Debug versions are also available

Sorry I missed this in the original post! Debug players are available on the Support downloads page.

Yes, Linux debug and standalone players are also available.

5 Responses to Debug versions are also available

  1. Justinas V.D. says:

    I am glad to see that Adobe further develops this flash plugin, but are there any news in x86_64 front?..

  2. miles says:

    I just noticed that the flash CS3 IDE update is now available!Is there a way to test full screen content in the IDE? Changing stage.displayState there doesn’t seem to have any effect.

  3. TMaxim says:

    I don’t like this version. How I can rollback this update?

  4. paula says:

    ARG!A month ago my Vista computer told me that flash was no longer working on my computer. I looked at the adobe website and followed the instructions for de-installing and re-installing and re-booting and…nothing. My 6 month old laptop no longer allows me to see flash media. As the Director of Product Management at a software company, I know it just does not need to be this hard to solve what should be a simple problem.Once again, ARG!Paula Dycaico***Hi Paula,Adobe offers free technical support for installation issues: http://www.adobe.com/support/programs/flashplayer/?tab:contact=1I recommend contacting them so that they can understand the issues with your machine.thanks,Emmy****

  5. Max Merkel says:

    Hellothe new flash player is terribly SLOW on linux. unusable slow! one youtube video is taking up huge amounts of cpu and having 2 or 3 firefox-tabs open with flash ads takes 100% cpu time!!i have a nvidia graphics card and read in a lot of forums and blogs that other nvidia owners have the same problems with the new 9.115 flash player.enabling or disabling the hardware acceleration makes no difference.the penguin.swf blog has a lot of comments about this but never adressed these problems or answered the questions.why is this happening, and when will this be resolved ? the 9.048 versions did not have these problems, but is unusable due to its security problems.****Hi,If you have a set of URLs where we can reproduce this issue, please file a bug: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=fp_beta_feedbackthanks,Emmy*****