Gartner CRM Conference, London – 14-15th March 2011

Next week will be an exciting milestone in the development of CEM (Customer Experience Management) at Adobe. We are delighted to be the lead sponsor at the Gartner CRM Conference and are sponsoring the CEM track at the conference

In 2009 almost 40% of CIOs agreed that boosting customer experience was the most important way for technology to contribute to the long-term survival of their company.  Two years on, this instinct proved to be absolutely correct. The explosive growth of digital marketing has continued to evolve and is driving significant organisational transformation.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for Adobe to help CIOs, technology decision makers and marketeers to better understand the importance of CEM to their business. In the modern, online, connected business environment, it is essential that organisations – of all sizes – can deliver a new online experience which will drive brand awareness, customer loyalty, revenue, and market share; whilst also meeting the challenge of delivering a consistent high-quality experience across multiple channels and geographical regions – no small task.

Kevin Cochrane, VP product marketing for Adobe, is one of a number of Adobe execs travelling to the conference. Kevin will participate in a seminar debate on Monday 14th March, 10.15 – 10.45 – A New Era of CRM. In this discussion Kevin, joined by  Reza Soudagar, Annie Weinberger and Brad Wilson will cover a broad range of topics from current day best practices to futuristic scenarios that could dramatically impact customer relationships and experiences in years to come.

Elsewhere at the conference on Tuesday 15th March, 9.15-9.45, Yohan Founs from Adobe partner SQLI will be giving a seminar. This presentation – Delivering improved Customer Experience to enhance business value – will give an overview of how improving customer experience can also impact positively on areas such as employee performance, productivity, quality of services and employee/customer satisfaction.

Adobe is working with SQLI on some incredibly innovative projects across Europe, particularly within the financial services sector, keep watching this blog for more details in the coming months.

Finally, this conference is a great opportunity for Adobe to talk about how its business is evolving and to explain why Adobe believes it is at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership within CEM. Acquisitions in 2010 of Day Software  and Omniture, combined with Adobe’s already formidable enterprise capabilities, mean that Adobe is better placed than ever to provide end-to-end services and expertise which can transform the way a company engages with it customers. 

CEM is not a matter of simply replacing costly call centre and in-person interactions with self-service and online applications, consumers still demand high quality personal service. Instead there is a significant opportunity to revamp the way companies interact with customers and to improve margins while doing so. Digital channels like online and mobile are becoming the preferred method for clients to sell their products and services. Organisations that can deliver customer-centric services through these lower cost channels – while improving the services delivered through traditional channels – will not only capture market share and loyalty, but they will reap bottom-line rewards as well.

We look forward to seeing you at Gartner CRM Conference. Remember you can also follow Adobe at the conference through Twitter @AdobeEnterprise where we’ll be tweeting live from some of the keynotes and we’ll be posting more updates right here on the blog. You can also follow Gartner on Twitter @Gartner_inc/gartner-events and @Gartner_inc.