When the New Mex­i­co Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion (NMDOT) saw the con­ges­tion, road­blocks, bot­tle­necks, and unnec­es­sary detours on its Web­site, it chose Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ag­er, part of the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, to map out a new solu­tion.

After eight years, the exist­ing site had grown to an unman­age­able 800+ pages. Site vis­i­tors had dif­fi­cul­ty find­ing infor­ma­tion, and the site’s man­agers had dif­fi­cul­ty ensur­ing the qual­i­ty and avail­abil­i­ty of cur­rent con­tent. By choos­ing Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ag­er and Adobe CQ, the NMDOT team real­ized it could offer site vis­i­tors a clean­er, sim­pler, eas­i­er-to-use expe­ri­ence and deliv­er them to a vari­ety of devices.

Jeff Wood­man, Web devel­op­ment lead at NMDOT, says, “Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ag­er gave us a strong foun­da­tion for meet­ing our Web pub­lish­ing needs today and in the future as we start to think about deliv­er­ing con­tent on more mobile devices and build­ing social com­mu­ni­ties.”

New Mex­i­co became the first state Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion to imple­ment Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ag­er, includ­ing Adobe CQ Web Con­tent Man­age­ment and Adobe CQ Dig­i­tal Asset Man­age­ment. Design and imple­men­ta­tion of the new site took only six months, part­ly due to the easy inte­gra­tion of Adobe’s soft­ware with the department’s exist­ing tech­nol­o­gy. The num­ber of Web­pages was trimmed to just 72, which increased the qual­i­ty and nav­i­ga­bil­i­ty of the site, and improved cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion both inside and out­side NMDOT.

Site vis­i­tors can now find infor­ma­tion with just one or two clicks, while with the old sys­tem, the same search might have tak­en sev­en or more clicks,” says Bruce Oake­ley, NMDOT IT Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems man­ag­er.

The depart­ment worked close­ly with Adobe part­ners, includ­ing train­ing spe­cial­ists, so staff could rapid­ly learn to use Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ag­er and begin pub­lish­ing when the new sys­tem went live. More than two dozen authors can now quick­ly cre­ate and pre­view con­tent to see how it will appear on Web pages, speed­ing up the pub­lish­ing process. Plus, NMDOT is using capa­bil­i­ties with­in Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ag­er to help it com­ply with the state’s Elec­tron­ic and Infor­ma­tion Acces­si­bil­i­ty Stan­dards (sec­tion 508).

Check out NMDOT’s full sto­ry here.