Let’s cover how to automatically install your own packages when you install AEM6 for the first time. This is a handy way to avoid large manuals (that we don’t read anyway 🙂 ), and especially for making sure the development team is in sync with content-packages and framework releases. Kudos to Markus Haack for sharing this approach.

What you need to have is the original aem6 jar-file, and the packages that you want to install.
In this example I want to install the SP1-package, and pre-package that into the aem6 jar-file.

I have this file-structure

  - aem6.0.jar
    - aem_60_sp1.jar

Now execute the following command in /aem6_builder:

jar uvf aem-6.0.jar static/install/aem_60_sp1.zip 

You get an output like this, meaning that the sp1-file is now merged into the aem6 jar-file:

adding: static/install/aem_60_sp1.zip(in = 233453836) (out= 233522386)(deflated 0%)

At this point you simple hand-out this file to the development team to be sure they all have SP1 installed.
If you want you want extend this, to also install other packages with content or apps.

Happy installing!


nice post!



Great Post ! Is it also possible to wrap SP1 into AEM war file ?

Xavier Dupertious
Xavier Dupertious

You said you had aem_60_sp1.jar in your original tree structure. Shouldn't that be aem_60_sp1.zip?