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Do you need to modify your website? Microsoft delays mandatory IE ActiveX update to June

If you haven’t started thinking about how the Microsoft IE ActiveX changes impact your content, now is the time. According to the Microsoft Security Response Center blog, Microsoft is going to give ISVs and enterprises a little more time before making the Active Content change to Internet Explorer a mandatory update for Windows users. This will give developers additional time to modify their code to load interactive controls externally which removes the user activation requirement.

Adobe released an Active Content Developer Center in February, with an FAQ and links to resources and information about this change. If you haven’t seen the updated browser yet, there is a demo that shows what the new behavior is for controls in the updated browser.

We are working on an update to this site to provide some additional resources to help our customers with this change. I also know a lot of Flash developers are using Geoff Stearn’s FlashObject as a solution to the new click-to-activate requirement.

This is REALLY IMPORTANT for content developers and websites that are using Flash and Shockwave content (and anything using OBJECT, EMBED, APPLET tags) to pay attention to, and now you have slightly bigger window in which to address this for your site.

Firefox 1.5 available today — improves Flash Player performance on OSX

When we released the Studio 8 Experience on our website back on 8/8, there was a pretty big issue with Flash Player performance in Firefox on OSX. You had to hold down the mouse button to get Flash content to play properly. Actually, it’s been a known issue since 2001 — but we’re happy to say that the bug is fixed in Firefox 1.5 which shipped today!

Get Firefox 1.5 today and give those mouse fingers a break!

Thoughts on the Flash Player 8.5 alpha?

Last week at MAX, we launched Macromedia Labs to provide early access to pre-release software and technologies. Flash Player 8.5 alpha and documentation for ActionScript 3.0 were released as part of the launch of Labs and the Flex 2 product line alpha.

Now that you’ve had a week to play around with it, I’d be interested in any impressions or feedback you have on the alpha version of Flash Player 8.5…So, how’s it working for you? 😉

Also, since we are considering posting the web player installers separate from the Flex Builder 2 alpha download, I would be interested in your thoughts on that topic, too. Mike Chambers originally opened up the question on his blog.


This will be my first posting since I transitioned into a new role at Macromedia in Flash Player Product Management in July. While I try to figure out what is best posted here (since Mike C and crew already do a fabulous job of covering the Flash world), here are two interesting things I’ve been working on:

– Updating the Flash Player Privacy & Security Center. There is a new tabbed look, which allows us to put end-user focused information about issues they may be concerned about. There are three technotes that help users use the Settings Manager for LSOs, 3rd party LSOs, and the new local file security settings. There are also three information articles that focus on educating interested users on what these features do. Also check out the Flash Player 8 security resources in the Developers tab so you understand how the changes affect how you create content.

– Improving the Settings Manager experience. Yes, we know it is confusing and have some recent usability test data to support the effort. We are working on some short-term changes now, and planning for sweeping changes for the near future.

Tetra Pak for you

Tetra Pak is the world’s largest supplier of packaging systems for milk, fruit juices and drinks, and many other products.

In addition to using Shockwave for their “Milk Run Run” and “Pipe Panic” games, they have an online “Package Designer” that allows end users to create their very own carton designs! You can decorate them with your own artwork (templates are provided), then view the 3D model of your design. Designs can be submitted to the Showroom for viewing and voting.

kicking & screaming

The new Will Ferrell movie Kicking & Screaming comes out this Friday, May 13. Take a few penalty shots against Coach Weston in the 3D Penalty Shot game.

Or if you just want the screaming part – try to Escape the Boogeyman in this dark and creepy game created for the Sony movie. Also from Jetset Studios.

Holding down the fort

Firefly Studios released Stronghold 2, a Castle Sim PC game, in April. The promo site includes a Shockwave 3D minigame Castle Attack 2, where you are responsible for defending the castle with your archers, boiling oil, etc from enemy attack as the workers build it. I’m not sure how many levels there are, as I only played until level 4. Does keep high scores.

My personal favorite defense is the rolling fire logs. Watch the little charred enemy people run away from your castle in flames.

E.T. had his Reese’s…

Skittles is promoting a tie-in with Star War’s Episode III with a Shockwave game Hunt for Grievous from KewlBox. There are five games to play, and prizes to win. Or, if you don’t have codes from your Skittles purchase, you can still play. Registration required.

I guess Obi-Wan prefers the taste of the rainbow.

Tennis, anyone?

Check out today’s Site of the Day for the latest Shockwave 3D game from Skunk Studios — Tennis Titans.

Want more great 3D? Swing by Tom’s 4.5.05 blog for information about and links to the new Sony XXX2 game “The Mission,” and the Esuvee Challenge Course.

The Casual Game Evolution Challenge winner announced

The winner of the Game Trust Casual Games Evolution Challenge was announced yesterday — Oshiro from San Francisco-based Walking Ideas, Inc. The final game version will be implemented in Director/Shockwave. The contest was held during this year’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, and was co-sponsored by Macromedia and Oshiro will have it’s debut in the coming months … so stay tuned.

You can get more info and check out demo versions of some of the finalists’ and grand prize winning games at the GameTrust Site