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SapientNitro’s approach to Customer Experience Management

We caught up with SapientNitro at the Adobe Experience Delivers tour in London earlier in the year to discuss their work and how they are approaching Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Director of technology, Piyush Patel, talked to us about how SapientNitro is pushing the boundaries of CEM by championing outstanding digital experiences.  The changing environment and the process that marketers go through to reach consumers led the conversation, with Piyush giving advice to companies on the direction they need to take to create compelling, personalised experiences that get brands to the front and centre of consumers’ minds.

Below is a short video where Piyush chats about how:

  • Consumers are driving the change in the way they engage with brands
  • The creation of experiences across new channels means that consumers are now reached in ’moments’ and how brands need to unite different channels to create a timeline of ‘moments’
  • The importance of giving a full experience to the customer, making sure they are given the whole customer experience cycle

Piyush provides some great insight into how companies can work towards a full experience for the customer, and we’d love to know what you think.