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Flash Player for Solaris now availalbe

Flash Player is now available on for the Solaris x86 and SPARC platforms. This update also addresses the issues in Security Bulletin APSB07-20 for Solaris. The one big known issue listed in the release notes is that the full screen hardware scaling feature is not supported on SPARC platforms at this time.

Thanks to everyone who tested and provided feedback on the Adobe Labs beta!

Flash Player 9 @ 95.7% in December study

It’s been up for a few weeks now, but the quarterly study results for December are now available. Note that this wave includes emerging markets, which are every other quarter.

The first row is how we present the data on the website. It tells you the percentage of people that can view a SWF of that version. The second row, is the % of the population with that player version installed (the delta between v and v+1).

December 2007 – Mature Markets v6 v7 v8 v9
% able to view content by SWF version 98.8% 98.8% 98.3% 95.7%
Install base by version 0.0% 0.5% 2.6% 95.7%
December 2007 – Emerging Markets v6 v7 v8 v9
% able to view content by SWF version 97.4% 97.3% 95.5% 93.3%
Install base by version 0.1% 1.8% 2.2% 93.3% Debug versions are also available

Sorry I missed this in the original post! Debug players are available on the Support downloads page.

Yes, Linux debug and standalone players are also available.

Flash Player 9 Update 3 ( now available

Flash Player 9 Update 3, with H.264 support, is now available from the download center.

This was a ginormous release for us, and for you. This release brings:
* New audio/video options with H.264/HE-AAC codec support
* Improved Performance through multi-core support for rendering, hardware scaling in full-screen, multi-threaded video decoding, a new algorithm for image scaling, and the Flash Player cache for local caching of common platform components to reduce SWF sizes and app loading times
* Support for full-screen mode for Linux
* MSAA Accessibility support for the plugin
* Mac OS X Leopard support
* And bug fixes


* Take a look at our updated product page! We’ve got the new logo, an updated look and feel, and an updated datasheet. The feature demo has also been updated to include an H.264 video clip and full screen demo.
* Press Release
* Release Notes
* Check the Dev Center for new articles and updates
* Check the support center for new Technotes

Mac update for Moviestar on Adobe Labs to fix FileReference issue

We updated the Mac release candidate on Adobe Labs last night so that Leopard users who are running into the FileReference problem have a reasonable workaround for this issue. This is still a release candidate and not the final release, but we didn’t want this functionality to be broken for Leopard users between now and release.

Video of Astro in Day 1 MAX 2007 keynote

If you missed the keynote, or weren’t able to make it to Chicago for MAX this year, Aral Balkan has a video clip of us presenting a few of the Astro features on his blog.

Aral’s blog on the Astro keynote

I am very pleased with how the demos came through, and we have a lot of people to thank for pulling them together so that we could show them to you:
* Creating assets and generally busting his a** to get the demos together: Justin Everett-Church, Sr. Product Manager for Flash Player!!!
* Text demo of bidi/complex scripts: Jerry Hall, Eric Muller, Sairus Patel in Core Tech. Core Tech is working closely with our team on the layout engine. We are talking about some super text gurus!
* Adobe Edge: Robin Briggs, who is leading the text component library engineering effort
* 3D: Chris Nuuja, Flash Player engineering, for getting us a build with the new 3D APIs (while we’re working on Moviestar)
* Kevin Goldsmith, Bob Archer, and Elba Sobrino (and probably more from the Adobe Image Foundation team) for their awesome work on the Hydra language, the toolkit, sample filters and getting it up on Adobe Labs today

Flash Player Administration Guide for IT admins

Someone asked in comments if we had a document like this ( for Flash Player.

Why, yes we do!

The Flash Player Administration Guide went live August 27th. It covers the environment, installation, admin settings, user settings, and security considerations. Please send feedback!

Making it official: the next major release of Flash Player is codenamed “Astro”

In the category of “better late than never,” JD stopped by the other day to tell me that Ted Patrick debuted the codename of the next major release of Flash Player on his blog. And that I had left Ted hanging by not providing a solid, reference-able source for that detail out on the web.

“Good point”, I said. Then promptly forgot to deal with it in the flurry of the standard daily Flash Player activities. Since the community is eager to see what we will show at MAX, and is already starting to talk about it, I wanted to make sure that I publicly confirmed that the codename is Astro.

We’ve obviously been hard at work since Flash Player 9 released in June 2006 (seems soooooo long ago). Tamarin was open sourced in November, the Linux player was released in January. We added support for Intel Macs and Vista. We rolled out full screen mode. And of course, the latest Flash Player 9 “Moviestar” beta has delivered H.264 and AAC support, along with performance enhancements and other useful bits. All these things make the time fly by.

But now it’s time to start focusing on life after “Moviestar,” and we have more bunnies to pull out of our hats. Our platform has been behind some of the most creative content on the web since Flash first hit the web over ten years ago, and we intend to continue delivering the capabilities you need to deliver on the fresh, innovative, and mind-blowing ideas that you all have floating around in your heads. More on that…at Adobe MAX 2007. Come and check out what we’re thinking about for Astro and beyond!

Flash Player June 2007 stats live on

The June 2007 stats have been published on The September surveys should be going out soon, so hopefully we’ll have the data back in time for MAX!

Moviestar premieres on Adobe Labs

Ok, it’s live now.

Updated release notes and a new H.264 FAQ are available, as well as a demo. If the progressive download is hurting, it means too many of you are trying to view it at the same time. You can take a break and check it out later, or build your own local test. 😉