Red Bull Backcountry Bombshells video for hardware scaling demo now online on Adobe Labs

We posted the Red Bull Backcountry Bombshells video online so that you can view it without downloading and setting up the demo files from the zip. Makes it much easier to view. Huge thanks to Red Bull for providing this awesome, high-quality video to show off this new feature.

Get your friends, parents, co-workers and random people you meet to help us test the beta. We want to get feedback on as many machines as possible!

18 Responses to Red Bull Backcountry Bombshells video for hardware scaling demo now online on Adobe Labs

  1. ak says:

    Doesnt load for me. Proxy issue?

  2. emmy huang says:

    @akIt is a big file, and there is a buffer so that some of the file is down before playback occurs. That said, I think we’re trying to put it on a different server so it serves up better.e

  3. Julian says:

    Does the hardware scaling also carry over to anti-aliasing? That’s a processor intensive operation, and usually when we’re talking hardware acceleration, this is one of the biggest benefits. I haven’t had a chance to run a test yet, but can you confirm that anti-aliasing will take advantage of the hardware acceleration?

  4. paul says:

    having to watch this stuff in win32 coz there’sstill no FreeBSD binary, and no comment.deaf ears all around at many thousands of people have to fill in the petitions and post begging requests on these blogsbefore someone there develops the (un)commoncourtesy to post a reply ?it’s really source isn’t just linux, adobe.far from it.

  5. emmy huang says:

    @paulI’ve mentioned this many times in previous posts. I don’t have any news to share on a native *BSD port at this time, and it would be inappropriate for me to claim that Adobe will never support it — because things change.PC-BSD has a license to redistribute the binary which will make it easier for end-users to use/install the player. I believe FreeBSD is also working on updating the plugin wrapper for the v9 plugin.,e

  6. paul says:

    I promise I have not seen this mentioned many times. I’ve not seen this mentioned at all. I’ve tried running the player under linux emulation (the asi linuxulator in freebsd) it’s a non-starter, run ldd on the thing and work out what needs to be present for it to run, we’re not talking a few MB of libs here. then it fails to produce anything but cores. everybody I’ve spoken to about this has similar experience. try it.and yes, I do appreciate that you don’t want to hear people moaning, but by that same token I’m pretty tired of having to boot a windows box to take a look at youtube etc. good luck with the pcbsd thing, I’ll cross my fingers but if it’s all the same with you I won’t hold my breath.

  7. paul says:

    I perused the rest of your blog comments,I found a single reply from you a *long* timeago effectively saying “not now”, and then anotherposted the same day as your reply to mereiterating what you’d said here.I found many many *many* requests for a *bsd binthat hadn’t had a, any update on this ?have you seen the online petitions etc ?did you hear bsdtalk #43 ?please, try to understand thatevery time you slap yourself on the backover flashplayer, you’re slapping the*bsd users in the face.adobe as a company seem impervious to theserequests, they do seem to enjoy using BSDcode in their products however, includingflashplayer.

  8. paul says:

    why’s there no flashplayer for the free BSD’s ?some of their code is in it, do the right thing,not the absolute minimum the licence dictates!

  9. emmy huang says:

    Hi Paul,Maybe my comment was too snarky, and I apologize if I’ve offended you.With any release, Adobe has to make decisions about how to best prioritize the work that we need to do with the resources we have. Platforms to support (and to drop) are carefully considered each release, on top of the new features we need to add to support our core business strategies and objectives. To date, a native port of Flash Player to BSD has not been a high priority.I don’t have any new news to share, and it’s not because something has changed and I’ve forgotten to share it. ;-)Also, I’m not sure I understand your comment about using BSD code? We may use code that is licensed under the BSD license, but I’m not sure how that is relevant to supporting the OS.regards,e

  10. paul says:

    thanks for the reply Emmy,the only way you could offend me is to ignore me.experience suggests that a native port to the*bsd’s would most likely be the simplest you’veever undertaken, given that you have a workingcodebase for OSX (which has a freebsd userland)and linux.practically all the multimedia apps that runon linux have native ports for the bsd’s,including monsters like vlc and mplayer, eventhe toolchains are practically identical.perhaps that could be taken into considerationwhen you’re evaluating platform support ?the bsds are stealthy, but they’re far fromminority platforms, I’m sure you’re awareof all the heavy lifting jobs they performon the net, there’s millions of freebsdwebservers for eg.admins and devs like to be able to run thesame OS as their desktop environment.PCBSD is looking good, but it’s dead in thewater without flashplayer. it’s as simpleas that.the comment about using BSD code was reallyjust an attempt to cajole you into replying,however, I’m sure you’ll agree that themajority of BSD licenced code tends to comefrom the BSD’s, it’s generally developed thereand maintained your 3rd party euladoesn’t have any details on what you’re using,I’d say it was a reasonable guess, you certainlyuse code from openbsd in other products.there’s no real PD any more, the BSDs are someof the few (only?) OS’s that genuinely produce free,non-viral, “do what you like with this”, code.surely nurturing that is something that’s goodfor everybody, including adobe.I hope I’ve expressed what a big deal this isfor the *BSD’s, I’m running XP here to web browsepurely because of the lack of flashplayer.if you genuinely want to be able to say thatyour product is “OS neutral”,”platform neutral”or “run anywhere” then surely the BSDs haveto be considered.many thanks.-paul

  11. paul says:

    I really should read what I’ve typed beforehitting the post button.I forgot to add that the lack of nativeflashplayer for the bsds is even mentioned onthe flashplayer wikipedia’ll surely be worth kudos and be good PRfor adobe to remedy this.cheers-paul

  12. MButterman says:

    Paul,I really feel your unbridled frustration here. I have to run a 32 bit O/S to retain compatability with flash player. That is sad indeed. It will be the 1 year mark in September of adobe’s announcement of plans of a 64 bit flash player but with no tentative dates. The 64 bit arch has been around for a few years, why is so hard to keep up with the times here. I say flash player is open sourced to linux and BSD’s so we can develop a version quicker and with progress we can actually measure to the people that require it.I agree on the cross platform compatability commitment remark. It really is reduced to talking the talk and walking the walk. does this means that adobe is bad people here? no but I have to question where their priorities lie.Don’t make the commitment to cross platform compatability unless you can show verifiable proof to your intentions.MButterman

  13. Doug says:

    I’d like to know which settings were used to encode this video to Flash format. Is there any more information available about the video?

  14. emmy huang says:

    Hi,If you would like to help speed up 64-bit support or want to check progress, you can visit the Tamarin project page. The most difficult portion of work to support 64-bit for the player is the virtual Tinic mentions in this post:“We have a few very good engineers working on the Linux version right now in parallel to the work we do for 8.5 [was changed to v9 before release]. 64bit versions will take a little longer, there are no definite plans just yet. Just recompiling will not work unlike what you might think. The main issue here is the x86 JIT in the virtual machine and the mark&sweep garbage collection which are not 64bit aware right now, work on 32bit pointers only. Adding and testing this is not a small task as anyone who ever worked on this type of low level infrastructure might be able to attest. I can really only ask for patience here, we are aware that we need to offer a solution as soon as possible.”regards,Emmy

  15. emmy huang says:

    @DougLet me,e

  16. Manuel says:

    Isnt there a better streaming options, I downloaded 15 MB already and it did not start playing yet :S

  17. lrvk says:

    beautiful. but err… totally off topic: what’s the wonderful music in the video? there seem to be multiple songs in it and most of them (especially the first two) are very cool. help!

  18. lrvk says:

    I found one of the tunes myself 🙂 … the part with the ‘is it me, is it you…’-vocals is from ‘airways’ by atomica. they seem to be into ‘podsafe’ stuff so it could be that other songs are to be found in that direction as well.still hunting. especially for the intro tune (sounds like a nonexistent ‘board of canada’-song) and the uptempo track right after it with the ‘feel the breeze’ and ‘mystery bliss’ lyrics.