Flash Player 9 update 3, Flex 3 and Apollo betas now available on Adobe Labs!

Another set of exciting betas are ready to go for our community! Tonight we have Flash Player 9 update 3, Flex 3 and the anticipated Adobe Integrated Runtime (formerly known as Apollo) betas available for immediate download from Adobe Labs. In addition to all the beta goodness, the Flex team has started the nightly build process and opened up their bugbase. Check out all the details of the Flex info here.

The Flash Player 9 update 3 beta ( has a little something for everyone. In addition over 300 bug fixes, and the new player cache for Adobe platform components that Ted mentioned on Thursday, we’ve added performance enhancements that will improve your video and interactive content. The hot new feature is full-screen mode with hardware scaling, which can be used to deliver significant improvements in visual quality and performance for video. If you’re interested in the technical details behind this feature and the rest of the performance enhancements, Tinic will be talking about the under-the-hood details on his blog and has also written an article on Adobe Labs on the new API for accessing this feature. There is also a video you can use to see the difference between software and hardware full-screen mode. Check back, if it hasn’t gone live yet…

Note that the hardware scaling feature is enabled BY DEFAULT in beta 1 — it is important for us to get it tested thoroughly this round and get feedback, so if you run into any issues please use the bug form to report your issue and what graphics card you’re using. We will be switching that back in the next beta, so please remember to use the new API in your demos so they continue to work correctly.

In addition to bug fixes, other enhancements in beta 1 include:
* Enhancements to ExternalInterface to enable recursive calls to and from JavaScript (not available in Opera or Netscape yet), and to support runtime errors from JavaScript to ActionScript
* Support for the Accept-Language header in Internet Explorer
* Support for full-screen mode on Linux
* Support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) in the Windows plugin (Oops! My mistake – this will be in the next beta)

Don’t forget to review the release notes, and the FAQ!

19 Responses to Flash Player 9 update 3, Flex 3 and Apollo betas now available on Adobe Labs!

  1. Weyert says:

    Any chance you could give more details about the MSAA support in the Windows plugin? Did the Firefox plugin nos upport for this? What about the IE plugin? And what about supporting the IAccessible2 interface of IBM? This might enhance accessibility if we are able to tag components accordingly. FP10?

  2. Jeremy says:

    Congrats on the brilliant new release :)Btw, where’s the HD ?

  3. emmy huang says:

    @WeyertRight – MSAA support was previously only for the ActiveX control. This release brings support to the plugin. I am aware of the new IAccessible2 API put forth by IBM, and we are investigating for FP10.@JeremyThe hardware scaling, multi-core support, and decoder enhancements do indeed make “hd” more achievable for video quality. There is a demo available for download from the Labs article, if you want to check out the quality differences of the two modes — run your task manager and check out the CPU utilization, too.emmy

  4. Nick says:

    Cool. Does this include the Debug install? Thanks!

  5. Miles says:

    Lots of exciting news today. A big thanks goes to all you folks at Adobe that keep on pushing this technology forward.Regarding the new fullscreen features, is it still the case that in fullscreen mode you cannot interact using key presses? If so, that’s a real shame. Having hardware accelerated fullscreen games would be great. But not being able to use keys would really limit the types of games possible.Also, now that you’re using hardware acceleration via DirectX/OpenGL for the fullscreen mode, does this mean that Adobe may consider using hardware acceleration for other features… You know what I mean… 3… D….?

  6. emmy huang says:

    @ Weyert — oops! the release notes (and I) said plugin accessibility, but that is for Update 3 and it is NOT in beta 1. Sorry about that!@Nick – debug players are included in the Flex SDK download, but not from the player download page. I’ll see about making them more readily available in the next beta@Miles – yes the keyboard restriction is still there for the same security reasons. We’re looking at that for the next major release, along with other ways to improve performance of the rendering pipeline 🙂

  7. Jbus says:

    What’s happening with Linux flash player development? Are we ever going to get our bugs fixed? I sure hope Adobe hasn’t pulled the Penguin SWF project off the burner.What about Flex on Linux? Are we going to have to beg like we did with flashplayer?Also… Why the rumors that there will be no Flash player available for the iPhone (ARM Processor)? Does Adobe not have any plans to target imminent iPhone market?

  8. Alvin says:

    Great job guys! The player cache is brilliant.When this latest version of the player is release will users need to go back to Adobe’s site to download and install the lastest version?

  9. emmy huang says:

    @Jbus – the Linux player is available in this beta, and bugs are being fixed. Linux development is integrated in player development, and now that the player is up to v9 all devs are responsible for implementing new features *cross-platform* moving forward.Adobe clearly has interest in providing useful technologies for the mobile and device market. I don’t have anything useful to add to the iPhone rumors — it’s Apple’s product and it would be inappropriate for me to make a guesstimate of their plans there. Best person to ask? Apple. :-)@Alvin – as with any player release, content drives installs. Developers that are using the new features will code detection scripts to update end-users as necessary. You can either send people to adobe.com (a very small percentage of sites do this), use Express Install, or use any of the other detection/installation methods that have been developed by the community.emmy

  10. Laura says:

    Emmy,Where should I log a bug if I don’t see the issue in the known issues list?I am experiencing some problems with embedded fonts (in a panel header) that used to work fine with the old player.Thanks!

  11. emmy huang says:

    @Laura,There is a bug submission form linked off of the Adobe Labs page labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayerbest,e

  12. Steve says:

    a great product, exspecially the cache. i am happy about the performance im provement. this will help me working on my game. i am waiting forward the next updates with more improvements.

  13. Pheet says:

    When will there be a port for FreeBSD?Still stuck with Flash 7 here…

  14. steve says:

    Is there any news on linux x64 support? Several of us are looking forward to this. I’ve actually abandoned vista x64 in favor of ubuntu x64 (much more stable) … MS has had many x64 specific bugs which I find baffling given how long x64 has been on the market … I can’t wait for flash support, so I hope adobe shows some leadership among the big players … I know you’d get some “alpha geek” praise for this! Seriously though, isn’t it time for x64 as we’re now seeing quad-core EMT64s show up in home media centers?

  15. Zbigniew L. says:

    It would be nice to see Linux plugin equally rich in features like Windows or Mac releases. We Linux users are always discriminated by cutting out the most cool features. Like Beta3: hw accelerated scaled video is only not available in Linux when there is universal, very popular X-Video interface for easy doing all video tasks in hardware on GPU (playback, scaling, color space conversion).

  16. macscruff says:

    I have the suspiscion that Apple made some sort of agreement with Youtube. Well, of course they did since the Youtube icon is on the Iphone main menu. However, youtube plays all of the videos (FLV format) through a SWF or Flash Player file. In fact, FLV means “Flash Video”.Most other video sites also play vids through a SWF, but the Youtube special section accessible through the Iphone either is the only application that is allowed to use flash or is a player in a different format than flash. I expect the Iphone folks agreed to keep the flash player off the Iphone just so that users could NOT access the other video sites such as Ifilm and google video.I think the exclusion of the flash player is intention as per some agreement with youtube.I am a developer using flash as a user interface and working with FLEX as well. FLEX applications are not accessible through the Iphone. I cant express without profanity my frustration.The worst thing about all this is that Apple promised “NOT a watered down version of the internet”.

  17. Johnny Lunder says:

    What??? STILL no x64?*annoyed*

  18. SwitchBL8 says:

    Over 4 months later: STILL NO LINUX x64 VERSION!

  19. Sam says:

    Please get the debug version of the beta 3 available so that I can start developing for this new release.Sam