Flash Player June 2007 stats live on adobe.com

The June 2007 stats have been published on adobe.com. The September surveys should be going out soon, so hopefully we’ll have the data back in time for MAX!

2 Responses to Flash Player June 2007 stats live on adobe.com

  1. Sir I have only disgust and contempt for theAdobe Flash player (generic). It does what it does and that’s the reason! Why I can’t even choosenot to use it in favor of another video player.Every popup imaginable notifys, “missing plug-in.click here to download and install.” I’ve discovered by accident several ‘blocking’ applets that bar the pop up process altogether.Ok, that’s item one but not the main thing.Before Flash ever existed I have been using various popular free players (and some not free) to serve portions of my work as a consultant. I’m certain you know and used the 4 majors, WinMedia,AppleQuickTime,RealMedia,& VideoLan. Sir, all 4players have settings for SlowMotion! Some havethem for Fast motion, Reverse motion,Freeze frame& even Frame by Frame. VLC lan even has provision to export any frame as a Still in numerous fileformats! I don’t expect Adobe Flash to come up with that! My point is you cannot find an internet vid player without a slow-motion function even amongst the next dozen lesser knowns and newcomers and or called odd ball programs.I’m aware of the enormous acceptance and popularity of Flash, at 93% penetration. Nevertheless,respectfully I expect a response to this letter, even if its an LOL retort. More importantly I would like my complaint addressed re the inability to use other players capable of reproducing the flash format because Flash itself is programed as the only player that can be seen by the seeking media.Graham R. BarnesBryn Mawr, Pa.onegram@comcast.net

  2. Werbeagentur says:

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