Flash Player 9 @ 95.7% in December study

It’s been up for a few weeks now, but the quarterly study results for December are now available. Note that this wave includes emerging markets, which are every other quarter.

The first row is how we present the data on the website. It tells you the percentage of people that can view a SWF of that version. The second row, is the % of the population with that player version installed (the delta between v and v+1).

December 2007 – Mature Markets v6 v7 v8 v9
% able to view content by SWF version 98.8% 98.8% 98.3% 95.7%
Install base by version 0.0% 0.5% 2.6% 95.7%
December 2007 – Emerging Markets v6 v7 v8 v9
% able to view content by SWF version 97.4% 97.3% 95.5% 93.3%
Install base by version 0.1% 1.8% 2.2% 93.3%

10 Responses to Flash Player 9 @ 95.7% in December study

  1. Jeff says:

    Hi,PCBSD is really catching on. It would be great to have Flash9 available natively for FreeBSD and Firefox.What are the odds of that happening any time soon?Tnx, Jeff*****Hi Jeff,Sorry, I don’t have a solid answer for you right now. We are continuously evaluating our system requirements and platform/browser support matrix. Adding (or dropping) support for OS is carefully considered for every major release and PCBSD is on the radar but I can’t commit to anything at this time.best,e*****

  2. Thank you for the post. It’s really nice to see Flash v9 kicking in fast.What’s the reason behind the drop from June/2007 at 99.3% to 98.8% in December? Is SilverLight to blame?Another thing, according to http://www.adobe.com/products/player_census/flashplayer/“Adobe® Flash® Player is the world’s most pervasive software platform, used by over 2 million professionals and reaching over 98% …”If I remember correctly, I read at Macromedia.com before merging to Adobe (in late 2004), that the Flash Player was used by over 2 million professionals, didn’t that number increase since then? what is meant by professionals? is it Flash developers and content providers?Thanks,****Hi Ammar,That is within the +/-2% margin of error for the study. So, it’s noise. If it were to shift beyond that, we would 1) make sure there wasn’t a problem in the data collection, and 2) if there isn’t a problem look for a reason why there was a big shift. Typically, errors in the data collection are the primary reason something would be off by more than the margin of error when you get into these high percentages.I believe the developer numbers come from an Adobe survey of its customers, but I’m not sure who updates that data.best,Emmy*****

  3. Chris says:

    One suggestion I have is increasing focus on the granularity of these studies. Specifically, I’m referring to home versus corporate computer penetration. Since Flash is now being molded into a serious deployment environment for applications, the difference has become critical.Right now these numbers are only useful in selling Flash for consumer experience sites and consumer focused applications. We need some numbers that show an install base on corporate computers as well.******Hi Chris,Please see this post and the FAQ http://weblogs.macromedia.com/emmy/archives/2006/08/flash_player_8_1.cfmbest,Emmy*****

  4. Matt says:

    I have to say I do have to question the accuracy of these stats. I work for a company who produces e-learning for some of the uk’s biggest companies and I can safely say that only one of those companies has rolled out flash player 9 across its desktops. All the others are on 6/7/8 and in one case – 5! Most users do not have admin rights to their machines so can’t upgrade themselves – and the companies have to have a massive driver to roll out an upgrade as so many have now outsourced their IT means it costs them hundreds of thousands to roll out a flash player upgrade.These companies account for a huge chunk of the uk’s desktop pcs so I can’t really see how 94% for europe could be true – assuming that most european corporations are similar (and the few I have worked with certainly are).I think the problem is that it’s all done through a survey and therefore you’re unlikely to get that many corporate respondents, leading to skewed results.Similarly the survey asks some quite technical questions (on the very first page the technical platform questions asked would be unanswerable to nearly a quarter of computer users in my experience) which means that it’s mainly more technical people who are likely to be able to complete the survey – and more technical people are far more likely to have the latest flash player.I really wish these figures were true though. Then I could stop writing AS2.0 at last!*****Many customers have reported that for their sites, the stats trend with what they’re seeing within their own customer base. As I usually say, for a particular site or project, it is best if you do your own basic testing on your customer base because it is likely to differ from these general results.The test doesn’t rely on end-user input – it also does detection to validate the results.Also, see this post for some additional FAQs: http://weblogs.macromedia.com/emmy/archives/2006/08/flash_player_8_1.cfmbest,e*****

  5. Reccon says:

    Hi,EmmyI want to know that do you have the data of the Updata 3 of 9.0 Version( the primary service of my company is highly depending on the H264/AAC feature.so,Looking forward to your response :)best,Reccon

  6. jackflit says:

    I find the support for flash is different in IE and Firefox/Opera. In IE System.totalMemory is between 10M~20M, but In FF/Opera it is 100M+. My flash application can run in FF/Opera with no crash. But, when it runs in IE, I always get the IE crash. The crash is in flash9x.ocx module. I think the reason may be the memory management difference for IE and FF, or for flash9x.ocx and npswf32.dll. Would you give me some advice? Or tell the problem to flash developers, I cannot find their email and blog.Thank you.

  7. Miles says:

    Any chance of getting stats for 9.0.115? 🙂

  8. dave billmaier says:

    Is there any data on dot-releases of v9? specifically, what % of the market has .115?***We plan to report 115 penetration in the next wave of the study. The study is run every calendar quarter.***

  9. Aran says:

    What I am really interested in is the breakdown of flash 9 player versions.Sure 9 overall might be 95%, but there have been many versions of FP9. What percent can view full screen video (v9.0.28+), what percentage can use flex framework caching (9.0.60+), what percentage is on “moviestar” (v9.0.115) for H.264 support? etc

  10. Bob says:

    Big mistake. Updated to 9 and it crashes IE on every single visit to a site that uses Flash. I am trying to uninstall it, and that crashes as well. Wonderful product!