlay(), the movie clip will be instantiated but the Frame 1 actions will be dropped.

Technote KB401348: ActionScript 3.0 classes that are exported to a specific frame other than Frame 1 by Adobe Flash CS3 Professional are only loaded if the playhead passes through the export frame. If ActionScript is used to skip over the frame specified in the Flash export settings, the class files will not be available while the application is running.

The Flash Player release notes are here. (Sorry about the bad link! fixed now.)

Where is the Linux version? This update was a result of the need to fix these few CS3 issues, and the honest answer is that the Linux player doesn’t ship with the products so we chose to keep it on its original update schedule. The Linux update is still being worked on, we’re enabling full-screen and wmode as promised, and it is still on for later this year.