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Adobe products and Leopard support

Adobe has posted an FAQ about Leopard support for CS products.

Yes, Flash Player 9 is Leopard-compatible and we will continue to work with Apple on any outstanding issues. We’re working on a player specific technote to call out known issues, such as the one with FileReference upload/download which will be fixed in the upcoming Moviestar release.

Video of Astro in Day 1 MAX 2007 keynote

If you missed the keynote, or weren’t able to make it to Chicago for MAX this year, Aral Balkan has a video clip of us presenting a few of the Astro features on his blog.

Aral’s blog on the Astro keynote

I am very pleased with how the demos came through, and we have a lot of people to thank for pulling them together so that we could show them to you:
* Creating assets and generally busting his a** to get the demos together: Justin Everett-Church, Sr. Product Manager for Flash Player!!!
* Text demo of bidi/complex scripts: Jerry Hall, Eric Muller, Sairus Patel in Core Tech. Core Tech is working closely with our team on the layout engine. We are talking about some super text gurus!
* Adobe Edge: Robin Briggs, who is leading the text component library engineering effort
* 3D: Chris Nuuja, Flash Player engineering, for getting us a build with the new 3D APIs (while we’re working on Moviestar)
* Kevin Goldsmith, Bob Archer, and Elba Sobrino (and probably more from the Adobe Image Foundation team) for their awesome work on the Hydra language, the toolkit, sample filters and getting it up on Adobe Labs today