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Going on vacation

I’ll be on vacation starting today through August, so my blog will be quiet through Spring/Summer. I’m going to turn off comments for now, since they’re moderated and I won’t be able to get to them.

To keep up to date, check:
Justin’s blog (Sr. Product Manager, Flash Player

Why It Works That Way: You ask, Justin answers

Justin is starting a great new series on his blog called “Why It Works That Way.” He’s your man on the inside, with direct access and real answers. This is a great opportunity to ask those questions you’ve always wanted to ask about how Flash Player works.

Now Available: ActionScript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) Overview

The ActionScript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) Overview document is now available on the newly revamped ActionScript Technology Center. It’s a bit of a techie document, but it is interesting for folks that are working with the open source Tamarin project. The overview describes the instructions, associated data structures, and file format supported by the AVM2.

We reorganized the ActionScript dev center so the information was more logically grouped into “getting started”, “migration” and “more details”. It’s still quite long, so I consider it to be a work in progress 😉

p.s. Yes, the SWF and FLV file format specification is also coming soon. There was some work required to update the EULA language with the Adobe wording and cleaning up some of the poorly worded terms which took a while to hash out and get approved. The basic structure is the same — the spec is for figuring out how to output SWFs. I’ll post an announcement as soon as it is online.

Having installation issues? Start with these resources…

Many of the comments on my blog lately have been from people who are running into issues with their Flash Player installation. I’m glad you can at least find me, so I thought it would be useful to point you to some Adobe resources that you should start with if you are finding your system in a bad install state.

Checking your player version
If you want to check your current player version, go here. You will have to do this in each browser you use, because the Internet Explorer (ActiveX) plugin is different than the one used for Firefox. This page also contains a table that will tell you the latest version for your operating system so you can be sure you have the most recent version that includes any security updates.

Resources in the Flash Player Support Center
We have a number of installation technotes that can help walk you through fixing your issue. A good one to start with is the Common Adobe Flash Player Installation Issues Technote.

But if these resources really aren’t helpful, or you they simply don’t resolve your issue, we offer free email-based installation support for the player.

Some sites are telling me I need to get Adobe Flash Player, but I thought I already had it installed?
There are a few cases where the player *is* actually installed correctly but it seems like it isn’t. One of them is when a website is detecting a specific version because their content requires a particular version or higher — but their detection is a little off. For example, a website might require Flash Player 8 to view it and so it checks for that version. But it might not have been written to handle the case when Flash Player 9 is available! You can either email the webmaster of the site, or you can send it to us and we’ll contact them.

Another issue that sometimes occurs is that the Internet Explorer ActiveX is installed but only partially registered for some reason, in which case sites will detect a player installed but no Flash content displays. Possible issues and resolutions are also covered in the Common Install Issues technote here, and can often be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the player.

Uninstallers are available on the Support Center, or you can use Add/Remove Programs on Windows. To reinstall the player, visit

If you’re on Vista, get the latest Flash Player (

We started supporting Vista with the recent release, but maybe you didn’t realize how that might impact you or your site visitors on Vista. Justin has posted some information about Flash Player and Windows Vista that may be useful if you’ve been seeing odd player behavior on your Vista machine or website.

p.s. This is a little belated, but for anyone who is saying “Justin who?” — Justin Everett-Church recently joined the Flash Player product management team. And we are *super* excited that he’s working with us! Happy belated welcome, Justin 😉

A pocket guide to the Flash Player 9 launch (with a mini-sneak about the Intel Mac beta)

Things are quieting down a bit, so here is a more complete list of some interesting new stuff for the player launch with working links.

Stuff you might want to peruse, send to your boss, co-workers or friends:
* Flash Player 9 Press Release
* Updated Flash Player features page, which refers to both the features added in v8 and the new features in v9. Otherwise, the comprehensive list of cool-recently-released features is lost. There is a datasheet on the way as well, and I’ll let you know when that is available and localized into a multitude of languages.
* Logged In: Introducing Flash Player 9 which contains the often sought-after “Flash Player historical adoption curve” graph showing the adoption curves for versions 5 through version 8 current to the April 2006 NPD study. This is an influential graph that can help you explain the consistency of our adoption rates.
* Captivate demo of the Express Install experience, which you can use to help convince your boss or customers that being on the bleeding edge is low-risk and totally worth it. Credit for the idea goes to Peter Hall who wished for a video that he could have shown to his higher-ups.
* Release Notes that list some known issues and provides a link to the Emerging Issues technote (will be live later this morning) where we will put … yep, new issues as we come across them.

FreeBSD users, this one’s for you: We have updated the EULA for this release. The first key change is that it is a combined “player” EULA, so it also refers to terms related to Adobe Reader. Second change – and one that I hope will be welcomed by many of you – is that we did away with the concept of “authorized OS” …but this means you should review the Restrictions listed in Section 3a. These changes mean that IF you as an end-user want to install on a platform that we don’t officially support in the system requirements AND you can get it to work AND you understand that we won’t provide technical support for your efforts — you can freely install the player without being in violation of the EULA. This does not impact the free distribution license, which still lists “authorized OS”.

And now for some FAQs

Q. I just installed Flash Player 9, and this site says I need Flash Player 8. Where do I file a bug?
A. The issue is the site isn’t coded properly to detect Flash Player 9. Oops! Luckily, we have a bunch of resources available about detection on the Dev Center. You could email the site to let them know that they need to check for version 9, or tell us and we’ll contact them.

Q. I found a bug! Where can I submit it?
A. Please submit any issues with the Flash Player 9 release here:

Q. Cool, but I’ve been really focused on this Flash 8 project and just came up for air. So…how do I start creating content for Flash Player 9?
A. If you want to check out Flash Player 9 and ActionScript 3.0, you can download a free Trial version of Flex Builder 2, the free Flex 2 SDK, or the Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 preview available on Adobe Labs. There are also a ton of great resources at the ActionScript Technology Center, including an overview of the language, learning tips, and more.

Q. Wasn’t there supposed to be a simultaneous release of the Linux version of Flash Player 9?
A. Not exactly. We never said it would sim ship. We did say that we were skipping the v8 port to get a start on porting v9 (formerly known as v8.5). We are working on it, and expect to release in early 2007. Which means a beta should be here very soon. For progress and updates, check Mike’s Penguin.SWF blog.

Q. When will I be able to install Flash Player 9 on my Intel-based Mac?
A. We are working on getting a public beta version of a universal binary Flash Player 9 out this week (!!) for testing. It hasn’t been fully optimized yet, but QA says the performance seems pretty good. No promises on the public beta live date, but it’s a goal we’re working towards. Hey, I did say it was a mini-sneak. 😉

Q. When will I be able to install a Windows Vista version of Flash Player 9?
A. We haven’t yet announced any release dates, but this one is in the hopper, too. Also planning to have a public beta before the end of the year.

Q. Seriously, when will we see the Linux public beta?
A. We’re close. See previous question on the topic.

Updated Detection Kit (v1.5) released

The Flash Player Detection Kit has been updated, and includes bug fixes for reported issues. It also implements an external JS solution so it works with the IE ActiveX Update.

Print issue fixed in SWF spec – download new pdf

The problem with printing is now fixed and has been reposted. You can return to your download page to get the new doc.

New JS sample code posted to Adobe Active Content center for the IE update

We have posted sample JavaScript code on the Active Content Developer Center to help developers with the IE update for ActiveX. It is an additional resource and goes a little further than the recommendation posted by Microsoft by allowing developers to use a single external JS file versus one per OBJECT tag.

v8 of Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV) specification is available

The Macromedia Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV) File Format Specification (Version 8) went live on the licensing center today! I know a lot of people have been waiting for it, and we appreciate your patience.

For version 8, we have added FLV to the spec. We also made a change to the PDF to put the license acceptance into the document, and the document does require you view it with Adobe Acrobat or Reader version 6 or above. It’s new, it’s a change, and I’m open to feedback. One known issue – the licensing form will ask you to check “I accept” to proceed and then you will get the same license in the PDF. With our current system, it was hard to change this step without missing this release window and I didn’t want to hold it up for a relatively minor issue. Sorry for the redundancy.

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