Big day for web video: Adobe announces support for H.264 and HE-AAC in Flash Player

Big news today 🙂

Adobe announced support for industry standard H.264 video and HE-AAC audio in Adobe Flash Player. We are adding support for these codecs in Flash Player 9 Update 3 (code named “Moviestar”) currently available on Adobe Labs. The updated bits will be available for download later today (Tuesday) afternoon. I’ll post again when the Adobe Labs content goes live, where we will have an updated full screen demo with H.264 and an FAQ.

We’re really excited to bring this industry standard codec to the player, and it will also be coming to AIR. H.264 has a strong ecosystem and will give you more choice in terms of tools, content sources, and deployment options. The new codec also enjoys the other features introduced in Flash Player 9 update 3 – multi-core support for rendering and hardware accelerated full screen mode.

Until then, check out Tinic’s blog for some details of this new feature.