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SapientNitro’s approach to Customer Experience Management

We caught up with SapientNitro at the Adobe Experience Delivers tour in London earlier in the year to discuss their work and how they are approaching Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Director of technology, Piyush Patel, talked to us about how SapientNitro is pushing the boundaries of CEM by championing outstanding digital experiences.  The changing environment and the process that marketers go through to reach consumers led the conversation, with Piyush giving advice to companies on the direction they need to take to create compelling, personalised experiences that get brands to the front and centre of consumers’ minds.

Below is a short video where Piyush chats about how:

  • Consumers are driving the change in the way they engage with brands
  • The creation of experiences across new channels means that consumers are now reached in ’moments’ and how brands need to unite different channels to create a timeline of ‘moments’
  • The importance of giving a full experience to the customer, making sure they are given the whole customer experience cycle

Piyush provides some great insight into how companies can work towards a full experience for the customer, and we’d love to know what you think.

Interested in Open Standards and what the Future of Public Sector ICT has in store?

Then you should check out the latest Adobe webinar taking place tomorrow.

Will Open Standards allow the public sector to join up service delivery? What standards are key? And how will they be decided? All questions that will discussed.

As ever, we will be streaming the debate live and we will be inviting you, our audience, to submit questions to the panel, so do get involved.

Our panel of experts will be:

  • Bill McCluggage, Deputy Government CIO and Director of ICT Strategy & Policy at the Cabinet Office
  • Mark Brett, Policy & Programme Manager at Socitm
  • Marc Straat, Adobe’s European Head of Standards
  • Helen Olsen, Managing Editor, UKauthorITy and IT in Use magazine

To access the webinar you will need to register in advance, and we recommend logging in three or four minutes before we’re due to start. Click here to sign up.

@AdobeEnterprise will also be tweeting live from the webinar and you can follow and participate in the conversation on Twitter using the hash tag #AdobeGovLive.

David Nuescheler Discusses What is New in CQ5

Following the launch last Tuesday of our Web Experience Management platform, that included significant enhancements to CQ5 and integration with the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, many have asked what is new in CQ5. To answer this, David Nuescheler, VP of Day products and technology here at Adobe, had a short Q&A with our sister blog, Experience Delivers. The video is below and if have any questions let us know.

The Social Web Experience

Today’s customers and prospects expect more from a website than simple one-way communication, and many are adopting social media channels faster than organisations. Social media has become such an integral part of many people’s lives that Lightspeed Research recently found that half of social network users log on regularly throughout the day.  The challenge companies now face lies in integrating new social media channels with other traditional channels as part of a cohesive, multichannel customer interaction strategy across sales, marketing, and service.

If modern businesses want to integrate social and collaborative capabilities into their customer experience management, their engagement has to be authentic and reflect the very mood of the conversation they are engaging with.

As discussed on our previous post, we’ve have just launched our Web Experience Management solution and a key module of the suite focuses on social and is aptly named CQ5 Social Collaboration. Social collaboration is helping customers like Waitrose to respond to some of the challenges online marketers face when building media-rich, interactive online communities that attract genuine engagement.

This helps to increase site repeat visits, build customer brand identification and loyalty, and facilitate greater customer insight for continuous optimisation of new campaigns. It also includes a new forums capability, so that users can exchange and connect information within and beyond the organisation to employees, vendors, customers, prospects and other stakeholders.

To find out how CQ5 Social Collaboration can help your business, look here to learn more, and would be great to know what you think.

Transforming the Customer Experience

This week has been a busy one for us here at Adobe as you may have seen that we announced a significant milestone in our customer experience management (CEM) platform, notably the arrival of our new web experience management (WEM) solution. The ability to truly deliver a multi-channel experience, integrating mobile, social communities, is now a reality for the digital enterprise.

Why we see this important is in today’s world is because marketers need to get into the mindset that a good customer experience correlates to customer loyalty and resulting in increased sales. With consumers researching and buying using multiple channels, often blending paths for a single purchase, the smart marketer has been faced with a real conundrum. They need to have the ingredients for a successful web experience strategy across all consumer touch points.

Enterprises online need to be able to deliver localised and relevant content for targeted multi-channel campaigns if they are to remain competitive. It’s because of this need to join the dots of digital content that we have reinforced our position in the Web Experience Management market.

Check out the short video from Kevin Cochrane below that goes into a little more detail on what web experience management means for business and we’d love to hear what you think.