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Red Bull Backcountry Bombshells video for hardware scaling demo now online on Adobe Labs

We posted the Red Bull Backcountry Bombshells video online so that you can view it without downloading and setting up the demo files from the zip. Makes it much easier to view. Huge thanks to Red Bull for providing this awesome, high-quality video to show off this new feature.

Get your friends, parents, co-workers and random people you meet to help us test the beta. We want to get feedback on as many machines as possible!

Brightcove goes full-screen

Brightcove launched a new full-screen enabled version of its Flash video player today. The site uses Express Install to update visitors, which kicks in when you go into full-screen mode.

inspiration: LiFE with PhotoCinema

Go and check out Tom’s entry about Life with PhotoCinema, an AMAZING Japanese consumer photo presentation software written entirely in Director and Flash. It even uses 3D, for transitions between steps, the app _flips_ (think of a square that rotates around the center axis) to the next screen.

I am continuously amazed at the wide variety of content and applications that can be created with our products, but this one really blew me away. They’ve thought of everything, from easy templates and transitions, creating DVDs – complete with nice menus – for your finished apps to the actual printing of professional-looking cover art for the DVD cases. They even include the special shrinkwrap labels (you know, the ones that seal the edge of the box in store bought dvds) and an ‘on sale’ sticker you can put on the cover.

There is currently only the Japanese version, but it is so easy to use you don’t really need to know what the text says. We can’t wait to get our copy!

LiFE with PhotoCinema