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Update on installation issues on the Player Download Center when unselecting the toolbar offer

For those of you who have reported issues with not being able to install Flash Player from the Player Download Center when you choose not to install Google Toolbar — we’ve fixed the problem. The problem was that some users that unchecked the Google Toolbar offer were sent into a loop and not able to install the player. The issue occurred for machines that do not send http referrer information (possibly because of personal firewalls, ISPs that block sending HTTP referrer, etc). The download center was checking referrer information to make sure the users were directed to the right landing page for Flash Player installation, and we’ve now modified it to handle this case more gracefully.

Thanks to those users who worked with our support team to gather the information we needed to find and fix this problem. This fix went live on 2/17, so if you are still experiencing the same problem please leave a comment.