How important is the digital experience in improving customer experiences?

This latest webinar from Adobe asks the overall question “How important is the digital experience in improving customer experiences?”, opening with the question “what are customers looking for?”

Our panel of experts for this debate are (from left to right):

Essentially, we all lead different lives with unique regimes that put us in front of different methods of data access at varying times. Traditionally, we’ve all chosen between offline channels (phone) and online channels (the web). Some of us access services from our laptop on the sofa, others purely from work PC, others prefer to pick up the phone and ring a call centre.

Now, with more and more people owning an internet-enabled mobile device, these channels are becoming interwoven; and our panellists make some excellent points as to how this new flexibility can benefit the customer.

The key is to give the customer the power to access and manipulate the data and services they need through whatever medium they prefer. Banks have been doing this for years; it’s so easy to withdraw money from ATMs and manage our money with internet banking that we now have little need to walk into a bank branch.

In giving more accessibility to the customer, however, usability becomes a significant factor. Gunnar raises the point that customers are used to thinking that the “fun” stuff online is easy – social networking sites like Facebook invest millions in ensuring their interface is as intuitive as possible. It’s this instant usability that businesses need to aim for when providing an online service; your customers don’t want to have to read a manual or help section before they can do what they want with your site.

The panel goes on to discuss social media, how companies can attempt to keep up and how consistency can be maintained across all channels and devices; Cleve raises the point that the recent influx of tablets of varying sizes has affected the user experience on a device level – and suggests ways that page designers can ensure consistency of page layout.

Finally, our speakers offer their thoughts on the future of customer experience management.

The full video of this debate can be viewed above; please do add any comments or questions below, as we do value your thoughts and opinions.