At the adaptTo-conference of this year I will do a ses­sion around Sightly and Sling mod­els called : The Lazy AEM developer.

I will give you a brief abstract what I will do in my ses­sion, but I won’t reveal too much here :-)






In sev­eral con­fer­ences Sightly and Sling mod­els have been pre­sented around what they are and how you can (or might) be using them.

In my ses­sion I want to go to the next phase, and talk about the expe­ri­ences in the field when to real-life projects with those now tech­nolo­gies. And the good thing of real projects is real dead­lines and real pres­sure to make it work.

The com­bi­na­tion of Sightly and Sling mod­els is a nice way to sep­a­rate con­cerns between the com­po­nent logic and more com­plex logic.

All of this com­bined with the “lazy” approach of doing things.

To me it is still too early to already announce best prac­tices after such a short period, but for sure I will guide you through prac­tices (and this might be good one for you).

My ses­sion is at the sec­ond day, and later that after­noon there is a test/hacking ses­sion where you can play around with the code sam­ples I have pre­sented in my ses­sion. I will also be there to help and/or answer ques­tions you may have.

I am excited to present at adaptTo, and I hope to see you there!