A milestone in Customer Experience Management

This week has been a significant milestone for Adobe in the delivery of our Customer Experience Management (CEM) vision. We launched the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform, a new technology platform, and a set of new Customer Experience Solutions, that enables companies to build immersive, multi-channel digital experiences.

In this blog post I’ll try and explain in a little more detail what the platform and the solutions cover, and how it will address the business problems which organisations are facing in today’s digital world.

Firstly, what’s clear is that how people are engaging with content and organisations is changing, meaning that the traditional understanding of computing, software and applications is undergoing revolutionary change. Our digital lifestyle continues to evolve. We hear talk of about consumerisation of IT all the time and this is changing perceptions of what online interactions and business applications should be, i.e. easy, engaging & social.

Similarly, expectations regarding access to brands across multiple touch points – the webFacebookTwitter, apps, etc – are increasing. Users expect a seamless transition of experience between these touch points, forcing organisations to re-think how they manage these relationships. Added to this, the challenge of integrating these new touch points with existing back-office systems.

In the words of Adobe SVP Rob Tarkoff, “The fundamentals of Customer Experience Management are changing faster than anyone ever imagined. Consumers are experiencing brands in profoundly different ways than in the past. Companies and government agencies are trying to catch up with this rapid change, asking themselves how they can evolve their brands while leveraging mobile, social and cloud innovations to stay ahead of the competition.”

It is against this backdrop that Adobe has launched the Digital Enterprise Platform and Customer Experience Solutions.

These solutions address an organisations CEM requirements; from creating rich interactive interfaces across multiple devices, to social brand engagement enabling interaction with customers across social networks. Marketing can optimise the customer experience across multiple channels creating more relevant, timely online conversations with customers.

The full range of solutions includes: Web Experience Management, Social Brand Engagement, Selection and Enrollment, Unified Workspace, Customer Communications and Integrated Content Review.

These solutions are then joined together by a technology platform – Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform. This enables enterprises to build immersive, multi-channel digital interactions for today’s social and mobile customers, making this digital vision a reality. Melissa Webster of IDC adds, “What’s needed is a platform that provides businesses with a range of solutions designed to help them engage with their customers when, where and how the customers want, and lets them deliver an experience that keeps the customer coming back.”

For more on the announcement you can read our social media press release. Finally, don’t forget you can follow all of the Adobe news including new information Digital Enterprise Platform and updates about CEM on Twitter @AdobeUK@AdobeEnterprise and follow the conversation with #AdobeCEM.