(tiny) clarification on bi-directional text support in the next Flash Player

I see that my fellow product manager, Matt Chotin, has “committed” support for bi-directional text support in the next major version of Flash Player on the Flex Components Yahoo group. 😀

Don’t worry, I’m not taking it back. Be assured that bi-di is a long requested capability that we do indeed intend to support in the platform. But I thought I’d clarify a bit since people will want more details.

First off, as everyone knows, the text layout engine in the current Flash Player does not support bi-di. There are plenty of ways that you can simulate it for certain use cases, but we acknowledge that it falls well-short of what our developers need. To address the shortcomings and limitations, we are improving the text layout capabilities in the next Flash Player so that at a low level it will enable support of bi-di and complex text in your applications. The new low level text framework will be used to build text components (probably a library of text components) with greater functionality than what we have today.

Want to help us figure out what we should be working on? Are there components you would expect Adobe to provide? What types of applications are you trying to build? Let us know what your requirements would be for improved text layout, bi-di or other things you’d like to do with text in your content and applications that you can’t do today.