Flash Player 10 has launched!

Flash Player 10 “Astro” has launched! Justin has a nice write up of the release here, so I won’t repeat what he’s already put so nicely. The player bits went live last night with the press release, and a LOT of content that you should check out.

The product page has a new look, and resources that might be useful to you:
* At-A-Glance – which is a overview of the highlights of this release. A nice little thing to leave on your boss’ desk as a hint that you want to use these awesome new features…
* Datasheet – a more detailed description of this release
* Features Page with interactive demo – try out the new features live, and see what is new and enhanced in Flash Player 10
* Flash Player in Action – has a rotating pod of quotes from developers, and links to some cool Flash Player 10 content you can look at today. There are some cool 3D, sound and Pixel Bender demos to check out.
* Pixel Bender Exchange – check out and upload your own cool filters and effects

Other important product resources:
* Release Notes – check these for a list of known and fixed issues
* Support Downloads page – you can get the debug players here
* Flash Player Support Center – Check here for new tech notes and issues to be aware of
* Flash Player Bugbase – and of course…if you find any issues, or want to make a feature request please file it!

Developer Center
* Introducing Flash Player 10 – Justin’s intro article has been updated with video snippets showing demos (used to be on Labs)
* Detecting Flash Player versions and embedding SWF files with SWFObject 2 – Adobe contributed to and supports SWFObject 2. We tested it with this release, and plan to make this the standard detection kit moving forward (replacing the Adobe Detection Kit)
* Security Changes in Flash Player 10 – There are a series of important articles to review here. Start with Trevor’s article Understanding Security Changes in Flash Player 10, then review the Working with policy file changes in Flash Player 9 and Flash Player 10.

I started on this team four years ago right as we were launching Flash Player 8. Flash Player 9 was already in the wings – so although I have launched quite a few releases and dot releases, this is my first full player release cycle. This is an incredible release, and I am extremely proud to be a part of this amazing team. This is going to be another industry changing release, and we eagerly await the next wave of fabulous, wondrous, and innovative experiences you will create for the Web with our technology.

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