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Shockwave Player 10.1 installer will no longer include offer for WeatherBug

As of today, Macromedia Shockwave Player will no longer be offering the WeatherBug desktop weather application to users, and the installers have been updated to reflect this change. The Yahoo! Toolbar continues to be offered with the Shockwave Player as part of our partnership with Yahoo!.

We’ll be at GDC next week!

Tom and I will be at next week’s Game Developer Conference , and Macromedia is also supporting two key casual online gaming events.

But first, if you’re going to be in town — there are plans to meet up with Director developers at Swig (571 Geary) on Wednesday, March 9th at 6pm.

Macromedia is also co-sponsoring the Game Trust “Casual Game Evolution Challenge”. We’re looking for the best single-player Shockwave game concepts for online, tournament, and download play. Game Trust has a booth on the show floor where you can register and submit entries, or you can submit online at Entries are due by March 18th.

Here is a link to the press release.

Finally, Macromedia is one of the sponsors for the IGDA Online Games SIG event during GDC, along with PlayFirst, iWin, and AOL Games. Sorry, this one is by invite only … but Tom and I promise to rub elbows on your behalf. 😉

I’m really looking forward to next week, as it will be my first GDC. And I’ve also heard rumblings of a MAX New Orleans-style romp about downtown SF … watch out!

updated shockwave player installer released today

Today, Macromedia released an updated installer for Shockwave Player 10.1. This change only affects U.S. Windows Internet Explorer users, who have the Yahoo! Toolbar already installed. No changes have been made to the Shockwave Player itself, only the installer has changed to include the following:

• The Shockwave Player installer will offer the WeatherBug desktop weather application to U.S. Windows Internet Explorer users who have the Yahoo! toolbar already installed. Those who do not wish to take advantage of WeatherBug can opt-out of the offer. Users will not receive more than one third-party offer during the Shockwave Player installation process.
• The Shockwave Player installer has been optimized to only download the bits needed for the user’s installation. For example, users who already have Yahoo! Toolbar will not download the toolbar installer component as part of the Shockwave Player installer.

Partnerships, such as Yahoo! and WeatherBug, have been part of a larger effort to increase the visibility and resources dedicated to Shockwave Player. To recap some of the 2004 activities:
• We welcomed a new product manager to the product team to reinvigorate marketing attention and activities around Shockwave Player.
• Since June, we have seen an average of two Shockwave content sites per month selected as a Macromedia Site of the Day. We also published three new case studies, and created a special U.S. Presidential election-related content section on the player product page.
• An RFP was put out to the lists, inviting developers to submit proposals for U.S. Presidential election-themed content. Macromedia funded the development of “Battle of the Bull,” by Chuck Neal (MediaMacros, Inc.) and Dean Utian (Multimedia Creative). The content was spotlighted on, as well as AtomShockwave’s “Mock the Vote” election spotlight ( The game currently enjoys a 4 of 5 star rating.
• The team released version 10.1 of the player, which included several changes that benefit the developer community. The player download size was cut in half, which dramatically increased successful installations of the Shockwave Player. We also streamlined the player registration process by removing several dialogs, and we worked with to redesign and update the final installation confirmation window.
• Although it is less visible, the player download backend and reporting systems were updated resulting in an improved user experience. For example, all installer files and Xtras are now hosted by Speedera, increasing the quality of service of the player download and install experience for users around the world. Additionally, the updated reporting systems and more consistent monitoring allow us to catch and address issues quickly.

Shockwave Player is an important part of the Macromedia product line, and we recognize that it is an important part of your business. In addition to the free player, Macromedia continues to offer various licensing options to fit the needs of its developers. Developers who wish to distribute the Shockwave Player over corporate or educational intranets, or with fixed media such as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, or software applications, can visit the player licensing page at:

The licensed player does not include any third-party offers, and is available free of charge. Macromedia also offers limited paid license options for custom installation experiences. If you are interested in discussing alternate installation experiences for your company or projects, please contact Emmy Huang directly ( link to the FAQ below provides more information about this release.


Who’s the best?

Director MX 2004 is the proud recipient of the Presentations Magazine 2004 Standing Ovation Award for Best Multimedia Authoring Solution. The Standing Ovation awards honor “the absolute best products of the year” and are selected by the magazine’s editors, columnists, and a network of experts. Check out the December 2004 issue!

We’ve also updated the Director product page to reflect some reviews that hadn’t made it up there yet:

* AV Multimedia Producer – Director MX 2004 Review
“Director’s new DVD-video support is something that has real potential. In my opinion, this feature can lead to new ways of deploying kiosks and DVDs.” And actually, the Director MX 2004 and DVD-Video was the most popular Director article in the Developer Center in 2004.

* Mac Design Magazine – Director MX 2004: Multimedia tool powerhouse (4.5 out of 5!)
“Macromedia Director is the King Kong of interactive multimedia authoring programs! You’d have to search a lot of jungles to find any other authoring program that has as many features as Macromedia Director.”

feelin’ all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

MXDJ’s new Director editor

Congratulations to Andy Phelps on his new position as editor of the Director section of MX Developer’s Journal. Check out his latest article for a recap of MAX, and where he wants to take the section.

Hit the slopes without freezing

Ski3D is the latest Shockwave Site of the Day! Take the ski simulator for a spin in a realistic 3D winter wonderland. I’m not a big fan of snow or cold (I grew up in Chicago), so this is a good way for me to see what I’m (not) missing…

We’re also tackling updating our product pages on Slowly but surely. The latest update is a new licensing page. You’ll notice a new “Licensing” menu item in the right-hand menu on the product page, too. Hopefully the page will provide a quick start way to get into the player licensing process. It also addresses feedback from educational institutions, which found the classification of “corporate intranet” – or rather, the lack of an “educational intranet” option – to be confusing.

New W3D Exporter SDK Libraries Posted

Our engineering department has recently completed an update to the W3D Exporter SDK Libraries so that developers can create exporters for Mach-O based applications on OSX. Prior to this update we only provided Carbon libraries for the Macintosh platform and that fact proved limiting as of late. For each sample application in the SDK there are now the following projects:

Mac Classic (Codewarrior)
Carbon PEF (Codewarrior)
Mach-O (Codewarrior)
Mach-O (XCode)

Of course you can see by the above that this update targets Macintosh development only, and to be clear the update doesn’t involve new exporter capabilities. The update is intended to allow continued developer of W3D exporters in modern and current modeling applications on Mac OSX.

To learn more about the W3D Exporter SDK please visit the W3D SDK Program page on our website.


Pow Pow’s Great Adventure

Today’s Site of the Day is Chris Evans’ Pow Pow’s Great Adventure from Outside the Box Software.

Using Director, they created a great PC/Mac game for kids AND a Shockwave demo version for the website to boost marketing and awareness.

Not just advergaming …

… gaming adverts! Here are two examples of how Shockwave is being used to make some console game’s sites more interesting and interactive:

* Killzone (PS2): They used the original Maya assets from the game in a funky menu system that allows you to check out and interact with the characters, vehicles and weapons from the game.

* Donkey Konga (Nintendo): Uses Flash and Director to create a fun site to promote the game. The Synthesizer is Shockwave (requires registration). This site was also today’s Site of the Day.

New DevNet article on MIAW tool

Dan Sadowski has written a new Director article, available on DevNet called “Checking for new features when publishing for Shockwave 8.5.” Catchy, isn’t it? Find out how to use the Movies-In-A-Window (MIAW) tool to pinpoint problem areas of your movie. The tool utilizes two new features in Director MX 2004: display templates and JavaScript.

I want debugging, an 8.5 saver
Please Deliver
miaw miaw miaw miaw
miaw miaw miaw miaw
miaw miaw miaw miaw miaw miaw miaw miaw …
– sing to the tune of the Purina Meow Mix Song