Archive for December, 2007 Debug versions are also available

Sorry I missed this in the original post! Debug players are available on the Support downloads page.

Yes, Linux debug and standalone players are also available.

Flash Player 9 Update 3 ( now available

Flash Player 9 Update 3, with H.264 support, is now available from the download center.

This was a ginormous release for us, and for you. This release brings:
* New audio/video options with H.264/HE-AAC codec support
* Improved Performance through multi-core support for rendering, hardware scaling in full-screen, multi-threaded video decoding, a new algorithm for image scaling, and the Flash Player cache for local caching of common platform components to reduce SWF sizes and app loading times
* Support for full-screen mode for Linux
* MSAA Accessibility support for the plugin
* Mac OS X Leopard support
* And bug fixes


* Take a look at our updated product page! We’ve got the new logo, an updated look and feel, and an updated datasheet. The feature demo has also been updated to include an H.264 video clip and full screen demo.
* Press Release
* Release Notes
* Check the Dev Center for new articles and updates
* Check the support center for new Technotes